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Rory Williams, the nurse from Leadworth. Otherwise known as Rory the Roman, and occasionally, stupid face. He had gone from living a quiet, if boring life, to exploring the universe with his wife and the Doctor. However, there was one insecurity that had lingered in his mind since he was a child. The thought that Amy did not love him.

And really, could you blame him? A mysterious stranger who captured his wife's heart when she was only seven, returning again when she was 19, and again when she was 21. Whisking her away to see the universe, the universe for crying out loud. How on earth was he supposed to compete with that? Finding out Amy had kissed the Doctor on the night before their wedding had stunned him. And yet a small part of him thought that he should have seen it coming, that his relationship with Amy had always been too good to be true. She deserved so much better, someone more like her. Someone out of this world. Maybe that was his biggest weakness. He just couldn't let go.

But then he had followed her with the Doctor across time and space. And for the first time, he realized just how much she loved him. Amy's actions had always spoken louder than her words, and finding out she had killed herself in one dream in the hope of seeing him in the other was all Rory needed to know. It was Amy's way of saying "I love you" and that was good enough for him.

But then he had died. Stepped in front of the Doctor to save him, and ended up lying on the ground looking up at the woman he had loved for as long as he could remember. He saw the tears filling up in her eyes, heard her voice trembling. And then he was gone.

The next time he saw her, she didn't even recognise him. He had expected tears, a hug, maybe even if he was lucky, an "I love you Rory". But instead, she had looked right through him, said something about his sword work, and gone up to the surface. And that insecurity had swept through him all over again.

It had taken a while, two thousand years in fact, but by the time they had gotten married and been living together in a normal home, Rory was ready to let go of his insecurities. Amy was willing to give up her life on the TARDIS for him- if only for a few months- and surely that meant he had nothing to worry about? But sitting against the wooden crate in 1969, listening to Amy telling "stupid face" that she loved him, that her life was boring before she met him… of course, it must be the Doctor. It had always been the Doctor. He had tried to ignore it, tried to show Amy just how much he loved her, but in the end her heart would always be captured by the stranger she had met all those years ago. And wasn't that just poetic.

But then she had called him 'stupid face'. In the midst of a battle, in immense danger, she had blurted it out and he had frozen. Because he had finally given up any hope that Amy loved him and here she was, telling him all over again. And he knew. This time, he knew that all his fears were based on nothing, a small voice in his head that had grown over the years. Amy did love him. And he'd be damned if he let his insecurities ruin any more of the time they had together.