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Anyway, Katherine actually left just to inform Elena and Damon that Klaus has the cure, so Klaus still has the bottle, and is ready to switch the deal.

So therefore, here I present;


Burning Road to Love

Ch1: When Was The Last Time You; Made a Deal?


"Well, I'm the one you should be thanking," A familiar voice from the doorway spoke, surprised. Elena, automatically stood up from the bed, and looked at her doppelganger. "I know a cure," She added, her eyes narrowing smugly.

Aware of the sudden guest, Damon opened his eyes, but didn't move. Elena couldn't help but replay in her mind the kiss they just shared, and immensely wondered where Stefan was. He said he was going to look for a cure, and she hadn't seen him since The Founders picnic. She then started thinking about their future. What would happen now that Elena semi-admitted that she loved Damon back? Should she break up with Stefan? Should she just end it with both of them and end their pain altogether?

"What is it?" Elena said quickly, as Katherine made her way towards the bed, and sat down, brushing the hair out of Damon's eyes. She took a step forward, and Katherine looked at her. "You'll find out soon, Klaus doesn't like people spoiling his surprises," was Katherine's answer, and at the mention of the hybrid's name, Elena turned furious.

"Klaus? Why Klaus? He got what he wanted, he's the damn hybrid already, what does he want now?" Elena snapped, stomping her foot, and moving dangerously close to Katherine. The vampire stood up, and grabbed Elena by the throat, pushing her into the nearest wall. Damon's struggles were loud, as he tried to get off the bed, but in the end he gave up in misery.

"Listen to me, little girl. I've been set free, I didn't have to come here, and save your lover's stupid ass, but I did. One more trick, and I will leave," Katherine said lowly, pressing Elena further into the wall with every new sentence. Downstairs, a bell rang. "Saved by the bell, how ironic," Katherine murmured just as there was a loud banging on the door. Elena clenched her jaw and forcibly pushed Katherine off her, who landed straight on Damon, emitting a giggle from the female vampire. Being the one to control her emotions fast, Elena walked down the stairs slowly. Stupid hybrid can wait with his ass out in the cold. When she finally reached the door, she opened it, happy to remember that she was the owner of the house, and he can't do jack shit without being invited in. She opened the door, just as Stefan was about to knock once more, harder this time. He didn't realise the door was going to open so he literally knocked on her eye. Elena squealed, and took took a step back, brushing her eye. A bruise was bound to be found there tomorrow. Elena opened both of her eyes to see a confused but surprised Stefan, and a smug looking Klaus, who's face turned into an emotionless mask as soon she laid her eyes on him. She grabbed Stefan's sleeve and pulled him into the house. Klaus, who finally moved from his posture, moved forward, clenching his jaw when he felt the barrier pushing him back. He looked up at Elena's face.

"You do realise I can come in now?" He said lowly, his Welsh accent almost made Elena drop her scowl. She had a thing for accents that were similar to the British one. He dropped his act and animatedly stepped through the door frame, throwing his hands on either sides of him to prove his point.

"H-How?" She asked, taking a step back, and trying to take Stefan with her. Instead, he stood his ground, not saying anything the whole time.

"Well, something involving the whole hybrid combination. I'm a half-werewolf now," He answered to her, making her look like a foolish idiot. Even though this was a serious discovery, she couldn't help but blush under his gaze. She peeked a look at Stefan who's face was stone-like, and he had yet to say a word. He didn't even look at either of them, he decided the ground was much more interesting than the life threatening situation.

"What's the cure?" She asked instead, and let him pass through the hallway, and into the living room. Stefan was walking in front of her, and behind Klaus, following his every move.

"All shall be explained in due time, sweet Elena." He answered.

"I want the answer now. I let you kill me, just so you could become a were-vampire, and you killed Jenna, my last guardian. I deserve to know," Elena said, making the mistake of walking forward and grabbing his sleeve, just under his elbow. He turned around, not even shaking her hand off of his arm. He looked past her head, and at Stefan, who immediately took her hand from his arm.

"Elena, Klaus will give Damon the cure." He said, punctuating every word slowly and meaningfully.

Elena didn't listen, she shook out of Stefans' grip and looked at the Original. "Can't you give it to him now? He's dying upstairs, he might as well die before we even get there," She said quickly, grabbing his attention once again. "But then of course, you wouldn't care, now would you?" She said darkly, crossing her arms and watching him move around the room, and in front of the fireplace. Maybe if I had enough strength to just push him into the fire, he would burn and go to hell. "Where is Elijah, anyway? He at least knows the basic means of communication around here," She said.

"My brother is dead, and finally re-united with his family. Just like I promised him," Klaus finally spoke, now looking through Damons' scotch and making approving sounds at the back of his throat. Damon didn't like anyone going through his property. She scowled through her thoughts and walked forward, slapping Klaus's hand away. He looked up sharply, clearly surprised.

"Careful," he said surprisingly, the same words he said when Elena nearly walked through the fire to protect Jenna. "You wouldn't want to go about provoking a powerful hybrid -now the oldest original in the world- now would you?"

Elena shook her head frustratingly. "I don't care. I need the cure. Now ."

"And you wouldn't want to be ordering about someone much, much more powerful than you," He added as afterthought, cocking his head to the side and back, quickly.

Elena's temper flared. She didn't know why, Rose lasted over a week before Damon killed her, and that was when she got bitten by a transformed wolf, while Damon got bit by Tyler before he had phased into his wolf. Doing the maths mentally, she guessed Damon would be okay for the next few days, if not double or triple what Rose had. But then again, Damon was upstairs sweating, nearly unconscious, and barely breathing, clearly suffering.

"Fine, I'll do whatever you want, as long as you give me the cure first," She said finally, eyeing him as he made himself comfortable on the sofa beside the fire. Was he really that stupid as to be absolutely relaxed in his enemies house? Idiot.

"Bring Mr. Salvatore downstairs, along with Katerina. We need to discuss some matters," He said, finally looking up at Elena. His smouldering hazel blue eyes dared her to say otherwise. And shewanted to. But she also wanted to save Damon. "I do realise that I'm quiet a handsome man, but there really is no need to stare like an idiot," He said slowly, the Welsh accent mocking her further. Elena blinked and looked away quickly, her face heating up immediately. He made her feel like an idiot. She turned to Stefan who looked up at the heat of gaze. He didn't say anything, instead, he decided to move a few feet and let her pass. For a few seconds, she only stared at the space where Stefan stood moments ago. "Go on, sweetheart, we don't have all day," Klaus' voice spoke from behind her, and automatically made her move forward and to the stairs.

When she walked into Damon's room, Katherine was already pulling him off of the bed, and letting one of his arms dangle around her shoulder. "Oh, thank god. This lad is heavier than I thought. Help me out," Katherine said as soon as she heard Elena run up the stairs. Elena walked forward and went to Damon's free side, and managed to help Katherine pull him up and on his feet.

"He wasn't even surprised that I was alive, quiet the opposite actually," Elena said. She didn't even know why she was talking to her, let alone talking about someone.

"The Bennett witches have always produced one of the most powerful generations out there, that's why he wasn't surprised," Katherine explained.

"How did he know?" Elena whispered. "That she was alive?"

"He has his ways of finding out," Was her only answer just as they brought Damon into the living room. As soon as Stefan saw the struggling girls, he ran over to them, taking Damon in arms and letting him sit on the sofa.

Damon himself looked dead (er) that before, with dark circles under his eyes and his usually healthy looking skin, having a blunt snow-white dampness to it. He looked more than exhausted, and he hadn't even been walking for hours now. The only thing that still reminded her of the old Damon, were his bloody-pink plump lips. Thinking of his lips, she replayed the kiss in her mind, and then staring worriedly at Stefan, thinking of his reaction. He couldn't blame Damon, of course, as he had been practically immobile, and he would forgive her easily too.

"Where has your mind been wondering off to, sweet Elena?" Klaus' voice taunted her from her left side. Her mind started to function again properly, and she snapped her head to the side, secretly grabbing the necklace around her neck. The necklace that wasn't there. She looked around the whole living room, her eyes searching quickly. She swore she had it on before she made her way upstairs to help Katherine bring Damon down. "Looking for this?" He asked sweetly, as her necklace dangled from his hands. Elena's eyes narrowed and she looked up at his face, seeing his full on grinning face.


Oh God.

His grin grew wider and Elena's eyes widened as she gulped nervously. Katherine, Stefan and Damon were sitting together on one of the sofa, which left the space beside Klaus, and Damon's favourite armchair.

Her hand reached out towards her necklace, and she took it back, holding it tightly in her palms. To her great surprise, Stefan wasn't doing anything, instead he was calm, not caring that Klaus had in fact stolen her vervain necklace, that protected her from manipulation. She calmly sat down in Damon's armchair, and faced Klaus.

"What did you want to discuss?" She asked quietly, keeping her emotions under check, and kept her face professionally stoic.

"The deal, of course," He explained, frowning at the loss of the necklace. His voice was a little mossed, concentrated. Elena really didn't want to know what exactly was going through his mind right now.

"And what does the deal include?" Elena asked, and suddenly got distracted by Katherines hand playing and soothing Damons hair back. His eyes were closed and Stefan watched Katherines moves carefully. Elena couldn't help but think of how perfect the three of them looked together, even though the way Katherine played them was wrong. Elena was aware of Klaus watching her watching them, but she didn't care.

"A year. Spent with me and helping me with my plans. In South Carolina," He offered carefully, raising his eyebrows as an ending curtsey.

"What?" Stefan said quickly, sitting forward and staring at Klaus in disbelief.

"I told you I changed my mind, dear Stefan," He then turned to Elena, facing her directly, as he stood up. "Now, do you want the cure, or not?"

"Of course I want the cure," Elena began. "But why me? Why now? And how could I help you?" She asked quickly, sitting forward in her seats. Klaus wasn't making any sense. He killed her, to become something further unnatural, and now he wanted what? Her help? For a year in SOUTH CAROLINA?

"Ahh, so many questions, so little time," He said confidently, as he took a few steps forward. Elena stood up and took a couple of steps closer to the Original were-vampire. He grinned, surprise sparkling in his eyes. "You really are something, aren't you, my lovely doppelganger?" He murmured softly, his hazel blue eyes wildly gesturing and proving his point.

"The Cure," Was her only answer as she reached out, letting her palm dangle patiently. He reached inside his pocket, and pulled out a small glass item, full of rich burgundy mixture. The literal 'key' dangled by his fingertips, and all four waiting people waited for his next move.

"Agree first," He said finally, watching the scene with careful and guarded eyes. Elena could see before she heard the movement, but suddenly Klaus hand reached out and hit a moving object, which turned out to be Katherine, as she flew towards the fireplace. Momentarily, her pretty designer clothes hit the fire, but the next moment, she was already out of the fire, and standing her ground. Klaus didn't even spare her a look. "Do not make a mistake, Katerina," Klaus said. Stefan stood up.

"No. We made a deal, Klaus. I am going with you for a decade, not Elena," Stefan stated firmly.

"You still haven't answered my question," Elena said instead, gathering all her courage and stepping forward.

"And you still haven't agreed,"

"I am not getting myself into something I know nothing of," Elena snapped, taking a step forward and reaching for the bottle. Klaus grinned and held his hand high, out of Elena's reach.

He thought this was some game.

"Which loosely translates to, you now wanting to save Damon?" Klaus mocked her, shaking his cure from side to side.

"I never said that. I'll agree, once you explain,"

"But dear, I already did. You and I, solving problems in South Caroline, for a year," He said slowly, waiting for the proposition to sink in.

"And you will not kill me?" She asked.

He shook his head "No,"

"And you will not turn me into a vampire?"

He, once again shook his head "No,"

"And," He rolled his eyes. "you will not manipulate me in any way?"

"You have my word,"

"How can I trust you?"

"Because, right now, I have no use lying to you. I just want to go home, with a lovely doppelganger accompanying me," He stated cleverly, smirking at his own knowledge.

"And," Elena said again. "You will let me contact my friends and family? And you will give me a day to get ready?" Elena added, determinedly facing Klaus, raising an eyebrow in question.

"Elena, no," Stefan spoke from the side. He stepped forward, but Klaus held his hand up, sparing him a single look.

"Deciding for sweet Elena again, are we?" Klaus asked, smiling to himself for some reason.

"H-how did you know about that?" Elena asked, shushing Stefan.

"You're mind is rather mesmerising while you're not wearing the vervain necklace," He said instead.

"Was that a statement, or a compliment?" She challenged him, crossing her arms and keeping her eyes on the cure.

"Whatever you wish it to be," He said straight after. "So, what's it gonna be? An innocent year

with me in South Carolina, no harm, or let poor Damon die?"

Elena looked at Katherine, who was standing in the same position as before, worriedly biting her bottom lip. Elena knew that Katherine would never let love get in the way, but she still clearly cared for both of her ex-lovers. She met Elena's eye but kept quiet. Elena turned to her left and looked at Stefan, pleading with her eyes to let her go. Leaving Stefan will be the hardest thing for her, now that they got past all their issues and the sacrifice, but as much as she wanted to stay right here, in his arms, she needed to save Damon, who in turn saved Matt and Caroline. His eyes popped open, and he still had the power to give her that irresistible grin as he sweated again and again.

She needed to save him.

"O-" Was the only sound that left Elena's mouth, before loud groans filled the room, coming from Damon's mouth. Elena made her way to aid him, but Katherine was faster, brushing his hair out of his eyes, and soothing his back.

Elena realised something in that moment,

Katherine did care for Damon, and she was still clearly in love with Stefan.

Damon's groans died down as soon as Katherine was there, and Elena smiled sadly, knowing that Katherine would replace her gratefully if she was to leave for a certain amount of time. Once again, Elena could feel Klaus watching her, watching them.

"Okay, I'll do it," Elena said finally. "I'll come with you," She went to reach for the bottle but Klaus grabbed her hand before she could. Surprised, she pulled her hand back.

"No-one will try to help you escape, understood?" Klaus said, cocking his head towards the three vampires on his left side.

"No-one," Elena confirmed. Klaus smirked then, and evil smile on that pale, handsome face. He looked back at her, grinning slightly, and once again, Elena realised she didn't have her necklace in her hands. She looked down and noticed it on the ground. She must have dropped it when she went to help Damon. "Don't look at me like that," Elena found the courage to say, as her face heated up.

"Katherine will give Damon the cure as soon as we leave, that should give us about six hours of head start before he heals completely. I don't want to face any un-pleasant situations where I have two crazed Salvatores that might have followed me. You have a day to say your goodbye's and time to pack," Klaus said. "I'll be there at 10 in the morning Elena, no excuses, or Damon dies," Klaus threatened, shaking his finger at her like a child. Elena, out of anger, smacked it away and Klaus rose his eyebrows, clearly surprised. He turned to Stefan. "Well look at that, my precious doppelganger is quiet feisty,"



Well, did you like it? As soon as I started writing, I couldn't stop.

Next chapter: When Was The Last Time You; Said Goodbye?


"Why don't you take a picture?" He asked cruelly, sarcasm dripping from every word. She turned towards him and narrowed her eyes, aware of the tears already gathering in her eyes.

"You are such a cold-hearted bastard." She whispered furiously, and instantly, his cruel grin disappeared. Elena wanted to smile at her accomplishment, as she still remembered how Klaus came to be.