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"I know he was trying to keep me out of it all, but I'm sick of being treated like a puppet. Damon and Stefan had been controlling every one of my movements and actions as if they were pulling me by the strings, and I just thought that Klaus was different. He is manipulative but I would have never thought that he would do something like that,"

The mare let out a huff of breath and Elena nodded. Elena looked down on the mare and smiled, giggling under breath. "Nawh, you agree with me, don't you?"


Klaus crossed his arms too and took a step forward, his body heat flushing her face slightly. "Give me the reason,"

"For what?"

He sighed heavily and dropped his arms, looking around the room as he tried to gather his anger. "Why won't you forgive me?"

"Because you don't deserve it, because you never apologised,"

Klaus huffed under his breath. "I asked you to forgive me,"

"Yes, but you never apologised!" She yelled, her wall finally crumbling as she dropped her arms. "You know what? I'm actually pretty damn thankful that you compelled me to leave, because Ifinally realised that I don't need you! I don't need some fucked up, bipolar, abominate hybrid who only thinks of himself! And you know what? I would goddamn kill someone just for my life to go back to the way it was before I met you and everyone else that has fucked up my life. I'm sick of you and your fucked up history along with your fucked up daddy issues which you got me involved in!"


Ch17: In Which He Confesses.


She didn't know what she was hoping for when she woke up that morning. She certainly felt calmer knowing that he wasn't laying beside her, but at the same time, the buzz was irritating her beyond amazement and her chest ached. It had nothing to do with their late-night activities, so she began fearing the worst.

She had actual, heart-aching, shiver-enducing feelings for Klaus.

But what made her stop in her tracks wasn't the fact that she had actually admitted that she fell for him, but the fact that she wasn't rejecting him.

The glass she was holding fell from her grasp and crashed, the sharp glass splintering around her feet. But the smile that made a way onto her lips wasn't unwelcomed.


On her way to the main stables, she saw numerous trailers entering and departing Klaus' estate. She passed working and waving -and in Travis' case, bowing- hybrids on her way inside, and she politely greeted them back. To be honest, she felt weird being around the hybrids, with them being so nice to her without an honest reason.

On the other side of the stable, was the only hybrids she wanted to see. He was sitting on a haystack by Dante's stall and reading what seemed to be an aged book. He smiled without even looking up, and Elena took that as an invitation to join him.

"You did it on purpouse, didn't you? I thought she was going to kill me with the way she was looking at me." Was the first thing Elena said. That morning, she had woken up to see Cindy packing all her items. She wasn't ruining anything, but she might have as well set Elena on fire with the way she was looking at her.

Klaus pretended to be clueless as he looked up, but his eyes held a mischevious spark. "I have no idea what you're talking about sweetheart, but now that you're here, we might as well go for a walk,"

Elena's eyebrows shot up and she played with the hem of her neckline. "But you're reading a book, I don't want interru-"

Thanks to his supernatural speed, they were already on the other side of the stable before she could even finish a word.

"It's alright, that book was rather boring. I've actually read it numerous times before,"

"Then why were you reading it?" Elena asked, although she already knew the reason. She loved hearing him admit his feelings, it made her feel closer to him on so many different levels when he showed his humanity.

He caught her eye as his hand rested on her back, pressing her closer to him when they started walking along the trail. "Well aren't you a little cheeky today,"

Elena shrugged, realising a breath. "I feel different today. Better. Happier,"

What fascinated her the most about this moment was the pure joy that brimmed Klaus' face. His lips quirked slightly and his eyes creased.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Elena asked.

Klaus' tongue swept over his bottom lip and he looked away nervously.

Elena understood. He just wanted to spend some time with her as she was leaving tomorrow morning. The thought of leaving Klaus made her heart skip a beat, and she gasped suddenly, alerting Klaus and making him pull her closer.

She knew that he didn't want to start on that subject again, but he still found the need to reassure her. "It'll be okay, sweetheart. You'll have Travis with you."

Her mood changed almost instantly and she looked up, her eyes widening as thoughts flooded her mind. "What do I tell them? What if they'll hate me?"

The panic made him face her again. "If they really care, they'll support you. If they don't, then you don't need them."

"Everything has changed so much over the past four months," she muttered, her hand slowly covering her face and rubbing her eyes. "Three months ago, I hated you, and now-" she stopped, her lips forming a tight line.

He didn't push her to continue, which made Elena glad. She honestly wasn't ready for committment yet.


He made her lunch, which consisted of heavily layered sandwiches, making her frown when her handed her two big ones, along with a glass of the fruit-juice he made. He muttered something about being 'too skinny' under his breath, making Elena's anger rise.

It's not like she was deathly skinny. She kept up her appearance and was rather proud of her dancer's-like body and here he was, trying to fatten her up. She rolled her eyes at him when he entered the dining room with food and took a bite out of her sandwich.

He rolled his eyes too and shrugged as he began eating. Elena was glad that they were able to sit in silence without leaving it awkward.

When he finished his lunch, he waited patiently for Elena to finish hers. "I've got something for you." he admitted, making Elena look up.

"What?" she asked cautiously, her mind already leering over the possibilities.

Again, Klaus rolled his eyes but grinned. "Relax, kitten, it's not like I'm about to propose or anything,"

Elena let out a sigh of relief, making Klaus irrupt in laughter. "Shut it, pup, I'm seventeen. I'm not ready to get married,"

Klaus laughter died down and so did her humour.

She wasn't supposed to tell him that. She was supposed to say something along the lines of not wanting to get married to him, but her lips moved on her own accord .

"Do not read too deep into that, Klaus." She warned him taking the last bite from her sandwich and taking a large gulp from her juice. The feeling of awkwardness made her uncomfortable so she stood up.

"Do you want to watch a movie?" he asked as he grabbed the dishes and placed them in the sink. "Skye went shopping last night for the hybrids and she bought me a new surrounding sound system for my room,"

"Sure," Elena quickly agreed, knowing that there was a couch in Klaus' room, so it's not like he was just trying to get her into his bed. But then again, this is Klaus, man-whore-extraordinary, so you could never be sure what he was up to.


They weren't actually watching the movie, as Klaus was sitting on his bed and sketching in his notebook, and Elena was sitting on the floor beside him with photos all around her, trying to find the right places for them in her new scrapbook that her favourite witch got her.

Her mind wandered to Klaus' artistic talent and she smiled, glancing at him quickly, only to get caught.

"Yes, sweetheart?"


Klaus turned back around and began drawing again, the pencil moving across the paper in quick strokes. Curiosity ate away at her nerves and she tried to steal a peek at his artwork, but he only covered it, the corners of his lips pulling up slightly.

"Klaus," she whined, getting off the floor and crawling forward. In merely milliseconds, he shut the notebook and she was lying beneath him.

She let out a nervous breath as he stared intently into her eyes, the hints of a smile playing on his lips. "It seems like you're on the roll today, sweetheart. Care to share?"

Elena bit her lip and shrugged slightly, looking away. "I don't know. I feel weird, but good,"

"Could you be more specific?"

"No, not really," she answered cheekily, making Klaus narrow his eyes playfully. "I honestly can't."

His lips hovered above hers and he kissed her jaw, smiling against her skin as she relaxed, her bones turning into jell-o. He placed the next kiss onto the hollow of her neck and found the soft spot where he usually bit her.

Next thing she knew, she had a giant-ass hickey and he didn't even want to heal her.


Klaus finished his drawing just as the sun was setting. Elena was sitting on the couch and eating a pasta dish that he had made and by the way her eyes were moving almost intently, she was completely entranced in her book.

The hybrid ripped the page out and erased unneeded mistakes, making sure that it was flawless before he walked towards his girl and gently took the book away from her.

Tell me what you need,

And I will find a way to stop the bleeding.

No, don't add to my mistakes.

He had been drawing this since the first night that they were together. It took him almost a week to draw the perfect outline of her moonlit body and another two months to just draw a complete replica of her features and every single crease, muscle and inch of her body.

Tell me you're not leaving,

Then I'll you everything you need to know.

Don't throw it all away,

Don't say my words are just too late.

Elena looked up and her face lit up immediately, seeing Klaus' finish his artwork. She had been curious about it for weeks up until today and just the pure thought of him wanting so share something so special with her, made Elena's heart beat faster.

I don't wanna be left behind,

I've been so blind to all that I have broken.

Can we put this back together?

His girl accepted her present and he quickly went to sit next to her, watching as emotions entered and left her face. The feeling of adoration hit him like a brick wall when he saw her smile.

No more empty promises, they don't exist.

Just put me out in the open, I know this will take time,

Can you give me one more chance to make it right?

It was her. Her curly hair was everywhere, long and untamed. He had gotten every single detail right. The curve of her lips, her high cheekbones, her straight nose, her long and dark eye-lashes. Even her hair was very detailed to the max. and she was sure that her eyebrows and the shading must have taken him the most time.

Give me one last chance to make it right .

Last chance to make it right.

Give me one last chance to make it right, oh yeah.

She vaguely remembers putting the drawing gently on the table and pressing as close to him as possible as she kissed him. She felt him respond with equal eagerness and passion and she smiled against his lips.

Give me one last chance to make it right.

Give me one last chance to make it right.

Give me one last chance to make it right.

Give me one last chance to make it right.


She got Skye to put a spell on the drawing so it would never get damaged. Skye rolled her eyes at her and said something along the lines of 'puppy love' but she still smiled, which calmed Elena.

She was accepting their relationship, and that made Elena happy for some reason. One way or another, she had gotten very close to Annie and Skye over these four months and she needed their approval more than anything.

"Aren't you a little mad about Klaus sleeping around?"

Panic hit Elena and she looked up immediately. "K-Klaus?-"

Skye's eyes widened. "Oh, no, no. I mean't-before. I mean, he's such a man-whore, right? Not that he sleeps around anymore, except with you."

Elena sighed and relief washed over her. "Oh, I just thought that he was taking turns around the estate again."

At this, Skye laughed. "Yeah, right. Klaus is like, infatuated with you. He adores you."

Elena smiled, her mood lifting. She caught the time on a nearby clock and saw that it was nearly 10 o'clock at night.

Time to say goodbye to her favourite pair of lovers.


Klaus watched as Elena walked into the stable from his balcony, his thoughts almost eating at his brain when he tried to ignore them.

He fell for a human.

He, Niklaus Smith, The Original Hybrid, fell for her, a human doppelganger.


He faced Elijah, walking towards him and placing a finger on his chest. "Love, is a vampire's greatest weakness. And we are not weak, Elijah. We do not feel, and we do not care,"

Klaus' eyes shut when unwanted memories returned. What happened to that Klaus? The uncaring, manipulative and self-righteous Original? He shouldn't be in love with anyone, a human nonetheless.


Elijah looked up and met his brother's eyes. "We did once,"

Yes, they had loved once. Both loved Charlotte.

Klaus smiled, hearing the door open and close behind him. Skye stood beside him and also looked at Elena. "Are you planning on telling her any time soon?"

Klaus peeked at his favourite witch. "Telling her what?"

Skye rolled her eyes and pushed him playfully. "I've know you for a very long time, Klaus, I know how to get inside your head and mess around,"

Klaus snorted. Now it started making sense. Skye made him remember that moment with Elijah so that he could realise his feelings for the doppelganger.

"I'll let you live this time, witchy, but mess with my mind again and you're dead," Klaus said calmly but a grin played around on his lips.

Skye rolled her eyes and laughed as she exited the room.


"We'll see each other again soon, Plum. I promise," Elena muttered as she helped Travis load her favourite mare into a trailer, along with the Dante, the black stallion.

Travis spared Elena a look. "Klaus is taking them to a secret location so Mikael can't use his horses against him."

Elena looked up. "What? He has before?"

Travis nodded. "He killed Klaus' favourite horse and distracted him, nearly enough to kill him," Travis said, and he locked the trailer up. "But Klaus is smart, he won't let himself die for such trivial things. He sees Mikael as just another bump in the road."

Elena nodded. "I wish I could stay,"

"It's better and safer for you if you stay at the Salvatore's. They signed the house over to you, remember? Mikael won't be able to get in. And you'll have me with you, so it's not like he would lay a finger on you." Travis joked, playfully pushing her inside the stables.

"Travis, I'm glad that you're trying to make me feel better, but Mikael has over a thousand years on you. I'm pretty sure he could break you like a stick."

Travis shrugged. "At least I'll die for someone that I care about."

Elena sighed. "Don't talk like that. You're not going to die,"

He was reminding her more and more of Jeremy, and that only made her want to go home sooner, as stupid and selfish as that sounded. She just wanted to see Caroline and Bonnie and Jeremy and Aunt Jenna. She wanted to go to sleep and wait until all this Mikael business was over and then wake up to everything being alright.

Travis kissed her on the forehead and exited just as Klaus walked inside. She felt his arms slowly surrounding her waist and she smiled, leaning closer to his chest. "I'll miss you."

She felt Klaus nod and the buzz that suddenly shimmered in her head excited her. "Mmm, I'll miss you more, kitten."

The hybrid ran his nose along the base of her neck and kissed gently over her latest hickey.

"Remember the last time we spent the night here?" Klaus asked, his grin widening as Elena shivered and pressed closer to him.

The smile on her face made his heart beat faster. "Yeah, it was after our shopping trip and you read me poetry."

"Let's stay here tonight."

After a few seconds, Elena realised what he was implying and turned her face to the side, trying to get a better look at him as he held her firmly to his chest. "But what if someone sees us?"

His answer was straight forward and his voice unwavering. "It's not like they've never heard us going at it at night."

Elena's eyes widened slightly but she sighed, already knowing. She was hoping to at least savour some of her now, non-existent innocence before returning to Mystic Falls, but by the way Klaus' hand was slowly creeping under her shirt, she knew that he had planned other events for tonight.

She finally turned to face him and her breath hitched, her heart beating faster like it always did whenever he was standing this close. A smile tugged at his lips and she found it oddly contagious as she let out a shallow breath.

His lips were pressed against her neck again, gently this time as she leaned back, revealing more flesh. "Let me make love to you."


Kiss me, out of the bearded valley
Lightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
I'll wear those shoes and you will wear that dress

While Elena seemed to be in a hurry to take the hybrid's shirt off, he seemed to be taking his sweet time. His hand reached out above her head and he grabbed a soft blanket, skilfully laying it out behind them while still keeping hi lips on hers. The cheeky smile on lips only made Elena become more frustrated.

Before she knew it, Klaus had taken it upon himself to rip down the middle of her shirt, effectively leaving her almost bare if it wasn't for the dark bra she was wearing.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling, so kiss me

As soon as she got rid of his shirt, she allowed him to slow down, being content with just kissing him for a while before moving forward. If this happened two months before, she would once again be comparing him to Stefan, but just in that moment, she realised that those feelings were gone. The ship sailed, as to say; she didn't love Stefan the way she used to.

She let him dominate her as he layed her out beneath him and took control, just like he always did but Elena didn't seem to complain this time. It had already gotten dark and she could just see the small hints of a full moon forming, and the moonlight alone seemed to light the whole stable up.

Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map

After he had taken of her shorts, his lips trailed back upwards and he leveled his eyes with hers. "Do you want me?"

Elena blinked. Was he seriously starting this conversation with her? It wasn't like him to stop what they were doing just to tease her.

"Klaus," she whined.

"No, Elena. Do you want me?" he repeated. Elena searched his eyes, biting her lip when she realised what he meant. He didn't mean right now. He meant, later. After she left to the Salvatore's. In a couple of years. In a decade. Anytime, anywhere.

He wanted to know if she would always want him, sexually or not.

There was only one answer, and she whispered it without hesitation.


Before she knew it, he renewed their earlier activities with the same gentleness but a burning passion.

He rid of their clothes faster this time, and Elena once again wanted to speed-up the foreplay, yet Klaus seemed to be content with taking it slow, which seemed to be quiet rare considering how slightly rough and dominating he usually was in bed.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling, so kiss me

When they were finally connected, chest to chest, groin to groin, feet to feet, he stopped, searching her eyes for something that made Elena focus more. "Klaus?"

"You-You'll come back to me, right?You-"

"Of course, I will."

"And you won't let yourself fall in love with them again, will you? You won't betray me, right?

Elena shook her head. Betrayal. That seemed to be his weakness. Anger, hatred, pain; he could take. Abandonment and betrayal? Those were his weak points.

"I will never abandon you, Klaus. Ever,"

And just like that, the moonlight seemed to hit his back, revealing his naked body clearly. The lone dragonflies around them buzzed gently and stray horses out on the meadow stopped their movements. His lips hovered above hers and he laid out his hand against hers, intertwining their fingers.

"I love you, Elena. And I need you. I need you to be safe for me, okay? I can't lose you, especially not to them,"

The expected 'awkward silence' didn't follow, and instead, she welcomed the shimmering buzz in her head, not biding it annoying anymore. Klaus' slow and steady breathing relaxed her further and she grabbed his face, cradling it in her hands like he was a breakable doll.

She nodded, searching his eyes and pulling his face closer.

"You won't lose me,"

So kiss me
So kiss me
So kiss me
So kiss me

Klaus kissed her again and began moving, taking slow and adjustable thrusts, not breaking eye-contact through out the whole night.


It was sort-of funny actually. For the first time in her life, she felt fully and 100% rested. Her back wasn't sore from the wooden Swedish floor, and her skin didn't have any rashes from the hay. She was aware that she was fully naked and only covered with a quilt, but she honestly didn't care.

She felt free.

Well, as long as you didn't count the warm and slowly tightening arm around her waist, that is.

"I feel so different today," she murmured, and the smile against her shoulder blade made her smile too.

"Good Morning, kitten."

A clatter of dishes shook them out of their morning chatter. Elena looked up and blushed heavily to see an annoyed Skye looking down on them.

"I said I wanted to see you in the morning, not the afternoon. We mightn't have enough time!"

Oats with natural honey and apple along with orange juice entered her vision. Klaus, not in the least bit ashamed of his nudeness, stood up and began picking up his clothes, not caring that there was another woman present in the room.

Elena's lips tightened. Yes, Skye had seen him naked plenty before. No, he didn't have to parade around as if he was hosting a private show, with him as the main attraction, god dammit.

He spared her a cheeky grin as he dressed and blew her a kiss. Beneath his cheerful behaviour, she could see the layer of sadness and fear. She hasn't even left yet and he already missed her.

Skye, on the other hand, sat down right beside Elena and decided to go on about how Travis was probably the sweetest hybrid on earth and how she was already planning an April wedding.

In that moment, she reminded her of Caroline more than ever.


Katherine, who had been away again, came back just in time for Elena and Klaus to go and see Skye. She grabbed Elena's stuff and packed them in the trunk in a flash, and Travis chatted with Cindy for a while before going to wait with Katherine.

Elena wondered if she should knock, but Klaus decided to just open the door widely, grab her hand and walk right in like her owned the place. Technically, he did, but everyone deserves a little privacy.

"Look, basically, I've been researching this for a while with Annie and I guess we found familiarities with different cases. Or relationships; so to speak." Skye began and opened a large grimoire. The case was black with silver labellings.

Elena peeked at Klaus from the corner of her eye but he was stonily facing the witch, not a hint of emotion on his face.

"It was actually quiet common back in the 1300's, but as the vampire race progressed rapidly, less and less sightings -so to say- were recorded."

"Are you talking about my buzz? What do vampires have anything to do with it?"

Answers were finally laid out in-front of her, and she'd be damned if she just let them slip through her fingers.

"Those buzz' are only activated in certain people. Of course, it happens for a reason but the 'holders' are chosen randomly. It usually depends on when you meet the person. Some buzz' were said to be activated so far as into the person's 50's."

Elena shook her head and let go of Klaus' hand, walking forward.

"Skye, you're confusing me."

"The human population slowly began dying out because of the vampire raids, but before that, the buzz' were quiet well known around true mates."

"So basically, I'm one of those people that get this buzz? There are others?"

Skye rolled her eyes and Elena shivered as she felt Klaus' presence right behind her, so sudden that she almost jumped.

"That's not the point, Elena," Skye said and then sighed, turning to Klaus. "For the buzz to be activated, the 'holder' has to drink it's mate's blood willingly three times."

Elena's eyebrows shot up. "Oh, so thanks to drinking the blood of my 'mate' three times, I get an annoying buzz in my head. Does it even give me any ridiculous superpowers? Or is it completely useless?"

Skye put the grimoire down and stood up, clasping her hands together. "When you drink the blood for the third time, it completes the connection that you have with your mate. A deep one. It's so deep and unique, that you can't even begin to want to describe it. But that's where it gets even more interesting. The connection can only happen when-"

Klaus cut her off then, and Elena felt Klaus' hand resting in the middle of her back, playing with her hair absent-mindedly. "The 'holder'; so to speak, drinks the blood of their true soul-mate."

"And basically, when they don't connect with their soul-mate, or try to force a connection with someone that clearly isn't made for them, they perish. The buzz is sort of a non-subtle way of pointing you to your soul-mate."

Elena wasn't listening. Her mind was already trailing off by the time Klaus said the word 'soul-mate'.

Klaus was her soul-mate. He was hers. He would never cheat on her. He would never betray her willingly or knowingly.


It was almost four o'clock in the afternoon when they began walking downstairs and outside. Elena sighed, slowly replaying all the memories she had made in almost every single room in this house. Her, Klaus, Donna, Annie, Travis and Skye spending their morning tea together in the kitchen or dining room. Her and Klaus watching TV in the evenings or playing the Wii with Travis. Other memories, some not entirely welcome joined the joyous ones, but even now, she couldn't make herself resent them.

If it wasn't for Antonia, Klaus and Elena would never realise their feelings for one another.

Once she stepped outside, Klaus grabbed her hand, and for a second, the brunette thought he wasn't going to let her go. "I don't want you to go."

"You shoulda' thought of that before you compelled the heck outta' her." Katherine said from inside the car, but Klaus didn't pay her any attention.

Instead, he decided to kiss her. Slowly and almost teasingly, reminding her of the first time they kissed. Elena deepened the kiss almost instantly and pulled him closer by the collar of his shirt, hearing a hearty chuckle from Travis.

At this point, she honestly didn't care that there were people watching. She just wanted to kiss her boyfriend goodbye.

A few minutes passed of them throwing careless promises and they were out and onto the road. Elena felt like strangling Katherine when she heard her mutter something under her breath, being positive that it had something to do with their PDA performance.

"So, Elena," she began and turned around, not paying any attention to the road ahead. "How are you planning on telling your friends?"

Ohhh, shit.


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