So this monstrosity is the brain child of StarryOwlEyes. I'm just the pour soul that got threatened into writing it. So yes Magnus is a swashbuckling pirate and Alec the beautiful mermaid. I promise you it's not as hokey as it sounds. Think Little Mermaid/Pirates of the Caribbean/Splash. And everyone loves Tom Hanks so you can't be against this.

This is the first fanfic I've written in roughly four years. Bare with me. First yaoi as well. I want no haters. I own nothing! All character's accredited to Cassie Clare. The convoluted plot line is courtesy of StarryOwlEyes and myself. Reviews are welcome. Flames are not. ^.^

The night sky was ablaze from the fiery tendrils of smoke that engulfed the ship. Sounds of swords clashing, and cries of pain blocked out the usual breeze and the gurgling ocean. Sharp rings pierced the night as steel met steel. Magnus stared out at the scene before him with grim determination. The smoke burned his eyes, but he continued to approach the enemy. His sword sliced through flesh quicker than the eye could follow, leaving a bloody trail along the deck. Though Magnus cut down everyone that crossed his path, he could tell that the battle was winding down, and the victory seemed to not favor his side.

Ragnor emerged from the smoke, blood dripping from a gash on his forehead. He was but a few steps away when a man erupted from the ashy haze with murder in his eyes. Magnus didn't pause to think. He lashed out spearing the man in the throat. Magnus jerked his sword out of the man's neck. He had heard the unmistakable snap of bones breaking when he stabbed the man before him. It had been a quick death, a sharp strike through the spine. He didn't give pause to the man he had just killed. It was times like these that survival instinct took over and morality was shoved into a corner. He turned around and motioned for Ragnor to follow him.

"What are you doing?" Ragnor asked, looking back towards the battle.

"We're losing," Magnus stated simply. "Morgenstern is not known for his compassion. If we surrender our throats will be slashed, and our bodies tossed over in less than a minute. I'm not so noble as to not know when to cut my losses. We can die here or we can live to fight another day." Ragnor simply nodded his head in agreement and followed his old friend. They crept into the rowboat, and made their escape into the night, the fiery depths of hell seeming to chase them to shore.

(A few months later)

The biting sting of the wind made Magnus draw his coat more tightly around himself. He rubbed his hands together trying to gain some brief warmth. The deck of the Alicante was the last place he wanted to be right now. Magnus would rather be below decks nursing a bottle of rum than keeping watch for the Royal Navy.

"Royal Navy my arse," Magnus muttered to himself. They hadn't seen a sign from those bluthering buffoons for over a month. The Royal Navy didn't often venture this far off the trading routes so he didn't know why the Captain was so paranoid. Magnus blew his inky bangs out of his eyes and stared out at the sea. The sky met seamlessly with the ocean, creating an endless expanse of black with only the bright points of the stars piercing the darkness. It was one of the things that Magnus loved most about a life at sea. It seemed as if the world had no end. The blank edges of the maps were slowly being filled in, but it was times like this when Magnus knew that there were still some undiscovered mysteries in this world.

Magnus crossed his arms and leaned back against the mast. He almost wanted the Navy to stumble upon them, just so something would happen. The next time he got stuck with the night watch he'd be sure to conveniently forget. Magnus plopped his feet up on the rail and tried to get comfortable. The day's activities and grueling work were finally catching up with him. He closed his eyes, assuring himself that he was just resting briefly.

Magnus jerked awake, falling off his makeshift chair. He swore he heard a splash. Not just a fish jumping out of the water or the waves lapping against the side of the ship, but a large impact splash. He looked out into the surrounding water. His gaze slowly scrutinized the water around the ship. The sea was unusually calm, the bright glow of the moon casting an eerie glow over the surface. The moon was enough light for him to see by, yet there was not even a ripple to be found. Magnus harrumphed and settled back into his chair, determined to stay awake this time. I was probably dreaming, Magnus thought. He could have easily been amidst a battle with canon's hitting the water for all he remembered. Magnus gave an inward shrug and resumed his watch. This was going to be one hell of a long night.

By the time his shift had ended at four in the morning, Magnus could barely drag himself to his hammock. Exhaustion made his limbs grow heavy as he threw himself into his bed. It was only with years of practice that he didn't flip right back out onto the floor. He kicked off his boots and snuggled deeper into the familiar folds. The peaceful rocking of the ship quickly lulled him to sleep.

Mornings were the worst part of Magnus' day. If he had a choice in the matter he wouldn't crack open an eye before noon. As it were, every crewmember was expected to be up at the crack of dawn. They couldn't afford to be wasting daylight. Magnus rubbed sleep from his eyes and stifled a yawn. Barely three hours of sleep and another day of hard labor awaited him. This was the life he chose after all, there was no use in complaining about it.

Breakfast was the usual fair of unidentifiable mush. Magnus had asked only once what was in the luke warm sludge. After that he preferred to remain unaware of what exactly he was eating. He pushed the slop around the bowl with his spoon with no intention of finishing it. The bench groaned as Ragnor sat next to him. Magnus and Ragnor had grown up together in the same small fishing village. Neither of them had wanted to live in the stringent rules of society. The stifling frock coats and the fake pleasantries. All Magnus ever wanted was to be free.

"If you're not going to eat it, then share it," Ragnor said, taking Magnus' bowl. Magnus couldn't suppress his grin. Ragnor was constantly shoveling food into his mouth, yet he never seemed to gain a pound.

"Your appetite amazes me," Magnus mused.

"You should have grown accustomed to it by now," Ragnor said with his mouth full of mush. Magnus rolled his eyes. "After all we've known each other since we were wee lads."

"And even then you could have eaten your way through a horse," Magnus chuckled.

"I take immense pride in that ability," Ragnor said smugly. "Just because you're as skinny as a debutante." Magnus smiled briefly. Compared to the other men on the crew he was as thin as a girl. He may not have the broad shoulders and the thickly corded ropes of muscle as the other men, but he could pull his weight. In a hand to hand fight he may not be the best choice, but no one could get the better of him in a duel. His prowess with a sword earned him the respect from the other crew members.

"We should be making port soon," Ragnor said, pulling Magnus out of his thoughts.

"Hmm," was all Magnus said. Ragnor was eying him expectantly.

"You know you haven't really enjoyed yourself of late," Ragnor said suggestively. The crew knew of Magnus' unusual tastes. Pirates were more of an accepting lot than the rest of society. They may not have agreed with his preference for men, but they did not ostracize him for it. Ragnor was the first person Magnus had ever told. They had messed around briefly in their youth, but Ragnor enjoyed the company of women above all else.

"I'm tired of one night stands, Ragnor." Ragnor raised his eyebrow in a silent question. Magnus sighed. "Women practically fall into your lap Ragnor. Finding someone who shares the same tastes as I do is challenging enough. And paying for a good time isn't exactly what I have in mind either." Magnus hadn't meant to bemoan his lack of love life, but he could no longer act like it didn't affect him.

Ragnor, never the intuitive type, just clapped him on the shoulder. "You just need to find yourself a good time is all." Magnus resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He knew that Ragnor would find himself plenty of good times when they made port, and Magnus would remain at a tavern drinking away his sorrows. "Come on, we better get to work," Ragnor said pulling Magnus up after him. Magnus stifled a groan. His muscles were already protesting. He was already looking forward to collapsing in his bed that night. Yet he was afraid that, that time was a long ways off.

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