A/N: This takes place at the beginning of season two. AU

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I was out driving around thinking of everything going on in my life. Katherine is in town, Caroline is a vampire, and Stefan breaking up with me because he started to fall for Caroline. Its so much to take in that I could possibly go insane.

Driving was keeping me calm though, which is weird considering I lost both my parents in a car accident but whatever at least I'm not getting fat on ice cream or being a man hater by watching woman empowerment movies. I always though those were lame.

I was driving down Ivory street when I saw a yard sale sign. I remembered that Amber's older cousin Christine was moving away since she married some army guy. I decided to go see Christine since she was an old friend of Jenna's.

I drove further down when I spotted her house. I parked the car and walked across the street to her house. I saw Christine but she was talking to an elderly couple so I decided to look around till she was done.

I walked up to a table that had a few things on there. The ones that stood out the most was an adorable little brown bear holding a big red heart, unopened lavander scented candles, and the most beautiful silver chained pocket watch that had a flower design with gorgeous blue jewels. It laid in a beautiful black velvet box that looked brand new but the pocket watch looked much older. I wanted it so bad.

"Elena!" I heard someone yell my name. I turned and saw Christine. "Christine!" I yelled pulling her into a hug. I knew her pretty well because when Aunt Jenna would come to Mystic Falls when I was little I would always want to hang out with her and her friends. They never really minded since I was so quiet.

"Look at you! Your all grown up," Christine said once pulling away.

"And your getting married!"

"I know, I remember when you and Amber were just in Elementary school when I was in High School."

"You were the cool older cousin that would come to pick Amber." I said laughing.

"Time sure does fly."

"So how you been?" I asked

"I've been good. Just packing and getting rid of what I can."

I looked back down at the pocket watch. It was really pretty and if Christine didn't need it I would happily take it off her hands.

"Its thirty dollers." Christine said next to me. I guess she saw me gawking at it.

"Thats not alot of money for something so beautiful," I said.

"Its been in the family a long time. I was going to sell it for a hundred but nobody would buy it for that much and plus its really old."

"It looks European."

"Yea its from France. A great grandfather of mine gave it to my great grandmother in the 1400s for a wedding present so its been passed down."

"So why sell a family heirloom?" I asked

"It caused alot of family problems. I don't want it around me and my husband and nobody in the family wants it either." Christine said.

"Can I ask why?"

"My grandfather was the last to have this and it was very protective of it and would freak out if we touched it. He became very cruel towards us after awhile so we all lost contact with him, then one of my aunts went to see him but she found him dead. We think of the watch as a bad omen."

I looked back down at the watch. How could something this beautiful be harmful. I was sure if I wanted to buy it now. I didn't need bad omens right now.

"Elena its a family thing. We all loved my grandfather very much so to see him go like that we didn't want anything that had to do with his death. He has been having heart problems for years so it finally gave out."

For this watch being a bad omen and being over 300 years old, it looked brand spanking new. The silver was bright and stainless, the jewels looked freshly cleaned and the design seemed like it was just done yesterday.

"I really want this watch Christine but given its...dark history I'm not so sure," I told her.

Christine laughed. "The watch is fine, Elena. We've taken it to shops all over town and messed with ourselves, nothing is wrong with it."

I sighed. "Even if I wanted the watch, I don't have enough money to buy it."

Christine smiled. "Tell you what, since you and Jenna are old friends, I'll give it to you for fifteen."

"Seriously?" I asked surprised.

"I can tell you really want it."

I really did want it.

"Okay fine I give in. Heres your money." I said smiling.

"Nice doing business with you Miss Gilbert." Christine laughed.

Christine closed the box in which the watch was in, put it in a bag and gave it to me. I gave her one last hug before I left.

"It was good to see you Elena."

"Same here." I told her.

"Be good to Jenna and stay out of trouble."

"I'll try." I said smiling.

We hugged one last time and I went to my car. I decided to go to The Grill since I had nothing to do and I didn't want to stay at home feeling sad for myself.

It only took me a few minutes to get to The Grill. I parked my car, grabbed my stuff and went in. I looked around to see if I could find something to do.

I only saw Matt and Tyler. They were playing pool but Matt was in his employee t-shirt which meant he was only on break. I decided I might as well hang with them since I had nothing else to do.

"Hey guys." I said taking my jacket off and putting my stuff down.

"Hey Elena." They said in unsion.

"Can I join?" I asked.

The both looked up at me in surprise.

"What?" I asked reaching for a pull stick.

"Don't take this the wrong way but wheres your Salvatore boys?" Tyler asked being a smart ass. Matt punched his arm.

"What? Its not like you weren't thinking the same thing." Tyler said definsivley.

"Tyler shut up. You can join Elena but I only have a few minutes left of my break." Matt said.

"It doesn't take that long to beat your guy's ass." I said messing with them.

"Oh Gilberts got atitude. Hate to break it to you sweetie but I'm the champ at this game." Tyler said.

"Bring it Lockwood."

"Dude Elena is totally going to kick your ass. Shes got that look on her face." Matt said setting up the pool balls.

Soon Tyler was buying me a large soda and fries and Matt was back at work.

"Didn't know you had pool skills Elena." Tyler said seeming slighty annoyed.

"I don't, I just don't like cocky Jack-asses." I told him popping a french fry in my mouth.

He sipped his soda. "Well nice game but I have to go. Later guys." Tyler said.

"Later man." Matt said.

"Bye Tyler." I said.

"Hey Elena I hate to leave you alone but I really have to get back to work."

"Oh its fine Matt I was just heading out anyway."

"I'll see you later then?" Matt asked.

I nodded my head and Matt headed back to work. I was finishing my fries when I heard a unwanted voice.

"Looks like Elena found a new pair of boy toys to play with."

"Go away Damon."

"I just came over to say hi." Damon said defensivly.

I got up out of my chair. "You never come over just to say hi. Remember that last time you came over to say hi?" I said to him.

Guilt and sorrow moved across his face. I know he remembred what he did to Jeremy. "Elena-" Damon started but I cut him off.

"I don't want to hear it Damon." I said starting to walk away. He grabbed my arm and my purse fell to the floor.

"Man." I said under my breath.

Damon and I went to pick up my stuff. He handed me everything that fell but he stopped when he noticed the pocket watch. It fell out of the box.

"Whoa where did you get this?" Damon asked standing up.

I pulled it out of his hands. "I got it from an old friend at a yard sale." I said putting the watch away.

"You got that at a yard sale?" Damon asked surprised.

"Yes I did." I said leaving.

"Where you going?"

"Wherever your not." I said before walking out of the doors knowing he could hear me. I know I was being rude to Damon but I wasn't over the fact that he snapped my brother's neck.

I walked into my house once I got home. I called out to see who was here. "Anybody Home?" I said putting my jacket on the rack.

"I'm in the kitchen," was Jenna's reply.

I walked into the kitchen. "Hey whats up?"

"Just finishing a few things before I go." Jenna said. I noticed she was all dressed up.

"Where you going?" I asked.

"To a college friend's party then I'm staying the night at Ric's."

"Cool. Wheres Jeremy?"

"He went to a party with his friend Tristen. Will you be fine here by yourself?"

"Yea I'll be okay."

Jenna looked over at my purse and saw the box the watch was in.

"Whats that?" Jenna asked

I pulled the out the watch.

"Wow talk about bling. Where did you get money for that?"

"Christine was selling it and she gave me discount for being an old friend." I said smiling.

Jenna laughed. "I'm really going to miss her." Jenna looked at her watch.

"Oh man I gotta go. Theres some money for pizza on the dining table." Jenna said leaving.


The front door closed and now I was stuck with boredom. I didn't have anyone to talk to since Bonnie was in Georgia visiting family, I wasn't exactly talking with Stefan, Caroline, or Damon. Matt was working and Tyler isn't exactly my friend.

"Guess I'll just hang out at home." I thougt to myself.

I was sitting on the couch watching tv and waiting for my pizza to come and being bored out of my mind. I was so bored that I was hoping Damon would come over to bug me. I was sick and tired of watching lame TV shows all night.

I started staring off into space, ignoring what I was watching when my mind wondered over to the watch. I remembered that I put it on the table behind me so reached behind me and grabbed it.

I picked it out of its box and admired its beauty, it was such a extravagent piece of jewelry. I opened the watch to see the numbers normal. They weren't roman numerals.

As I tinkered with the watch it suddenly stopped moving, I didn't hear the clicking noise. I started tapping on it to get it to work when my vision started getting blurry and I feeling light headed. Suddenly the doorbell rang, I turned my head and everything I was feeling before stopped.

I finished my second piece of pizza and walked back in the living room. I fished out the watch that was in my pajama pocket and started messing with it again. As I was walking I started feeling dizzy and light headed again only this time it was worse.

I couldn't see anything in front of me and I kept hearing a fast clicking noise that wouldn't stop. I found myself engulfed in blackness and feeling sleepy. I couldn't fight off the sensation that was coming over me.

I felt a soft bed under me and warm breeze flowing through the air. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in one floor wooden building. It looked like a hospital. "What am I doing here?" I asked myself.

I took in my surroundings trying to figure out where I was. I heard a curtain rustle and a girl about a year younger than me stood infront of my bed.

"Miss your finally awake." She said with a light smile. She walked over to the table beside me and put down a bowl full of water.

She was a little bit shorter than me, had light brown hair and brown eyes. She was really pretty.

"I'm sorry, but who are you." I asked while she grabbed my hand and started cleaning it with the towel from the bowl.

"I am Martha. Pleasure to meet you miss...?" She asked.

"Elena. My name is Elena."

"Nice to meet you Miss Elena." Martha said smiling.

I smiled back."Martha, where am I?"

"Your in the infirmary here in Mystic Falls." She said.

"Okay so I know I'm still in Mystic Falls but where exactly? This place doesn't look familiar at all."

I looked around once more and noticed this wasn't a normal hospital. There were curtains instead of doors, this place was one entire floor,from what I can tell all the light coming was from the sun and this nurse wasn't letting me shower. I also took notice of what she was wearing. Martha had on an amber colored dress with a white apron on top. I started freaking out.

"What the hell is going on!"

"Martha?" I asked.

"Yes Miss?"

"What year is it?"

Martha looked up at me confused.

"It is 1864 Miss Elena."

I froze. "How the hell did I get to 1864!" I started thinking about what would have caused me to get here but I haven't done anything all day except fight with Damon, play pool, and buy a watch. "The watch!" I mentally yelled at myself. I remembered that I started messing with it and I was feeling dizzy and light headed.

"Okay play cool Elena. Try and play this off until you can figure out how to get back to your own time." I told myself.

"Martha?" I asked once again.


"Can you tell me how I got here?"

"Yes Miss. Some men from a few towns over found you on the trail on there way here for some business. They thought you were apart of this town so they brought you to the council but nobody reconized you. Mayor Lockwood said to bring you here to rest."

"Oh I see, but what was the council going to do with me once I awoke?" I asked trying to sound as formal as I could.

"Mr. Salvatore said that once you awoke, were bathed, and dressed he would come to pick you up and you may take residency at his estate." Martha said getting up.

"Thank you, Martha," I told her.

She smiled and curtsied. "My pleasure Miss Elena. I must now depart to let Mr. Salvatore know you have awaken. Also someone will bring you your dress that you were found in." She turned and left.

I decided to wash my face to relieve some of my aniexty. I grabbed the towel and rung it out and grabbed the mirror off the table next to me. I dropped the towel back in the bowel when I saw that my hair was curled exactly like Katherine's. I ran my fingers through my hair to get rid of them but the stayed in their perfect ringlets.

I huffed, I guess while I was stuck here I was going to have to look like the bitch herself.

I was outside with Martha waiting for Mr. Salvatore to pick us up. Martha told me when she came back that Mr. Salvatore asked her to be my hand maiden since I was going through a state of amnesia. She accepted the offer and I was happy she did. She really seems nice.

I was wearing a beautiful red dress that they had apprently found me in and I was glad that I was wearing clothing from this era so not many questions would be asked especially since this town knows about vampires.

A few minutes passed when I heard the sound of a carraige coming. It stopped right in front of us and and man stepped out. I was guessing it was Mr. Salvatore.

"Ah Miss I see you are doing well," he said once he stepped out.

"Yes Mr. Salvatore thank you, but please call me Elena," I said giving a small curtsie and smile.

"Miss Elena it is a pleasure to meet you," he said bowing.

"The pleasure is all mine." I smiled.

"Well shall we depart ladies?"

Martha and I nodded. He helped us both into carriage, Martha went first and then me and Mr. Salvatore.

Once we were settled the carriage moved. "Miss Elena your dress is beautiful, Martha you did an exceptional job on it," He said smiling at her.

"Thank you Mr. Salvatore," Martha said giving a small nod and smile.

"Miss Elena I do not wish to be a nuisance but do you know how you ended up on the trail this morning?"

"No Mr. Salvatore I do not. I only remember waking up in the infirmary and meeting Martha," I told him.

"It is also quit odd how you remember your name but not your surname," Mr. Salvatore said.

"Your right it is quite odd, but as hard as I try I do not remember," I said.

He laughed. "Miss Elena you are a very charming young lady, I am convinced you will get along with my sons."

"Stefan and Damon I forgot!" I yelled at myself.

"Your sons?" I asked him playing dumb.

"Yes, Damon and Stefan. Stefan is about your age and Damon is a little older than you and Stefan. He is also in the confederacy." Mr. Salvatore beamed when he mentioned Damon was in the confederacy.

"I can not wait to meet them." I said with a smile.

The carriage soon stopped. "Ah it looks like we are here." Mr. Salvatore said.

"Here goes nothing." I thought to myself.