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I walked downstairs to get ready to go to breakfast. Today was the day Katherine, Damon and I would be spending the afternoon and dinner together since Giuseppe and Stefan would be having dinner with Becca and her father, so the two men can learn to get along.

I was making my way into the dinning area when I heard my name being called from outside.

I turned and saw Stefan coming inside.

"Good morning Stefan," I greeted him with a curtsie

"Good morning," he bowed smiling.

"So are youready for the big dinner tonight in your honor?" I asked walking to the dinning room with Stefan.

"I'm a bit nervous since my father and Emilio have been enemies for a long time but after talking with Damon last night I feel a bit better," Stefan smiled.

"So thats what the ruckus was during the night," I teased.

Stefan laughed. "Sorry if we kept you awake, Damon likes to fight with me when I am worried, says it will make me a man."

I laughed. "Well as long as you two did not hurt each other then its quite alright."

Stefan laughed as well. "Both of us are fine, were just brothers reliving our younger days."

I nodded. "I understand. Its just what siblings do."

I started thinking of Jeremy and how we used to wrestle. We drove our parents crazy chasing each other in the house.

Stefan looked down. "Sorry Elena I did not mean to bring up memories of your family," he said as if he read my mind.

I smiled him. "Its quiet alright Stefan, you need memories to remember the people you love."

He smiled back at me. Just as we were about to take seats at the table Damon came in.

"Good morning Stefan, Elena," he said doing a bow and then walking over to the chair next to mine.

I smiled at him as I took a seat and he smiled at me.

"Anyone know where father is?" Stefan asked.

"I was just about to speak to you about that. Father had gone over to Rebecca's home to speak with Emilio and both have agreed that Lorenzo and I also attend the dinner," Damon told us.

"Is Lorenzo Rebecca's older brother?" I asked. I didn't recongize the name but I assumed it had to be her brother.

"Yes. Emilio thought all members of both families should attend the dinner, especially Lorenzo and I. He thinks it would be nice if we could all get along," Damon told me.

"Have you two never gotten along before?" I asked.

"Lorenzo and I had a bit of a disagreement when were young boys over a girl. It ruined our friendship and it was for nothing because she moved to New York. We still speak now and then but were not as close friends as before," he said and then we back to talking with Stefan.

I stood there taking in the information. Its seems like every period in Damon's life he's always been the second choice. Knowing this I'm beginning to understand why he acts the way he does.

This is why he shows his bad side, this is why he always pushes people away, this is why he uses snarky comments to get people to back off. Hes a afraid to get close to people because he fears they'll pick his brother over him.

Damon in my time makes much more sense now.

As Stefan and Damon continued to talk, I slowly moved my hands over to Damon's and held his in mine.

Surprised, he looked down at our entwined fingers and smiled at me. This made me feel as if I was making the best choice, but it was ruined when Katherine made her appearance.

"Well it seems waking up at dawn is a priority in the Salvatore Mansion," she said.

Both Stefan and Damon got up and bowed a greeting to her, I did the same as I curtsied.

"Good morning Miss Katherine, did you sleep well?" Stefan asked as he walked over to her.

"Of course Stefan, your home is very cozy. And please call me Katherine," she smiled at him.

I wanted to rip her hair out. Shes beginning her little game.

Stefan smiled back at her. "Well Katherine, please join us for breakfast."

"My pleasure," she curtsied.

Stefan escroted her over to seat by him and she was right across from Damon.

"Good morning Elena, Damon," she said to both of us.

Damon bowed. "You as well."

I just curtsied, the less I talked to her the better.

We all sat down waiting for Giuseppe to arrive and when he finally did and greeted us all we started our breakfast.

"Damon did you tell Elena and Miss Katherine about the change in dinner plans?" Giuseppe asked.

"He did Giuseppe and must I say, its good you and Becca's family are all trying to get along," I smiled at him.

He smiled back.

"I did not hear the change in dinner plans," Katherine said.

"Damon how could you be so rude and not let a guest in our home know what a simple change in dinner plans will be?" Gisueppe asked Damon looking annoyed.

Before Damon could say anything Stefan spoke. "Father please don't blame Damon, I was speaking with Miss Katherine so it was my fault he couldn't tell her the news."

"Damon is still responsible, I trusted him to tell Miss Elena and Miss Katherine about the change in the dinner plans," Giuseppe said.

I knew I shouldn't have done it but before I could stop myself, I cleared my throat very loudly putting all the attention on me.

When they all turned the heads I smiled.

"Excuse me," I said and then looked at Giuseppe. He looked back at me and understanding flashed in his eyes.

"Damon I am sorry, I understand Stefan kept you from telling Miss Katherine about the change but next time please make sure the news gets told," he said to Damon.

Damon and Stefan sat there amazed at what their father said. You could tell this was the first time their father ever admitted close to defeat.

Damon got himself together and then nodded. "Yes father of course."

"Good," Giuseppe said and then went back to eating.

I smiled to myself because I was happy that he was finally starting to take my advice.

The rest of breakfast was silent except for Stefan and Katherine, he was telling her the change and how she has to spend dinner with only me. It didn't end there though, Katherine tried her best at flirting and Stefan sometimes went along with it. I had to hide my irritation about Stefan being so easily manipulated by her.

Once breakfast was over Damon and I went outside for a walk around the estate, he wanted to get some time in with me before he had to start getting ready for the dinner. I held onto his arm as we walked.

"So how are adjusting to Miss Katherine?" he asked.

I shrugged. "I haven't had much of a chance to talk to her but from what you and Stefan say she seems nice," I smiled at him.

I hated having to pretend to like her.

He chuckled. "She is quite the woman, very outspoken but still a lady."

"Your father seems to like her," I said. I have noticed that Giuseppe was also getting a liking to her but he still brushed her off alot, which made me happy.

"He does but I still think your his favorite, don't tell anyone I said that," Damon smiled at me.

I laughed at him and he kissed my head. I still don't understand how I fell for Damon so easily or how we ended up like this but I wouldn't change it for anything. Right now he was the best thing that happened to me even though in my time I'm pissed at him.

Its even weirder to know Damon was this kind and gentle, the way I know him is so brash and impulsive. Sometimes he has a good reason but not all the time and I wish he would think things through. Knowing him know though in 1864 makes me understand him better, something I'm pretty sure he's been wanting.

We continued our walk for another hour but this time walking in the forest close to the house. We wanted some privacy for awhile before I had to let him go with Stefan to Becca's home. Damon had lead me to a secluded spot in the forest where it looked so magical.

The sun was shinning through the trees, you could hear the forest animals at play, and the breeze was so gentle. We sat on a fallen tree.

"Damon this place is so beautiful," I told him gazing around.

He smiled. "I knew you'd like it."

"How did you ever find such a place like this?" I asked.

"Remember when I told you I'd run into the forest after a arguemnent with my father?"


"Well during one of those times I wandered for hours, it was morning when we had gotten into a disagreement so I spent the entire day wandering and I found this place. I've been coming here ever since," he told me.

I smiled. "Its a magnificent place." I moved my hand to his. "I'm glad you showed it to me."

Damon smiled back and then as gentle as ever he leaned in to kiss me. This kiss was different then all the others, even the ones he snuck back in my time, it wasn't like any kiss I had before. It was a kiss of pure love, eternity worth living, a kiss of forever.

I let Damon take control and I succumbed to his needs. I pulled him closer and we continued in our battle. Alot of people back home didn't want to be with Damon because they say hes bad for me, hes not the right one, and I shouldn't even associate myself with him but none of them know him like I do.

Damon has dropped hints and dropped parts of his wall to let me really see him. I catch glimpses of what he tries to hide, I don't know if he does it on purpose or if somethimes he really forgets. Knowing Damon now just gives me an entire different outlook on him.

When our kiss had ended Damon caressed my cheek and just looked in my eyes.

"I am so lucky to have meet someone like you," he said.

I grabbed his hand and held it tight. "I think I'm the one whos lucky."

He smiled.

We spent a while just sitting there enjoying the happiness the forest had to offer but when Damon squeezed my hand I knew he needed to talk to me.

"I wish to ask you something," he said ever so formal.

A grin started to grow on face but I had to hide it, I didn't want him to ask why and I'd have to explain why hearing him talk formal was funny.

"What is it?" I asked.

He pulled us up and looked me straight in the eyes. "I would be honored if you would let me escort you to the Founder's Day ball."

I tensed.

"Its been that long already? It doesn't even feel like it, I've spent so much time here and gotten accustomed to it I haven't even thought about leaving. This has become home now, this is home."

"Elena?" Damon asked worried. Probably cause he felt me tense and thought I was going to reject him or cause he was honestly worried. Its hard to know with Damon.

I got my thoughts back together. "Excuse me, I had just been taken off guard by your question. It has not even felt like I have been staying at your home this long."

He chuckled. "Well its your home too Elena and I could understand why, you've become a huge part of our family."

I smiled. He was right, I did become part of this family and it was never my intention but here I was.

I looked up at him and smiled. "But to answer your question, I would very grateful if you escorted me."

The way Damon smiled was totally a Kodak Moment. He had this goofy smile on his face and it was so cute.

He bent down and kissed my hand. "Thank you Miss Elena."

I put my arms around his neck. "No thank you Mr. Salvatore."

"Must you always echo my words?" He smirked.

"Yes I must," I smiled.

He laughed and bent down to kiss me. While being here I did realize how much I miss Damon's cocky attitude and sarcasm. I was so used to it that it took me awhile to adjust here but seeing he way he was in 1864 just made me understand him better the ever before. I did miss it his attitude though, alot. If I do go back to my time I think I'll be able to appreciate him more.

When we broke apart his beautiful blue orbs dug into mine and his face had a look of such passion.

"I love you Elena," he said.

I was quiet for a moment, letting his words sink in. I felt no guilt, no shame, no regret, all I felt was pure joy.

As natural as they were and ever will be the words came out of my mouth. "I love you too, Damon."

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