Sorry last chapter was short but I felt it should end there and also Elena knows her and Katherine are doppelgangers but she doesn't know why or how (as in Klaus but there isn't any Klaus or Elijah in this). This chapter is also a few days after the last chapter. Enjoy!

I stood outside with Damon, Stefan, Giuseppe and two of the servant girls waiting for our 'guest' to arrive. I was ready for Katherine, I had made sure that the main staff that we see on a daily bases had vervain, I made sure Stefan and Damon had some and I even had a small necklace filled with vervain. Martha had given me the necklace as a token of thanks and I filled it with the vervain, it was small enough to think that none could fit in. I was beyond prepared.

Damon was standing beside me with his hand on my back and Stefan and Giuseppe stood on the other side of the porch. This morning was the last breakfast I would have alone with the Salvatore men before The Bitch arrived.

A few minutes had passed and a sound of a carriage came into earshot. When it pulled up to the house the servant girls put the step in front of the carriage and helped the young lady out of it. You couldn't see the face of the girl because of her hat but I knew what she looked like.

"She looks like me."

Once she was out of the carriage and looked up I heard a few intakes of breath and I knew that it was my cue to turn on my surprised confused face.

I could feel everyone's eyes go back and forth between me and Katherine trying to figure out what was going on. I kept the fake look on my face and kept eye contact with Katherine because I was the first person she noticed.

Giuseppe was the first to come out of the trance. "Miss Katherine it is a pleasure to have you as a guest on our estate."

Katherine tore her eyes away from mine and looked at Giuseppe and gave him a warming smile. "Thank you Mr. Salvatore. Im very grateful you took me in during such a sorrowful time."

"Its my pleasure Miss Katherine and no need to feel grateful, Stefan, Damon and I have a new activity where we seem to take in young ditressed girls," Giuseppe said with a small smile.

"I am a bit confused at your words Mr. Salvatore," Katherine said

"I was found on the trail a few weeks ago unconscience and the Salvatores were kind enough to give me a home here," I said speaking up. I could feel Damon tighten his hold on me in comfort. I looked up at him and gave him a smile.

"I see," Katherine said

"If you don't mind me asking why do you and Elena look alike?" Stefan asked.

Katherine gave him a striking smile and I wanted to stake her right there where she stood.

"Honestly Mr. Salvatore I have no idea. I'm sure as you all know my family perished in a fire and I know I never had a twin sister," Katherine said like she was on the verge of tears.


"Elena do you have any memory of a twin sister?" Giuseppe asked me.

I turned a little away from Damon to face Giuseppe. "Actually Giuseppe I have not been completely honest with you."

Giuseppe stood up a little straighter and looked at me. "How so?"

Damon gave me a tight hand squeeze and I continued. "I've been having some flashes of my memory return to me. I have not told anyone this because I was afraid of what people would think of me of having such a horrendous story." I took a deep breath, allowed the fake tears to start up and continued.

"My parents were killed by bandits during the night in a robbery at my home, they took me and my brother hostage and had us travel with them for days. They killed my brother and knocked me unconscience with his murder weapon, thats all I remember," I said with a few light tears falling down my face.

"Thank you Caroline for convincing me to take Drama."

Damon gave me a hug and when we broke apart Giuseppe looked at me with sorrowful look. "Elena you do not have to worry about that any longer, I can understamd why you kept that to yourself and I have no problem with that at all. As I have said before, you are welcome to stay here as long as you want."

"Thank you Giuseppe," I said sniffing and smiling.

"Miss Elena its a bit rude of you to call a man of much respect such as Mr. Salvatore to call him by his first name," Katherine said

"Oh no worries Miss Katherine, Elena here has been givin special permission from my father to be allowed to call him by his first name," Damon said

"Well I hope I am given the same hospitality," Katherine said with a charming smile.

Giuseppe smiled at her. "Lets get your luggae together Miss Katherine and I will show you to your room."

Katherine's smile dropped and I had to turn away to hide the smirk that was coming across my face.

"Well father if you will be helping Miss Katherine is it alright if Elena and I continue with our plans for the day?" Damon asked.

"Its fine Damon, but how about you, Stefan, and Miss Elena show Miss Katherine around the town?" Giuseppe asked

"Father I was going to take Elena to walk by the river and-" Damon started but I cut him off.

"No Damon its fine. We should show Miss Katherine the same hospitality you all showed me," I said with a smile.

"Well I wouldn't want to intruded on yours and the young Mr. Salvatores plans," Katherine said.

"Its quite alright Miss Katherine, here on the Salvatore estate we welcome anyone on outings," Stefan said.

"Oh well I guess I will accompany you all if you would be my escort Mr. Salvatore?" Katherine said eyeing Stefan.

"Calm down Elena you know he loves Becca, you don't have to worry about him falling for her."

Stefan stuck his arm out. "I'd be honored to escort you and please call me Stefan."

"And you can call me Damon."

"I'd really prefer it if you called me Elena."

Katherine curtsied a bit with a gleam in her eye. "Call me Katherine."

We all smiled once we personally introduced ourselves but I knew the gleam behind the Kat's eye.

We all walked togther, Damon and I were ahead of Katherine and Stefan who were arm in arm just like Damon and I and I was keeping an ear on them, mostly Katherine. When you hang out with vampires you learn to enhance your abilities as a human a little bit.

All of us were deep in conversation with our partner when you heard a loud bark. We all looked up to see a golden lab coming running up to us and Katherine shrieked.

"Get this beast away!"

"Katherine its only a dog," I said leaning down to pet it.

"Its a dirty mutt is what it is!" Katherine shrieked again standing behind Stefan. I really have no idea why she would be afraid of a dog, she a freaking vampire what harm could it do to her? Maybe she had a fear of animals when she was human?

"Don't be mean to the little guy," Stefan said following my lead and petting the dog.

"I don't think its a boy Stefan," Damon said also giving her a rub.

"Treaty!" came a girls voice.

We all looked up to see Becca running toward us. I saw Stefan stand up straight with a really happy smile on his face.

"Is this your dog Becca?" I asked

"Yes she is. I found her yesterday wandering around starving so I picked her up and took her home," Becca said smiling happily

"Did you find her after I left?" Stefan asked.

"Yea I went out to feed the horses and saw her. I gave her some scraps from dinner and she puffed out really bad and I thougt something was wrong but my mom told me she was pregnant."

I turned to Damon. "Is that how you knew she wasn't a boy?"

Damon smiled."I noticed she was a little rounder than a regular female and was too small to be a male."

"It doesn't matter if its a boy or not, its still a disgusting beast," Katherine said obviously annoyed with the situation.

"Elena you don't have-" Becca started but when she looked up she saw it wasn't me talking.

"Theres two of you!"


"Becca this is Katherine Pierce. She is the new guest at our estate," Stefan explained.

Becca curtsied. "A pleasure to meet you Miss Katherine."

Katherine just smirked in her direction and I could tell Becca wanted to say something rude to her but stopped herself. She had just started getting into Giuseppe's good graces and her and Stefan were waiting for his blessing so they could wed soon.

"So you named her Treaty?" Damon asked.

Becca turned back to Damon. "Yea I have no idea why though, it just came out of my mouth and it seemed to fit her so thats what I named her."

"Well maybe you should learn to keep your mouth shut." we all heard Katherine mumble

Becca wanted to lunge for Katherine but Stefan stopped her. "Do you still need my help gathering the horses?"

Becca turned to Stefan with a big smile. "Indeed I do sir."

Stefan smiled back.

"Stefan your not going to leave a lady unattended are you?" Katherine asked

"Damon and Elena are still continuing their walk you can still join them," Stefan said walking off with Becca on his arm and Treaty by their side.

Katherine stood there in shock and I again had to hide the smile creeping on my face.

"Miss Katherine seems to not like my brother's infatuation with Becca," Damon whispered into my ear.

"Katherine seems like a strong young woman Im sure she'll find someone with a wanting to court her," I whispered back

"Well im just glad you weren't strong enough to find another man."

"Whos to say im not?" I teased him.

He smiled and kissed me and I smiled into the kiss.

"Well I can see you two would like to be alone and I am quit tired from my trip here so I'll just retire for the day," Katherine said

"Are you sure Miss Katherine? We don't want to make you first day here horrible," I said

"Yes Miss Elena I am quit sure. Please continue on with your plans today with Mr. Damon," Katherine said with an annoyed smile on her lips.

She curtsied a bit and walked back to the mansion.

Damon and I continued our walk to the river arm in arm talking about everything and nothing. I was glad I had worn the light blue dress because it was a little warm outside.

"So what was going through your head when Miss Katherine stepped out of the carriage?" Damon asked.

"I was very shocked and confused, still am of course, and I can't come up with anything to why we look alike. I decided against separated at birth since I can tell Katherine is at least two years older than I."

"It is quite a shock that none of us were prepared for and Im a bit worried that it may be hard for all of us at the estate to tell you two apart," Damon said

I smiled up at him. "I know how you can tell us apart."

He smiled. "How?"

"Well Katherine's hair has very tight curls and my hair has loose waves and plus I keep mine up most of the time," I said

"Yes but what about if she puts her hair up all the way like you do?"

"She can't put it all the way up, her hair is too thick and it wouldn't hold for long. The most she would put up is about half or in a low ponytail, never in a bun as I do."

"I'll have to keep that in mind Elena."

"I hope you do, I wouldn't want you kissing anyone except me," I said smiling

"I couldn't kiss anyone but you."

And with that he leaned down to kiss me in the most sweet and passionate kiss.

Damon and I continued walking down the river enjoying each others silence and admiring the view. Once we had gotten tired we settled down under a tree and watch the water flow.

We seemed to have other ideas though because we ended up kissing until it was time to head back to the mansion to get cleaned up for dinner.

We walked back to the mansion hand in hand but Damon said he had to go into town before he went home to pick up some paperwork for his father. He kissed me goodbye and I decided to walk to the stables to put Becca on my protection list.

I saw the stable doors were open and Becca was inside cleaning and Treaty was laying on some hay.


She turned and looked up and wasn't sure if it was me or not. "Miss?"

"Its Elena."

"Oh hey," and she went back to cleaning

I walked over to Rosie and she huffed happily when she saw me.

"Hey baby girl," I said petting her snout.

"You haven't been here to ride her in a few days," Becca said

"I know I feel guilty, I miss riding her."

"Shes pretty much yours, you can take her whenever you want."

"Maybe I'll go on a ride with her soon," I said

It had gotten quiet after that. Becca cleaned the stall and I feed and brushed Rosie.

"Should I be worried?" Becca asked

"About what?"

"That your demon twin is here and Stefan could fall for her?"

I turned to her. "Shes not my twin I only had a brother but he died and no you shouldn't be worried. I can tell how much he loves you, he wouldn't give up anything for that."

Becca gave me a look like she was really looking into my soul and finally smiled. "Thank you Elena, I always feel like I can trust you."

I smiled back. "Thank you, Im glad you feel that way."

Becca looked down. "Im also sorry about your brother."

"Me too."

It was quiet again after that but I realizied I had to give something to Becca. I grabbed it out of the small dress pocket.



"I have something I want to give you."


I smiled. "Its a bracelet."

"For what?" she asked holding her wrist out to me.

"For being a good friend to me and being able to trust me," I said as I finishd putting the bracelet on her.

The bracelet was gold with purple little jewels on it, but I managed to get a few of them to open a little and put vervain in them.

"Its beautiful," Becca said.

I smiled.

She moved it around just to see how it shined in the light. She sniffed at it when she noticed the smell.

"Is there something inside it?"

"Martha had showed me some flower that means goodluck or something so we put in this bracelet and a necklace we had givin to her mother," I said which was true, Martha and I did give her mother a necklace for her birthday.

"It smells really pretty."

"Yea. Becca can you do me a favor?"

"Of course Elena."

"Please don't ever take that bracelet off and cover it up with a long sleeve if you can if not then put it on your ankle it should fit," I told her.

"Okay why?"

"Its just an old family superstition I remember but it was a big deal, so please promise me you'll never take it off or put it on your ankle if you need to?"

"I promise."

I hugged her.

"Thank you so much Becca!"

She laughed. "No problem Elena."

I pulled away from her to look outside, it was going to be sunset soon.

"Lets go take a ride," I said


I ran over to Rosie."Lets go take a ride, it almost sunset. Do you know how beautiful it would be to ride the horses as the sun is setting and running fast into the night air?"

Becca looked like she was considering it then she ran over to Luna and jumped on her. "Race you to the fields!"

I laughed and got onto Rosie.

"Stay here Treaty!" Becca told the dog.

Treaty barked and layed her head back down. Becca and I raced off to the fields with cool breezes on our faces and the night sky growing above our heads.