Devil!Hinata is actually a figment of one of my demons, Dark Angel, or as you need to call her, Dark KF. This fic was inspired by BB's "Dance With The Devil" hence the title. But everything else is written in MY view of the world negatively. So...yeah, a very strange fic coming from me. But I decided to write it, you guys deserve it for being so patient with me, and not kicking my ass when I write something stupid. R&R plz! :D


Whenever Hinata thought of the word, her body was filled with disgust.

She never had liked humans; they were so complicated and weak it was disturbing. Leave it to the humans to find trust in anything, and they'll blindly follow. They like to think they're superior to others, but in reality, they are the weakest animals God has ever made! All it takes for them to die is a needle to the finger, and if they don't try to heal it, they faint from the loss of blood.


And, they are stupid! Honestly, how can one injured their bodies and thinks it's okay to crush someone's spirit? That's what Hinata was for; to drag a person's soul into Hell, and torture them! Crush every last hope in their bodies and then have fun with them. That's the Devil's work, not pesty humans. God, why did he have to make such idiots roam the Earth? It's no wonder they're all gonna die in 2020.

Pathetic, weak, cocky, lust, and stupid. Yep, that's what all humans were; idotic to the point where they gave stupidity a new name. Good grief.

Humans were the definition of sins, Hinata thought. They did everything in the book that puts them on Hell's List, and then have the sheer nerve to exclaim they are Holy, and that God loves them.

No, you fucking idiot, God does not love you. In fact, he's shaking his head at you while you're reading this.

Hinata just wished she had the power to kill them all. But no, ever since the big man himself placed her in this hellhole, quite literally and ironically, her powers were taken away and Hinata was forced to watched all the action above from her little magical pool of water, and it's only when God (gotta love the irony, right?) says it's okay to drag a soul into Hell.

Ugh, Hinata really hated her job.

Looking up from her chair, she spotted a long time friend of hers and smiled cruelly.

"Sakura, dearest friend, how are you?"

The pink haired girl, wearing nothing but tightly black leather, with black wings appearing in the back of her body, looked up and smiled her friend, The Devil, fangs showing.

"Hinata. I'm fine, how's your work?" Hinata scoffed.

"I'm trying my damnest not to loose my temper at these foul beast God has created. In all honestly, he should've wiped out Eve and that guy who's name I cannot remember nor do I care, and leave like that." She mumbled, glaring at some stupid black haired boy who decided to back flip off the wall was a good idea. Sakura shrugged.

"It's God, he did die for them." Hinata rolled her eyes.

"God did not die for them; he did it because he hated the animals they've become." She said. Sakura frowned.

"You know that's not true. The bible-"

"Fuck the bible!" Hinata roared, fire in the background burning higher then before. "Everyone on that damnable planet changed the shit so much that humans are blurring the lines between real and fantasy! Because of them I'm stuck in this hellhole! They will pay! God will pay! And when I get my powers back, I'm gonna show them just how much they should fear the reaper!" She shouted, laughing evilly. The Angel of Death sighed, knowing the end of the world is sure to come.

So, there ya have it! The first chap of Dance With The Devil! I'm gonna have fun with this! :D