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"Hello, sweetie."

And just like that she was here again, the woman he had waited so long to see again, looking no younger than their last meeting. His heart leapt as she simply stood at the doorway gauging his reaction, judging his timeline. He made his way closer to her, eyeing up her seductive evening gown, not as subtly as he intended.

"Planning an evening out?"
Her trademark smile gave her words away before they left her lips. "Spoilers…"
"River, I need to-"
"Shut up." She cut him off mid sentence.
Her lips suddenly encased his, those familiar lips he'd waited so long to meet again. He wasn't going to let them go again anytime soon.

She deepened the kiss and melted into his arms, he could tell it had been a long wait for her too. The tender kiss of reunion quickly changed pace, becoming hungry and desperate. The timeless lovers parted for air, their breathing rushed and frantic. They silently agreed on the relative placement of their timelines as they gazed into each others eyes.

A suggestive smile tugged at River's lips, lighting up her eyes. The Doctor took the hint. His fingers entangled themselves in her rebellious curls as he pulled her close. As their lips met again their sparks of passion ignited.

This kiss was more intense than the last; they roamed each others' mouths, basking in the eternal familiarity. River gasped in exquisite surprise as he pushed her against the TARDIS door, his body firm against hers. Her hands reached for the lapels of his jacket and latched on. The Doctor ran sensual kisses down her neck, causing her to release a quiet moan as she bunched the material in her hands.

River expertly slipped the jacket off his shoulders and down his arms, his lips never leaving her now overly sensitive collar bone. The Doctor returned his hands to his lover, one around her waist, the other up her back, moving across the silky material to her even softer skin, heated with desire. Her head fell back and her lips relaxed in bliss. The Doctor, unable to hold off for much longer, gave one last deep kiss on the crook of her neck.

The Doctor returned his attention to River's irresistible lips. The pure passion between the two was evident in the frantic yet meaningful kiss. He nibbled at her lower lip as his body ached for her, she moved closer than though possible, their bodies flush against each other. The two separated only for Oxygen, still craving each other. The Doctor breathed in the scent of her hair and watched her now swollen lips. His hand made its way to the delicate zip of River's dress, pulling it down painfully slowly. He glanced at her dress then back to her eyes, silently suggesting she remove it.

"I thought you'd never ask." She smiled coyly before letting her gown cascade from her curves to the amber floor.
"Liar." He managed before encapsulating her once again.