This story might be a little different then most IchigoxAny female arrancar pairing stories. Rather then having Ichigo meet the love interest in Hueco Mundo, what if he meets them before the Hueco Mundo Arc? Which would make for a somewhat different arc when it comes around eh? I don't know why, but I feel very giddy about this story. I was excited the whole time typing it, and even now ideas are just flowing into me.

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(Hueco Mundo)

Inside of Las Noches, a palace created by the Ex-Shinigami Aizen, things almost occurred in routine. Of course, the routine was very boring. Either involving finding something to do or waiting for Aizen to give an order to you. Of course, the only Arrancar that ever received any orders from Aizen were usually the Espada. Leaving fraccion or any 'unclaimed' arrancar to find something for themselves to do. Currently, we join two female arrancar who are fed up with the routine of Las Noches, intending to do something different for a change.

At the moment, they are in their shared room discussing their plan.

"Are you sure about this, Loly?"

"Of course I am, Menoly! We'll just be gone for a few hours! We'll be back before anyone notices we're gone."

Menoly Mallia, the blonde teenage-looking, Thirty-Fourth Arrancar of Aizen's army didn't seem all too relaxed at her sister's[1] assurance. "But what if Aizen-sama finds out we left Hueco Mundo without his permission? I don't think he'd be happy if he did."

Loly Aivirrne, the equally teenage-looking brunette and the Thirty-Third Arrancar of Aizen's army scoffed. "Aizen-sama won't find out. He won't notice the two of us missing. So come on, don't be a coward!"

"I-I'm not a coward!" Menoly defended, raising her voice at her sister. Loly smirked.

"Then lets go. We have our gigai that Szayel made for us[2]. We won't be discovered by Aizen-sama OR Shinigami." In her Gigai, Loly looked like your average teenager. Her hair was in two long pigtails and her mask fragment was gone. Her clothing consisted of a white skirt that reached halfway down to her knees and an equally white tank top. She also wore a black pair of boots, but unlike her actual pair, these didn't reach all the way up to her thighs. To finish it off, she wore a black, open jacket. While she was trying to look very attractive, she didn't want to like The World of the Living's definition of a prostitute, which was the reason for her much more 'covered' look. The only thing that would make her stand out among humans was the color of her eyes, which were a light pink color.

Menoly had also customized the look of her gigai too her liking for the trip into the World of The Living. Her mask fragment was gone and she, like Loly, kept her hair the same way it normally was. She wore a white turtleneck jacket and a pair of black pair of jeans, finished with a white and black pair of tennis shoes. It was obvious she wasn't as comfortable when it came to showing skin, unlike her sister.

"Besides-" Loly continued. "-we're already in our gigais. So let's just go and do something fun!"

"Like what? I don't know what there is to do in The World of The Living… I've only been there a couple of times."

"I'm sure we'll find something to do. If we can't, we can get someone to show us. Maybe a hot guy?" Loly laughed at her sister's light blush at the thought of it, though she didn't comment on it. She turned and, with a tap of her finger, opened up a Garganta big enough for the two of them. "Let's go then! I want to have some fun for a change!"

Without any further conversation between the two of them, Loly entered the Garganta, briefly leaving her sister alone, who sighed.

"I'm not so sure about this." She too entered the Garganta, which closed behind her.

(The Kurosaki Clinic)


THWACK! The would-be attacker was stricken down by a very fast retaliation-punch. He was then held down on the floor as the same hand that had attacked him clamped down on both of his temples.

"Come on dad! Every morning with this?"

"You're getting good, Ichigo! I may have nothing else to teach you-." Isshin Kurosaki, the head of the Kurosaki Clinic, was interrupted as his son punted him out of the room, which followed with him taking a rather violent and loud tumble down the stairs.

Ichigo growled and closed the door to his room. It was Saturday, and he planned to try and enjoy his break from school. Starting the day off with an assault by his father wasn't his definition of a 'Good Saturday', but then again, he wasn't all to let down. This occurred nearly every morning.

It had been a couple weeks since he had gotten back from the rescue mission to Soul Society. Life was pretty routine now for Ichigo. Wake up, go to school, fight the occasional hollow, get home, and go to bed. On the weekends he worked out and trained, which Urahara was all to willing to provide a suitable location to do so. While he wasn't complaining about the current routine, as being chased down by Captain's of Soul Society wasn't much fun, it was rather boring. Maybe he'd try and switch it up today, and just see what happened.

Ichigo went to his dresser and began getting dressed for the day. When he was done, he wore a black colored, light jacket over a white t-shirt, which was being worn over a black tank top. He also wore a pair of jeans that were light blue and white tennis shoes. He hooked his Shinigami Deputy Badge to his jeans, allowing the rope to hang down.[3]

He nodded to himself in the mirror and grabbed his wallet of the dresser before turning to set out. He was interrupted when a small stuffed toy spun into his face.

"Where you going Ichigo?"

"None of your business Kon." Ichigo grabbed Kon by his leg and held him upside down, ignoring the struggle he was putting up. Kon began swinging his 'fists' at Ichigo whilst shouting,

"It's not fair! How come you get to go out while I have to stay here and rot? This is stuffed animal abuse-!" He was interrupted when he was thrown into the wall. Ichigo pointed at the stuffed animal with an annoyed look on his face.

"Just shut up and stay here! I don't feel like arguing with you today!" And with that Ichigo turned and left the room, closing the door behind him. Kon hopped up onto the bed and then the windowsill.

"I'm still going out, and there's nothing he can do about it. Maybe today I'll visit the Girl's Locker Room of that gym I saw last time? Hehehe." Kon laughed in a perverted manner before opening the window and leaping out.

Ichigo stepped out of his house and stretched. When he stopped, he turned to his right and began walking. He didn't really know what he could do differently today. Walking was nice for him though. It gave him time to himself to just relax and think. If something caught his eye then he'd stop, but for now, a casual walk was just what he needed.

He began to let him mind wander. First he thought of Aizen. How he had been pulling the strings behind Rukia's execution and nearly killed her and Ichigo when he was retrieving the Hogyoku. From there, his mind drifted to Rukia. Remembering the fact that he saved her and prevented her death brought a small grin to his face. He stopped when he remembered the months prior to the rescue mission. Those days were hectic. In just a few short months, his entire world was flipped upside down. It was fun though, he had to admit. Running around as a Substitute Shinigami, Rukia following him everywhere as he stirred up all kinds trouble.

'Unintentionally.' He thought with a shake of his head. While he didn't admit it openly, those few months with Rukia made him happy. Some of the most fun he ever had with someone else in a long time. With that thought, his mind drifted to a subject he hadn't thought of in a long time.


He had never pursued a relationship with a girl before, and with his new life as a Deputy Shinigami, he doubted he'd ever get the chance. While the thought didn't put him in a bad mood, it was still a bit of a let-down. It wasn't that he didn't look good to them, out in public he would catch several women looking his way, blushing when caught and giggling to themselves and with their friends.

It was just when some would approach him and get greeted in a rather hostile tone. Most women didn't like to be 'scowled' at when they were introducing themselves. Some got angry and left, others got scared and left. Either way, it'd be the same story. Turns out what Tatsuki said happened to be true. He was to scary. It's not like he could help it when meeting people. It was just the way he was. To be suspicious and alert when greeting people.

He sighed and shook his head, clearing his thoughts of the subject from his mind. "Now I've gone and got myself sulking. Great."

(With Loly and Menoly)

"I'll tell you what Menoly! The World of the Living is so much nicer than Hueco Mundo."

"Yeah, I agree. It is rather beautiful here."

Loly and Menoly had exited the Garganta, immediately going down to walk on the grass below them. When they touched down, Loly had begun searching for something to do right away, with Menoly following after her. Despite her enthusiastic approach, Loly didn't know much more about the World of the Living than Menoly, but she had decided to keep that to herself. Her sister was already skeptical enough about leaving Hueco Mundo due to the fear of being caught by someone, add the fact that neither of them knew close to anything about this place, then she wouldn't have gone.

She looked up around what appeared to be the park and found a clock on a bulletin board. It was eight thirty-seven. Early in the morning. They had all day to do what they pleased.

"Come on, let's try and get someone to show us around! Maybe a good-looking guy?"

"Who's to say that he would show us around even if we did find someone?" Loly merely scoffed and smirked, before she gestured to herself.

"Puh-lease! Who could resist not hanging out with this?" She struck a slight pose with the same look on her face as Menoly waved her hands at her frantically with a blush.

"L-Loly! Stop! Someone might see!" Loly laughed at her sister's reaction but did stop, for her sake.

"Lets go then!" And with that they ran casually out of the small park to the nearby neighborhood. When they reached the pavement, Loly stopped, followed by Menoly. It was obvious Loly was in a good mood and rather excited about exploring. Menoly was still skeptical on the matter however.

"This better be worth it Loly. We better at least find something fun to do, or this will have been a rather dangerous waste of time."

"We'll find something to do! We just gotta find somewhere to start."

"Like what? I don't think-."

"Stop being such a spoilsport! I know what I'm doing." Menoly stayed quiet for a couple minutes as they walked. A thought came to her mind, and she asked Loly,

"When have you ever been to here? You can't have come here more than I have. So you can't know much more than I do about this place."

Loly twitched at being found out, but rather than admit it, she replied, "I said I know what I'm doing! I'll… I'll find something to do! We just gotta-Oh! Look! Let's ask that guy!" She pointed down the street. Menoly followed Loly's line of sight and saw the man. He appeared to be a little taller than them and was dressed casually. What really got her attention though was his hair. It was bright orange, something she'd never seen before on a human. Loly interrupted her musing with something that was almost a giggle. Something she didn't hear her sister do all too often. "Hehehe, look at him. He's kinda cute. What do you think?"

Menoly studied the man again, who was only walking and looking at the ground, apparently deep in thought. She had too admit, he was a looker. While almost anything was better than most of the male Arrancar in Hueco Mundo, she genuinely liked the way this guy looked. She froze and looked the other way with a blush on her face when the man looked up and caught her eye.

(With Ichigo)

Ichigo slowed down slightly when he caught sight of the two girls on the other side of the street, up ahead. They were walking around in his neighborhood, but he had never seen them before.

'They're pretty good-looking.'

He had to think to himself. The one on the right had long black hair, tied up in two long pigtails. The other one on the left had short spiky, blonde, hair. They looked to be sisters. He could see a lot of things alike between the two of them. He almost blushed when he caught himself admiring their figures and looked down to the ground. While they were pretty attractive, he gave no thought of approaching them. While he wasn't nervous when it came to talking to girls, he felt he just didn't know or have anything to say to them. So he, almost reluctantly, continued walking at his regular pace.

After a few seconds, he tried to have no further thoughts on them, but failed and looked up, trying to get one last look at the two. He immediately caught the eye of the blonde, who turned away with a light blush on her cheeks. By her reaction, he guessed she had been looking at him a for a few seconds, something that almost made a grin appear on his face. The thought that he had at least caught the eye of one of those two, in his opinion, beautiful girls made his feel rather good.

Which only surprised him greatly when the brunette suddenly waved her hand at him, trying to get his attention. "Hey! Could you stop a second?"

She ran across the street towards him with a smile on her face. The blonde followed after her, but had what almost looked like a horrified expression on her face.

Ichigo stopped walking and waited a couple seconds until they both stopped in front of him. The first thing Ichigo noticed about the brunette was her eyes. They were a light-pinkish color that seemed to brighten as she smiled. The blonde's eyes were similar. They were green, something he didn't see very often, which made them seem all the more special and the way they just seemed too 'sparkle' like the other girl's had. The brunette spoke up immediately, the same smile on her face.

"Hi! My name's Loly. This is my sister-."

"Menoly." The blonde cut her off and introduced herself.

The brunette continued.

"We just moved here a couple days ago and don't know much about this city." Menoly couldn't help but notice that, despite her earlier attitude and words, Loly almost seemed to be nervous at the next question, pausing slightly before continuing. With good reason probably. Menoly had to remember Loly didn't have, like herself, much experience when interacting with males. Something that seemed to be catching up to her. "W-Would you mind showing us around? Just so we can… get a good idea of what's around here?"

Loly inwardly cursed at herself. She didn't want to sound like a stuttering fool, but she couldn't help it. Being stared at by the guy in front of them made her very nervous. Menoly couldn't but speak up after Loly asked her question. "Um, you don't have too if you don't want too. I'm sorry if we bothered you."

They couldn't help but feel relieved when the man let a small grin come to his face. Despite what others thought, mainly Yoruichi, he wasn't shy when it came to girls. He just preferred to be modest and polite. Which means if a girl appears naked in front of him, he'd have the decency to at least get embarrassed and look away.

"It's fine. I'd love to help out. I was hoping to find something to do anyways."

Loly and Menoly both brightened up considerably when he said this. "Thank you!" They both replied almost simultaneously. Loly calmed down slightly, no longer appearing nervous. She could feel her heartbeat slow down and her face return to it's original color. Menoly had a similar reaction, though her blush was still present despite her best attempts to try and get rid of it.

The man in front of them spoke up again. "Well, we've got all day, we should get started huh?"

When they both nodded excitedly he started walking again. Loly and Menoly followed after him and after a few seconds Loly spoke up to voice a question Menoly had been meaning to ask. "Oh! What's your name? I don't think we caught it."

The man turned his head to look back at them. "Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki."[4] After he introduced himself, they both sped up slightly to walk on both sides of him. As their tour started, Menoly couldn't help but think,

'Wow… this might not have been such a bad idea after all.'

(End of Chapter/Author's Note)

And there's the first chapter. Personally, I have no idea what exactly got me to think of this. I was just lying on my bed listenin to Breaking Benjamin when I had an epiphany. Less than an hour later, I'm typin this out. I guess what happened was this: My favorite pairings are IchigoxApacci, IchigoxSung-Sun, IchigoxLoly, and IchigoxMenoly. Now, if you're a fan of these pairings as well, you know how scarce they are. So, rather then waiting for some lucky day when the perfect IchigoxHarem story comes out involving all of those mentioned above, I decided to try and type one out. Surprisingly, I got the same satisfaction typing this as I do reading stories.

And by the way, Yes, I have read NeonZangetsu's 'Will you be my Queen?'. In fact, that story got me started on IchigoxLoly and IchigoxMenoly, as my favorite pairings at the time were pretty much IchigoxHarribel's fraccion.

Now, I know what the main pairing is going to be. I plan for it to be a LolyxIchigoxMenoly story. I don't know if I'm going to add anyone else. If I do plan too, it'll probably be either Apacci, Sung-Sun, or all three of Halibel's Fraccion. Right off the bat, I'm going to say NO to IchigoxHallibel and IchigoxNel. I myself feel I wouldn't do a good job writing out those two.

[1] I don't know if it specifically says that they are sisters, but it just makes sense to me. There always with each other, they have similar features, there hollows are pretty much identical just on opposite eyes, and they seem to be good contradicts to each other. One being brash and hard-headed, the other more calm and logical.

[2] I would assume that all the arrancar have a gigai. I mean, why not?

[3] Sorry if I fail at describing clothing. For an accurate representation, it'd be Manga 25, the clothing Ichigo wore to the Vaizard warehouse. I don't know why, but I thought Ichigo looked B.A. wearing that.

[4] I'm just taking a shot in the dark, assuming that the arrancar aren't aware of who exactly Ichigo until Ulquiorra and Yammy give back their reports on him.

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