This is my response to the challenge issued by Reptilia28. I have thrown my own twists and turns that I have yet to seen in anyone else's response to this challenge. Harry won't be in this journey alone, and he won't be nice. Expect people to die, expect torture and blood. Lemon scenes will be few and far considering when I intend Harry to return. Please enjoy.

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Challenge issued by "Reptilia28" - Originally on Portkey (dot) org verbatim:

A funny little challenge I just came up with. It's a comical twist on the time-travel category.


*Harry is killed at 17 during a fight with Voldemort. He's sent to his Death's office (explained later) and finds out that this isn't the first time that this has happened.

*Harry's Death (who can have a human name) is mad at his arrival. Apparently, people dying before their time is a black mark on the various Deaths' records, and Harry is getting perilously close to getting this particular one fired.

*When Harry asks what was supposed to have happened, Death goes off on a rant saying how he was supposed to have killed Voldemort, found his soul mate ("Some Granger girl...") and lived to be a centennial age. But since Harry keeps getting into life-threatening situations for one reason or another, he keeps dying before that happens. Harry is surprised about the soul mate part.

*Death gives Harry a paper to sign that allows him to retain his memories (the previous times, he wasn't given this option for some reason). Harry is deposited to a previous time of the writer's choosing.

*Eventually, Harry gets it right. He kills Voldemort, gets the girl, and lives to a ripe old age of whatever. And Death doesn't get fired.


*Harry had to have died at least three times before this one.

*The memory keeping contract must be included.

*Death must refer to Hermione as "some Granger girl" when Harry's soul mate turns up in his rant.

*Obviously, must be H/Hr.

*Have fun.


*Dumbledore's manipulations can be a factor in Harry's premature demises.

Death's Revenge

Prologue: Dark Princess

In 1926 when Cassiopeia Black was confirmed a squib she was disowned and left for dead in the muggle world. She was found by a passing muggle by the name of Richard Granger. Records are few and far in between but she was adopted into the family. In her mind she always kept the magical world near the surface, to wait and find the right time for revenge. She would not forget what her family had done to her. She told no one, the truth.

She grew into a wonderful woman but never married. In the late 1940s and early 1950s she saw the magical world encroaching in on the muggle world. Taking the chance she wanted to know what was happening. In the summer of 1952 she walked into the Leaky Caldron hoping to find a newspaper and get out.

Fate as it is wasn't kind. She was seen by a member of her old family, and she was the spitting image of her mother. Orion Black immediately stunned her and took her to his Master. By the winter she was back in the muggle world. She had been beaten and used in almost every way by the Dark Lord.

She found out what she wanted to know, the hard way. She was now with child she was sure, she contacted her adopted sister for help. Reporting it as a beating and rape the police she decided to care for the child. He or she may be the child of the Dark Lord, but he would never know. She would raise her child to become a beacon of light. If magical, her child would be taught the truth and would destroy the Dark Lord.

The very next summer her son was born healthy. She named him Richard Granger, after the man who saved her life so many years ago. Raising him to stories of witches and wizards he became very entranced at a young age. His mother claimed that anything was possible, and he should keep an open mind.

With his mother's tutoring in his early years, and the excellent schools he attended he quickly rose to the top of his classes. In his early teens he had seen a homeless man in the streets of London during a school trip. The man had the most awful smile. His teeth that weren't missing were black with decay. The man looked at him and saw recognition! "Marius?" Richard quickly moved to the other side of his tour group. The wrong name aside, he had unknowingly found his calling as a dentist.

At home that night his mother had asked how the trip to Downing Street had been. He told her of everything he saw, and observed. The prime minister would be up for reelection soon and everything was geared towards the kids being awestruck so they would tell their parents. Richard was raised to see through these deceptions and manipulations. His mother dropped her utensils when he mentioned the name the homeless man called him. She assured him it was just a dead relative, her own biological brother in fact. He was the spitting image of the man but with his father's brown hair. She explained to him in the best muggle terms how her family couldn't raise her so they abandoned her in the streets at eleven. Seeing how much this hurt he changed the subject and never spoke of it again.

He eventually grew up and went to school to fix teeth. The image of that man's mouth never left his subconscious, even after he long forgot about the man. Going to college he met his 'soul mate' in the form of Libby Prince. She too was going to school with the ambition of starting her own business. She was an orphan that had done her very best to rise above her 'station'. She was very studious, so much that he quickly realized he would not be the top contender for his class scores; she was just too far ahead.

They dated their last two years of school and married in the spring of 1978. On the 17th of January, 1979, a snow storm hit their area cutting travel for a couple days and leaving heavy fog in its wake. That night they cuddled in front of the fire and decided it was time to start trying for a family.

Almost eight months to the day Libby went into premature labor. A runaway trolley hit their small car causing the early labor to occur. On September 19th, 1979 Hermione Jean Granger was born. Her grandmother Cassiopeia was in the waiting room and felt it at the moment of birth; a very strong magical burst. Her eyes widened and she ran to the room just to see the doctor leaving the birthing room. He nodded her in and she entered to see her son holding his daughter.

She was delighted that although born early her granddaughter was healthy. Due to the accident this would be her son's only child, but she was magical, and would know the truth one day. She made a secret trip to Gringotts and opened a trust vault for her new granddaughter. In her father's haste to disown her he never took away her trust vault. Taking all the galleons from her vault she made Hermione one of the richest three day olds, as most pureblood families didn't bother with child vaults till one or two.

Eighteen years later Hermione screamed her heart out as the cutting curse sped behind the killing curse towards the man that she loved. Just moments ago before this last fight she found out a secret that had affected her, she was doused with love potion! Helping the wounded before Tom Riddle called them out of the castle she saw her own blood from a cut on her hand light up to a detection spell she had cast, that led to her more extensive spell work to find out the truth.

As her beloved fell, cut down by the man she didn't know was her grandfather, something in her snapped. Dropping all pretence to Latin or English she started casting spells in the serpent tongue, Parseltongue. She didn't even know she was doing it, but the wide eyes of Voldemort showed his fear as the strong barrage of spells came towards him. Throwing up a shield he did his best to deflect, until heard the spell he didn't want to hear, Avada Kedavra, although spoken in Parseltongue, it was just as effective.

The green light struck the most feared Dark Lord down in the same spot he had killed the boy-who-lived. Silence rang in that great hall of Hogwarts, until a single spell was shouted, "Reducto," and her world went black. The last thought going through her head, "I will kill you Ronald Weasley for this!"

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