Chapter 3: Mirrors

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-Afterlife Training-

With no need to eat or sleep the two destined absorbed everything the demon of possession taught them. With possession being Carniv's specialty, he was able to teach them things about protecting their minds and invading others' minds that no book on Earth would contain. Within a short time their greater mental capacity started showing them inconsistencies within their training.

Yes they were given everything needed, long forgotten magic tomes to absorb, mental and magical training not seen since the times of the Titans and ancient mages of Greece. However something was off; Harry sensed it first with Hermione not long after. They made a silent agreement to not talk about it until they returned.

Their ability to communicate without words also seemed to become easier. Just by a look or glance they could tell what the other was thinking. Books on bonds available to them said nothing about a soul-bonded couple being able to do this, so it was something different.

Hermione found a few curses she would try out on some of her least favorite people when they got back. Harry on the other hand found out why his father loved transfiguration. With just a flick of his wand he could transfigure a person's blood to acid, killing them from the inside with no outward signs of struggle.

They had also noticed a presence that seemed to be around them. After meeting his parents and Sirius for a short time Harry had felt unfulfilled. Something was wrong, and neither of them could put their fingers on it.

Once the knowledge was absorbed they spent time with someone who refused to give his name. He drilled them on target practice. It didn't matter that they could cast every spell not known to man; if they couldn't hit their intended target they would be dead.

Hermione noticed a change in Harry, a determination to see his targets die. It was almost like a thirst within her to see him become violent with his targets. It was during one session when she suddenly found herself in front of the target he was aiming at. "Your enemy has your intended, what do you do?"

He hesitated, that was enough for her neck to be sliced open. Her eyes widened as the blood poured out. His eyes changed, a black cloud covered them removing all white and color from his eyes. She felt herself flying into the air and the target exploded into a fine mist. Just as suddenly she was in his arms and the 'man' that was training them found himself against the wall bleeding from every hole, visible or not.

"Touch her again and you will know pain for all eternity!" he snarled in Parseltongue. That was another thing; they had started talking in the serpent tongue more and more often. She found it flowed so much better than English did.

That was their last lesson. They now found themselves sitting in the office again across from Bezoph. "Well, now it is time to say farewell. You two know when you wish to return?"

They nodded, "We want to return to the first chance at a bond."

"Excellent, you will retain all your knowledge but none of your magic can return with you. You will need to find ways to build your magic quickly, use the knowledge you have. My assistant will take you two to the portal that will lead you to your destination."

The door opened, just before leaving Hermione turned, "Will you be contacting us to let us know our progress on changing things?"

"No, we immortals are not allowed in your realm."

She nodded and left with Harry and the assistant. She led them to a black obsidian room with a glowing vortex. The assistant spoke, "Think clearly of when you wish to return and step through."

Just before reaching the vortex Hermione turned, "What is your name?"

Out of all their time there they had yet to learn her name. She smiled, "Persephone." She gave a hard look at the girls eyes who widened at hearing that, "That is the only help I can give you." With that Hermione thought clearly of the potion room from their first year and dragged Harry through who had yet to make the connection.

-Hogwarts 1992 – Potions Trap-

There was no earth shattering thunder, no special fireworks, nothing to show that two souls joined, then took over the bodies of the two minors he watched. "I'm not as good as you," said the boy. He gave a small snort. The boy was his prize, the ultimate, unknown weapon. He would give his life willingly for the magical world making the killing curse unable to be used by anyone ever again.

"Me?" the girl replied in a kind of disbelief before continuing, "Books! And cleverness! There are more important things—" He waved his wand casting the spell to get her to say what he wanted. No sense in the boy finding true love and not wanting to sac- rather give himself willing to the Greater Good. " – love and family," she finished.

He nearly fell on his face without moving! How did she break the enchantments! "I don't know what that is," he said softly.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and Defeater the dark wizard Grindelwald, was getting irritated. He waved his wand in almost art-like patterns but nothing was happening that he wanted.

He looked up just in time to shield his eyes from the golden glow that erupted from the two children. Of course keeping his eyes shielded he didn't see the bubble of magic heading towards him, but he did feel it as it slammed him into the wall.

It was a good thing he had a silencing charm on him as when he awoke he groaned. He was able to come too just in time to see the Granger girl go into the flames back to get help. He watched for a moment as Harry paused at the flames before going on. "This is for you dad, hope you are proud of me," he then downed the potion and went to meet his destiny.

Dumbledore nodded, their kiss would have to be watched. It was time to make a visit to his contact in the Department of Mysteries. He used his illegal portkey to return to the entrance of the school. He strode with purpose towards the third floor. He made his magic flare about him to give off that look of an animal swooping down to save his pack. Being this late no students were out… well none that wanted to be seen. His whole effect was wasted until Professor Kitty Cat, hmm perhaps a ball of yarn for her, showed up. She looked relieved to see him, "Albus! Potter has gone after the stone and Severus says he can't find Quirrell."

"I know Minerva. My protection around the stone fell and I returned immediately. I will handle the situation, two students will return behind me. See to it that they are taken care of." Dumbledore sped off and down the trap door. His magical 'hero' effect worked perfectly when he passed Granger. The look of awe in her eyes made his night, and increased his resolve that she and Harry would still be controllable if they were truly bonded like he thought.

-Deep in the Ministry of Magic-

"Rookwood," stated a deep raspy voice. The wizard in question, working by himself spun his wand flying from his hand to the outstretched boney hand of his … master?

"Master?" he questioned.

"CRUCIO!" shouted the man. After two seconds he let up, Rookwood would never doubt after the spell this was his master. "Never question me!"

"How?" the prone wizard gasped out.

"That does not concern you. You will speak of no one about me. My followers who are not in prison will be punished for defying me. You have done well to remain hidden. I have a mission for you."

"Anything master," he groveled. He had thought these days were long over, but now it seemed it was time to return to the old ways. He would make Malfoy and the others pay for defying their lord.

"Yes, I know. You will go to the room of souls and alter the Book of Soulbonds." He was confused by these orders he had learned not to question his lord though. "You will remove all mention of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from the book."

He was unable to engage his brain fast enough, so the words slipped from his mouth first, "A mudblood?"

"CRUCIO!" he shouted. Holding the spell for a full thirty seconds he released the man. Rookwood refused to cry out, but he knew he deserved that one. "She is no mudblood, but my granddaughter stolen by Dumbledore." Rookwood couldn't believe this, but his master said it was so. "The old fool will come here sometime this morning or within the next day and ask about Potter and the book. Tell him nothing about the alteration. Show him the book to keep him complacent. Do you understand me?"

"Yes master," the man replied. How he hated that curse.

"Remember Rookwood, tell no one of my return. I will seek out my followers on my own. I do not have to tell you what will happen if I become displeased."

Rookwood looked up when his master stopped talking but his master was gone. It was a testament to the truth of the encounter, only his master could get in and out of here without a single ward being tripped, or his wand making a sound as it was placed next to his head.

-Hogwarts Mirror Room-

Dumbledore entered the room and was immediately amazed at the destruction. The mirror which had held the stone was shattered beyond repair, the stone columns were broken and held scorch marks. Chunks of the floor were blasted apart, and the boy he was here for, was laying face up in a small pool of blood. Voldemort must have really wanted him dead to cause this much destruction.

Running his wand over the boy he quickly assessed the blood was from a cut on his back, not fatal. Several cuts and bruises, old and new, but he didn't care. The stone wasn't here, where was it? Perhaps the boy would know when he woke. Fawkes flew into the room and waited for his master. Fawkes was one of his greatest achievements, using a lost ritual to bind the phoenix to him.

The poor phoenix had no chance. At each rebirth the old man used charms to keep Fawkes's color red and gold; otherwise he would be as black as Dumbledore's heart. After one last check around the room Dumbledore held one hand up for the phoenix and held onto the boy with the other. In a flash of flame they were both gone.

-Hogwarts Hospital Wing-

The boy's breathing changed signifying he was returning to the waking world. It had been three days since the events in the chamber of secrets. He casually talked to the ghosts with students in earshot so that his version of events would be the truth. Harry Potter had stopped Professor Quirrell from stealing an artifact on the third floor. Mentioning Voldemort would draw undue attention toward the school.

The boy blinked a few times before looking for his glasses. After putting them on and seeing the mountain of gifts at the bottom of his bed the boy's eyes widened. Dumbledore had to chuckle to himself, how else to get to a boy starved for attention but give him gifts.

"Harry," he addressed the boy as a grandparent. It was his best façade after all. The boy started stuttering and mumbling about Voldemort and Quirrell. "Harry!" he spoke with his hand up to placate the boy. "He didn't get the stone, it is ok."

"The stone!" he exclaimed. "I didn't get it from the mirror! The Flamels will die won't they?"

"When Voldemort destroyed the mirror he destroyed the stone. Nicholas has enough elixir to set his affairs in order." Caring about others before himself, selflessness, the boy was on his way to becoming a great tool! Reading the boy's thoughts was easy. He saw the whole encounter starting with the kiss which turned out to just be a peck on the cheek. The confrontation with Quirrell was less impressive.

The boy's protection won him the day. Perhaps next time the boy left his cloak about some Malaclaw Venom was in order. No one should have that much natural luck. He quickly excused himself and left Harry alone.

-Malfoy Manor-

Lucius Malfoy had what some could consider the perfect life. He commanded the respect of his peers, held the ear of the Minister of Magic, and kept his… unsavory contacts wealthy. His wealth was a decent addition to his skills. In school he had lead the Hogwarts dueling club, of course he used his skills to make sure all mudbloods knew their place.

This is why when someone kicked Dobby, his house elf, into the room he was on his feet, a spell already leaving his wand. What he did not expect was his wand to leave his hand; the spell hit the floor, and the wand land in the boney hand of his Master.

"M- master?" he stammered. He wasn't ready for the Dark Lord to return. His life was finally on track, but his son was leaving much to be desired of the Malfoy name. According to Severus he was as loud mouthed as his cousin Sirius and just as Gryffindor.

"You dare raise your wand to me Lucius?" the Dark Lord challenged. "CRUICIO!" he shouted. The elf moved to help his master despite his fear of the Dark Lord, however he couldn't move either. The hood of the Dark Lord moved to look at the small elf. "Your elf has given you a life of luxury Lucius. That ends now." He ended the curse to Malfoy Sr. and moved his wand to the small creature.

"Avada Kedavra!" The green light struck Dobby ending his life. "Lucius, I have plans that must be put into motion to bring this world to its knees. You will learn your place at my side. Return with the book I left in your possession."

Lucius ran to his secret room. Quickly opening the door and finding the book in question he returned it to his master's hand and stayed on his knees with his face on the floor. "Very good Lucius; I would hate to have returned to find you lost it, or worse given it to someone as part of your family vengeance feud." The white haired man's mouth went suddenly dry. He didn't even feel his master's probe this time. He was even more powerful if he had picked that newly formed plot out of the deep recesses of his mind without even trying.

"M-master," Lucius stuttered out before being silenced with a raise of Voldemort's hand.

"You will have these laws pushed through Lucius. Not even the muggle loving goat man can deny these." He pulled out a long scroll. "Your instructions for the next couple months are there. If you finish what I ask of you, then you might have earned yourself the luxury of another house elf. Until then, I will be watching."

He faded from view leaving a scared Lord Malfoy behind. That wasn't apparition, and there was no sound. The Dark Lord had truly returned more powerful than he left. He unraveled the scroll and all his split second planning was gone, the first and foremost instruction was to not inform the others of the Dark Lord's return. The wheels started turning as he read the scroll, and it all came into place. "Of course she completely destroyed my son in school; she was a descendent of the Dark Lord. She will be rescued."

-Hogwarts Potion Trap Room – Night Before-

Harry smirked as they flattened the disillusioned headmaster. Hermione wanted to run over and kick him in the groin for his interference the first time around. Harry stopped her after casting a sleeping charm on the old man. "We need to continue, there is too much to do and not enough time."

She kissed him one more time, "Fine, but I get a free kick at the weasel." He shrugged his acceptance as they passed harmlessly through the black flames. Several may have some great illusions, but that was the best part of his trap. Someone would spend their time looking for the right potion, when no potion was needed to pass the illusion of the flames.

They passed into the room containing the mirror and Quirrell. The poor man was standing there muttering to himself. He didn't even notice the two children standing against pillars behind him until Harry cleared his throat.


"Cut the crap, let us talk to him." Harry looked surprised by her outburst. She wasn't one to talk that way to anyone.

Quirrell looked shocked and hesitant. Harry decided to play nice, "I know you are the one that cursed my broom, you let the troll in, and you are trying to get the stone from the mirror for the Dark Lord." He paused and thought about it, "I think that about covers everything; now if you please," he said while twirling his finger.

Quirrell gave his true smirk as a raspy voice spoke, "Let me speak to the children." He wanted to object, but these children were not acting like the rash Gryffindors he had taught all year. Quirrell turned and removed his purple turban. The ugly face of the Dark Lord stared at the children. "Harry Potter! See what I hav-"

"We really don't have time for this. The old goat man will wake up soon; we need to make things look real. I need a few cutting curses across my body. You need to be," he smirked, "vanquished."

"You know!" Voldemort knew the old man would train the boy. He had acted dumb all year and played him for a fool.

"Of course I know, however the conversation we need to have will have to wait. We have a spell that will trap your essence into a piece of the mirror behind you," he said plainly.

"What do you mean by 'piece' Potter?" He didn't even notice the wand drawn let alone heard a curse uttered when the mirror behind him exploded. His attention was drawn to the mudblood, no; there was something familiar about her now that he was this close. He didn't have time to think about this as the girl pointed her wand at him and spoke a string of Latin while hissing? His eyes widened as he realized what she was saying, and without time to react he felt his grip on the body he was in loosen then be ripped from him.

The mist that rose for the down corpse slammed into a round mirror piece floating behind it. The mirror that now showed the face of Voldemort before his demise floated over to Hermione. Harry smirked and kissed her. "Good luck," he said.

"I'll see you soon," and with a crack she vanished. Before he could even pull his wand to start decorating the 'crime' scene another crack sounded and she appeared again, this time in Black Death garb. "It is done," she said with a smile.

He kissed her soundly while tucking the gold chain down into her robe. "Potter!" shouted a voice he hadn't heard in a while. "Keep your hands off my granddaughter or I will crucio you!"

Harry laughed as she brought out the circular mirror showing Voldemort's face. "We are married old man!" The life in the Dark Lord's eyes and face showed the last several hours were good for him. They would work on their plans and bring this world to its knees. "Guess it is show time," he said as he took Hermione's arm and led back to the potion room so they could set up their stage for the goat man.

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