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6 years later…

"Okay, just one more, big push," the doctor said meeting her dark eyes. She shook her head, exhaustion written all over her face, but Tony grabbed her hand and whispered, "You can, I know you can." He ran his free hand through her sweaty hair, biting his lip as she squeezed his hand and pushed one last time.

"Congratulations," the doctor said as a cry filled the room. "It's a girl."

"You did it," Tony said quietly, still stroking her dark hair. "You did it." she fell against her pillows, totally spent, gripping his hand to make sure he was still there. Tony squeezed her hand reassuringly, letting her know he wasn't going anywhere.

"Okay Tony, Ziva are you ready to meet your daughter," the doctor said carrying a pink bundle toward them. She handed the dark haired little girl to Ziva, backing up to let the parents look down at their child.

Tony took in every detail from the full head of hair, to the ten fingers and toes, to her dark eyes. She had Ziva's features, sure, but he could see his nose, his lips. Of course, the way her eyes seemed to take in everything, despite being nearly five minutes old, told him she was going to be more like Ziva.

"Welcome to the world Jennifer Rivka DiNozzo," Ziva said quietly, looking down at the little girl...


After Jenny was checked over and Ziva was moved to a room, the rest of the team filed into the room, Abby carrying Katie. Tony took her from the Goth, carrying her over to her sister.

"She's so teeny Daddy," Katie said quietly, letting her green eyes take in every detail of her sister. Tony let her sit next to her mother, taking a couple steps back to watch the scene. This was how his dream was supposed to play out, this was the life he always wanted, but now it was real. No more wishful thinking, no more 'what ifs.'

There were some subtle differences to his dream, though. It took a couple years before Tony and Ziva's relationship was ready for marriage, let alone a kid, but once Katie was born Tony was certain he made the right choice. And so was Ziva.

But in the end it was worth it. Tony got his wife; he got his daughters, not to mention the life he never knew he wanted until he experienced it.

Granted there were also differences with the people in his life. McGee ended up with Abby instead of Jeanne, the Goth six months pregnant with a kid of their own. Palmer was married with a kid, too. Small differences, nothing big. And Tony preferred it that way.

Of course, Gibbs still didn't entirely accept his role as 'honorary Grandpa' (though he was coming around), and Ducky insisted on being called Uncle Ducky. They were a crazy, unorthodox family, but Tony wouldn't trade them for anything.

He looked back at his family, his girls, and couldn't help the huge grin that spread across his face. And he wouldn't trade them for anything, either.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, turning to see Gibbs standing behind him. Quietly, his boss asked, "Any regrets, DiNozzo?"

"None," Tony responded without a hesitation, stepping forward to be with his girls. He got his perfect life, and he would fight tooth and nail to keep it. Just to see his girls grow up, go to college, and (heaven forbid) get married. And if he could grow old with Ziva, well that would just be a bonus. Yeah, he really was living his dream…



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