Chocolate Box Girls - Cherry Crush
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Honey's Diary

Grrr... New family moved in today. There's a new step-sister, one I don't want, and a new step-dad, he's like 40, why would I want HIM. I love my own dad and it's mum's fault they broke up and he moved away. I bet the new ones don't even last a week, there so stupid, I hate them. The girl thinks she can baby and spoil my siblings and I bet they only act like they like her no-one would like her. She is really weird and she camps out in the caravan out in the back yard - I mean, who does that? I also saw her flirting with my Shay earlier, I told her to back off, no-one and I MEAN no-one -not even my besties, Coral and Jackie- goes near my man. He told me I was beautiful and told me that the girl was a rubbish dump, and he told her to bug off, but she didn't of course. I love Shay, he's mine forever and ever, we've been together for exactly 3 years today, isn't it great! He got me a gift. A necklace, y'know the one I have liked for ages, the expensive one with the diamonds, yeah that one :D


over and out!

Truly in lurrve,

Honey (the worlds best daughter - as mum puts it - so boo sucks to you, step-sibling and siblings :P)