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It didn't start out as a problem.

All Integra did was go onto the balcony of Hellsing manor. Nothing dangerous. But, somehow, she had fallen off the edge, falling through trees before crashing onto the ground.

And then it became a problem.

Walter had panicked, frantically waking Alucard, telling him it was an emergency. Alucard seemed more than a little irritated at first, but the moment he saw the broken body of his master, blood splattered everywhere, his face immediately changed into one of fear. A look that Walter had never seen before. It was just so unlike him to worry. To feel fear. Those were emotions reserved for lesser men, not the king of the vampires.

The fear, however, was short lived. Alucard walked over to Integra, got onto his knees, and shook her. She was pale. Her skin was going cold. She barely had the strength to moan.

"I'll call an ambulance," Walter said.

"No, we don't have that kind of time!" Alucard shouted.

Integra looked at her faithful servant with clouded eyes. Alucard slapped her gently to keep her awake.

"Sir Integra," he said, in that deep, powerful voice of his. "Would you prefer to die as a human or live as a vampire?"

In any other circumstance, Integra would have said no, then slapped him and call him an asshole for suggesting such a thing. But she was weak, her mind was hazy…and, for all her confidence and bravado, she didn't want to die.

"…Live…" she managed to choke out.

"As you wish, my master."

Alucard brought his lips up to her neck, opened his mouth, and sunk his teeth into her soft skin.

Her blood was just as good as he remembered, from all those years ago, and despite the situation, he closed his eyes in rapture at the wondrous taste of her blood.


Integra's head throbbed as she awoke, her throat was sandpaper.

What just happened? She thought.

Alucard smirked at her, sitting down on the end of her bed.

"So, sir Integra," he said, as calmly as if he were discussing the weather, "How does it feel to be undead?"

And now it was a very big problem.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

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