His grip tightened around Integra's waist.

"You were the first person to give my life a purpose in a very long time, sir Integra."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Integra snapped. "Let me go!"

"If something were to happen to you…if you were to die…I would never be able to live with myself."

Integra ceased struggling against him.

"I guess you wouldn't know what it feels like…to be alone…"

"I know damn well what that feels like!"

Integra grabbed a handful of Alucard's jacket, her hand trembling.

"I know what it feels like…"

A distant father…a vanished mother…yes, she knew what it felt like all too well. To feel the crushing weight of being alone. She'd never had any friends…it got pretty lonely in that big manor with no one to talk to.

Alucard lifted her chin up, forcing her to meet his eyes.

Integra had never seen a man look so broken. Gone was all his bluster and bravado. That wicked smile and unfeeling eyes. He fixed her with a warm gaze, almost…inviting. He looked sad, desperation etched onto his features.

Get a hold of yourself, woman! Integra shouted at herself. He's still Alucard. It doesn't matter how different he's acting.

"That is the price we pay to be immortal," Alucard said. "Everything we know and everyone we love are transient, and fragile. We may break them by mistake, or else they pass away like dust in the wind. All the while, we remain forever unchanged."

He trailed his fingers across her cheek.

"I had come to accept that fate, but…I knew that if I lost you, I would never be able to bear it."

He drew in closer to her. Their lips were not even an inch apart.

"I…love you, Master Integra."

With those words, he kissed her.

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