The night was growing old as Vlad sat back in his comfy mayor chair, feet up on the table watching the news report about his decision to install ghost sensors all around Amity Park, Mall and Nasty Burger. He smiled at the thought if Danny seeing this. He would be devastated, then he would be angry, then he would (obviously) go to Vlad for an explanation and a fight in which Vlad's office would be destroyed and Danny would eventually sucker punch him through a wall, before his personal ghost guard would try to capture Danny. Then Danny would throw some witty banter his way as he left, hell bent in destroying the alarms. Yep life as the mayor was good.

Vlad sat waiting, watching the local news and generally searching through the clutter in his desk. There were news reports and progress reports of all shapes and origins. Finally he gave up, reasoning that his secretary would pick up the slack in the morning. He began to wait, then wait and wait. Vlad was growing inpatient, Danny was normally here by now, and they would be trading insults. Why wasn't he here yet?

His question was answered by his secretary, who buzzed his phone and said:

"We have a boy here, Danny Fenton, who says he has an appointment with you."

'That's odd,' though Vlad 'Why would he come though the front door? How would he fight me without going ghost?' Vlad told the secretary to let him in, and the sixteen year old Danny stepped though the door, looking as calm, although a bit sad, as can be.

"Ah Daniel, my little badger, how are you doing? Have you seen my latest batch of improvements?" Vlad asked, hoping to provoke Danny into a fight. But Danny seemed a little distracted.

"What? No, I'm not here about that Vlad." Danny said, a little bit of annoyance in his tone "I just wanted you to know that, were moving." Vlad almost chocked on the water he was drinking.

"My dear boy, this can't be true. Your parents have been here all their lives, and there projects have been going strong with the generous grant Dalv Inc. gave them." Vlad said, still trying to get a rise out of Danny.

"No, it's true. They've gotten a job in city for some weird self defence company. Apparently they've seen what my parents build and think there's s big Market in that. Plus they've given my parents a free house, twice the grant and twice the pay that Dalv gave them." Danny said with a small smile, giving the first sign of positive emotion he had all day.

"Wait, Daniel, you can't do this. Whatever that stupid company is giving them, I'll give your parents triple!" Vlad said, realising that the love of his life was leaving him, as well as his, soon to be, apprentice.

"It's too late Vlad. We've rented out the house to a couple from New Jersey, we're all packed up and leaving tomorrow morning. Hell my parents are so serious about this, that they've dismantled the ghost portal. I just wanted to let you know. My parents would want you to see them off." Danny paused, contemplating telling Vlad a fake or a real time. "We leave at eight thirty tomorrow." Danny said, settling on the truth. With that, he left the same way he came in, letting Vlad think about what he had been told.


Danny searched everywhere for anything he might have missed. Any little personal item that he could have forgotten. He didn't want to leave without anything that could make him forget a memory about Amity Park. He had been thrown a going away party by Sam, who had gone the whole hog to try and make Danny remember her and Tucker. Dash had since been a little more lenient towards aggravating him, and Mr Lancer had given Danny almost no homework for his last week.

He had been treated differently and in some ways it was good, but it all lead to the same thing; that he wasn't likely going to see his friends again. Cursing as he went intangible and rummaged through the bottom of his floor boards, occasionally finding a wrapper of some sort, or an old paper on Biology or History. He was almost finished when he his hand hit something. He lifted up a small but important trinket; it was the sketch Sam had done of his DP logo when he 'hadn't known her'. He smiled as he compared the drawing to his jump suit; the only difference was that the colours were inverted. He let a small tear well in his eye before it hit the page he was holding.

The morning came all too quickly for Danny and before he knew it, it was eight thirty, the vans were loaded and people were saying their goodbyes. Vlad had made an appearance, although it was for a small time, while Jack was helping load the van. Obviously Sam and Tucker had come along too, but friends of the family such as the Mansons, the Foleys and even the Grays came to say good bye. Danny was overwhelmed by the amount of people his little family had influenced and helped. He knew that only three out of the many knew his secret, but all the same, he didn't know the amount of work that his parents did for the community.

He caught the eye of Sam, who was standing in the corner, and went to go see her. It was only half way when he realised that she seemed to be crying. He quickened his pace and when she saw him, her eyes widened and she began to wipe away the tears and the mascara running down her cheeks. Danny walked up to her and engulfed her in a hug, trying to make her feel better about him leaving.

"Shhh, Sam. Its fine, we're going to be in contact 24/7. It's not like we won't hear from each other again, right?" he said. She nodded into his shoulder and then lifted her head.

"But why does your parents need take this job?" she asked.

"Because designing and making anti ghost perfection gear is their specialty, plus were going there going to make lot of money off this new company." Danny replied

"Yeah, I guess. But why can't you stay here and your parents move? I've got enough room in my house. Why can't you live with us?" Sam said, her eyes becoming less red and blotchy.

"If only it was that simple Sam." Danny replied solemnly. Suddenly Danny's mother was shouting at him and Jazz to get in the RV. He felt a pang of intense sadness rush up to meet him, but walked and got into the RV anyway. He turned in his seat to see through the back window and get a good look at everyone before his family left. He follows Sam's figure until she was a speck in a crowd of people, slowly stitching away, then he couldn't see any of them at all.

"Jump City had better be worth it" he mumbled as he turned back in his seat.


AN: Hey all, just a quick prologue to a crossover I was thinking of doing. I've done another Danny Phantom and Teen Titans cross over (My first ever story) but to be perfectly honest, the writing was rubbish and the plot wasn't too good. But anyway, this'll be nothing like my other story, and I'll be hopefully updating it more often than my other stories.

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