Hi everybody! This is my first time telling a story about Chugo chara.
Of course it is about Amu and Ikuto, I totally love them! Also a bit about Kukai and Utau. But a lot of Amu and Ikuto I promise.
In my story there will be also different names that the shugo chara story. This is because the names where so look a like each other and it's to make it simple xD
So here it goes…

Hi! My name is Amu Hinamori. But you can call me Amu-chan. I'm a girl of sixteen years old. Today is the first day of my new school. I'm soo nervous. At my old school, there were only girls. But this school has lots of handsome boys *so I heard*. The hole summer I was waiting for this day. You wane know where I spend me summer time with? I was looking for a awesome pyjama. You wanne know why? Because the school where I am going to, I a school where you have to sleep. Can you believe that! First I was like o well yeah, oke.. But then I realize that there were also boys sleeping. That is so scary and exciding in both ways. Well I am guessing we have to start the story..

* Amu side*
*beep beep beep beep* Amu clicked of here alarm. Normally she would turn around again and stay in bed. But not today, today was different! She jumped out of her bed. Omg this is going to be sooo great she thought! She walked in here room. As she passed the mirror she looked in it. She almost could see the fire burning in her eyes. Quickly she was getting ready.

When she came downstairs with her suitcase, she saw her mom smiling with her breakfast and here dad crying.

'My little amu is going to leave me!' dad cried.
'I'm not leaving, I'm just going to school dad'
'but there are boys there :| '
Amu did know that, that was one of the reasons she picked that school. She heard a rumour about some guy with blond hair and the most gorgeous eyes. She couldn't wait to see him!
'It's no big deal' amu told her dad.
'Yeah that are amu, cool and spicey' here mom laugh.
Amu quickly eat here breakfast and couldn't wait to go to school. Here dad was still crying when there were in the car. *only 1 hour away of my totally freedom! This is going to be great* amu said to herself.

*Ikuto side*
'yo, Ikuto! Get dressed! The new chicks are coming up already! Kukai said to his friend. 'I heard they have some hot ones this year' he put his thumb up.
'Yeah yeah... I'm coming... next time if we have to stand up so early, we can't go party all night' ikuto said, with the sleep in his eyes.
'Hahaha, like you would have wanted to miss that party! Who was that sexy girl from tonight?'
'I don't know her name, and I don't care. But she was so sexy, and she really did turn me on, to bad she had to go when we were only kissing' Ikuto said with a smirk on his face.
'You can't always have what you want! Now come on, I can already see girls in short skirts'

* Amu side*
She was there! Omg that building was soo big... she was still woundering how here parent could pay for all of this, but then again she really wanted this. After 20 min. she finally did get her parent away. Dad wouldn't stop crying and mom told me a thousand times to call here every week.
So where to start now, she thought. A lot a boys and girls were looking at a board, she was gassing that that would be the room's. As she was walking that way, some stupid boy was walking again her. Before she knew it she was on top of him.
'Well look what we got ourselves into' the boy said, while putting his glasses back.
'You were to one who bumped into me' amu said with a cool and spicy tone, while getting up again.
'I'm sorry, my name is Boton, and I didn't get your name?' the boy, called Kairi asked here. (Yes I know Boton isn't really someone in the shugo chara story's, but don't worry!)
*in the meanwhile a lot of boys and girls where already watching them*
'I didn't say what my name was, now sorry, I have to go' Amu said and walked away.
The boy was a little surprised by her reaction but then had a little smile. He looked up to a window. Behind the window Kukai was smiley at him. He already knows that this girl was something interesting.

When Amu finally did get by the board, a lot of people where staring at here. She shouldn't have done that... She heard people whispered.
'Did she just rejected Boton?'
'who the hell does she think she is!'
Amu didn't felt very good about this, but she still was keeping here cool image. After reading that she was in room 101 she was getting her way up there.

When she was in the elevator, she meets 3 girls. 1 was so beautiful. And the other two were also not ugly.
'You are new here, aren't you?' the beautiful girl asked amu.
'Yes I am...' amu said a little bit nervous.
'I saw your act with Boton a few minutes ago'
'o, you did see that huh'
'you have some nervous. And you're not ugly. Do you know some girls around here?'
'Uuh thanks... no I don't, just came here an half our ago'
'Do you want us to show you the way?' she asked. For some reason the other 2 girls were surprised by here question, amu couldn't understood why.
'Well, some help would be fine. I'm looking for room 101'
'Omg! Shut up! That's almost next to our room! We are 104!' the girl got so excited.
'My name is Utau-chan, and this are Rima and Yaya'
'nice to meet you, I'm Amu-chan'
* after that the girls were talking a bit and bringing amu to her room, when she entered the room she was alone. Nobody ells was there. She told Utau to see here at dinner. She walked to the bed where her name was on, and falls into it*
'I wonder if I would have the whole bed to myself or if would have to share it, it is a 2 person's bed...' she said to herself.
'Aah! So you are called Amu-chan' the boy Boton walked into the room.
'how did you know?' she asked with a little surprise
'it's on the board about your bed…' she thought that he would think by now that she wasn't very smart..
'Right... I did know that...'
Boton hopped on HER bed next to here. He got his head next to her ear and whispered
'Soo... mind if I would sleep next to you?' he said in a seduced way to her.
*amu thoughts: Omg! What to do! This guy is freaking me out! This is the first time a guy is saying this to me, and it's freaking me out!*
* at that moment a guy with blond here walked into the room*
'be easy on here, it's here first day today' he said in a calm way to Boton.
*amu got up from bed, she was now sitting on here bed*
'I can handle him' she said in a cool way
'yeah, I wasn't doubting that, after your act at school earlier' the boy said.
*amu took a close look to the boy, he had blond hair. But she hadn't seen his face yet. She really wanted him to turn around*
'my name is amu-chan, what's your name?' she asked him, in the hope he would turn around.
'I'm Tadase' that was all... he didn't even turn.
*amu was hoping that he was the gorgeous boy about here stories*
'you did tell him your name, but you didn't tell me your name' Boton said with a sad expression
'you didn't earn it'
*at that moment Amu just realized something...*
'wait! This is my room, what are you 2 doing here?'
'You're kidding right?' Boton said
'it's also our room Amu-chan' Tadase said, finally turning around.
*amu did lost here thought for a second, he was that boy! Omg that was so awesome! But wait:| there room also!*
'we have to chair a room! But you 2 are boys! Amu said while jumping of here bed
'you didn't know? While it's no big deal, you just sleep in the same room that's all' Tadase said with a sweet smile.
'But if you want more than just sleep, we can also sleep and do some other things together if you want' Boton said with a dirty look on his face.

Amu thought: This is going to be a NIGHTMARE!

Yes I know it was a little bit of Ikuto, but don't worry! He will be coming up a lot in the next chapter. Soo I hope you liked it!

I can't wait to hear what you are thinking!
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