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Chapter 11, Ikuto in panic

*Amu side*
Amu was nervous. The Halloween party started in 2 hours. Ikuto told me something weird when he left; Take the blue one. Amu totally didn't understand what he was talking about.. But she had to get ready. Utau was away with Kukai, to do something... Now concentrate again on your costume Amu, she thought to herself. She was almost done, now only the shoes. Her costume was a corset with a short skirt at the end, a little black dress. It had a fluffy pink stroke on the bottom of the dress and to cute pink ribbons on it. It also had matching gloves, ears, and socks. But no shoes. Amu had a problem.. She was going to call Utau. After 10 sec. she still didn't pick up. Plan B? She already had her costume on so she couldn't walk to the school like this. The shoes she had herself were no pumps. She only had one pair of pumps and those were red. She walked to Utau's shoes. She had al lot of pumps. There! The perfect pumps! Black with a little pink ribbon on it. Amu called Utau again..
'What?' Utau picked up the phone. She was doing a little panting.
*I don't know the right word. Whatever a dog also does when he has it hot xD with his tong you know that sound? That was making Utau, Back to the story!*
'Uuuh.. Utau can I borrow your pumps, the black one with that little pink ribbon on it?'
'Yeah yeah.. Was that why you called me?'
'Yeah, is everything oke you sound a little.. weird'
'Yes I am fine, just a little buzzy' Utau said
'With what?' Amu said
'You really wanne know Amu?' Kukai yelled at the background.
*At that moment Amu knew what they were doing, together*
'OMG! I am so sorry! Bye Utau!' Amu said and she quickly hang up.
That was soo stupid! She really felt ashamed now. She looked at the clock. The party was now starting. She decided that she would be going now then. She was coming alone, normally she was always going with somebody. Anyway she started walking to the party.
'Also heading to the Halloween party?' a boy who was dressing like a wizard asked her
'uuh yes.. You to?'
'Jup! But the rest of my friends are already there, I was a bit late so that's why I am walking alone. What's your excuse?'
'Al my friend had to do something before the party so I was alone over. But the party is just started for 5 min. right?'
'Not really, it more like 65 min. started. It started at 8 o'clock'
'Oeps.. I guess I am also late then.. it thought it started at 9 o'clock'
'Nope. My name is Saito' he said with a big smile.
'My name is Amu'
'In what year are you?'
'First year..'
'O so do you know Serena? She is also new this year'
'Uuuh no..'
'No, I exactly don't know much first years' Amu said while thinking about it
'Haha I am a third year and I know even more first years than you' Saito said while laughing
'I just don't hang out with first years..'
'Are you always alone then?' Saito asked with a serious look
'No No! I just hang out with second years. There is also on first year, that's Yaya-chan. The rest of us are all second years'
'Yaya-chan? You mean Yaya in like Yaya Yuiki?' Saito asked
'uuh yeah that could be.. I exactly don't know her last name?'
'So you hang out with her? And the others of the group?' Saito asked
'You mean Rima, Utau, Kukai, Ikuto, Tadase and Nagi? Yes those also' Amu said
'So you are the new one that joined the group huh, I heard a lot about you'
'You did?' Amu asked surprise
'Jup, nothing weird, don't worry!' He said with a smile
Amu took a closer look at him. He had beautiful blue eyes, because of that he looked a little familiar and a little trusted. He had black hair, what was a little longer than his shoulders. He had a big general smile and was walking nonchalant with his hands in his pocket. If I would describe him in one word: smexy! It's a new word that Utau and I have made up. It means messy and sexy. Good way to describe this guy.
'So you're a third year? I've never seen you before'
'I have seen you this morning, you were doing a water fight right?'
Amu got a little red..
'uuh yeah.. that was.. just something.. hehe..'
'Were here' he said simply.

When we were in the front of the garden there were two persons who were giving everybody something.
'Pick on!' A guy with a little mask on said to me.
*You know the mask's they wear at a masker-ball? Those things..*
I looked into the bag and saw all mask's. I looked at Saito he picked a gold on out of the bag.
'were do I need them for?'
'Everybody is wearing one. You can't take them off all night. You don't recognise everybody that easy.'
'Aah oke..' I picked a pink one out of the bag. Then Ikuto's words came up; Take the blue one. Did he mean this thing..? Well oke, I switched the pink one for a blue one.
'The pink one matches your clothes better' Saito said to me
'Yeah I know.. I promises someone to take the blue one'
'More reason to take the pink one. He wanted you to take the blue one so he could recognize you, make it a little harder for him and take the pink one' he said with a small smile
'Hmm oke why not..?' I switched the mask's again and put on the pink on.

*Ikuto side*
The party was already starting for an hour and he still haven't spot Amu. He had a gold mask on and his pirate clothes. There weren't mutch girls with a blue one on, but the ones who had one on he already have seen like 10 times. Maybe she took another colour? Maybe she forgot what he said. That was so Amu. He was going to look for her without looking at the mask colour.

*Amu side*

When they entered the party she felt a little unsafe. Everything was dressed scary, even some guys. The house was dark with just a few lights at the wall. There was even one room that was like incredible dark. She felt that Saito was putting an arm around her waist.
'You don't like dark things, do you?' He asked her. He had probably seen that she wasn't feeling comfortable.
'Not really..'
They were walking to the bar and getting a drink. Then Utau came along.
'Utau! I found you!' Amu said happy hugging Utau
'Hi Amu! Were you here alone?'
'No I am with this guy, his name is..' She was pointing at an empty seat.
'Where did he go..?' Amu asked
'I didn't see anyone.. Who were you with then?' Utau asked
'I meth a guy when I was walking here. He was really nice.'
'Hmm' Utau said
'anyway, have you seen anybody ells yet?' Kukai asked who was standing next to Utau. Kukai was dressed like a sport guy, of course, so Utau was fitting good with him.
'No. Have you?'
'Yeah we have seen Nagi with Rima, and Tadase with Yaya' Utau said
'How were Nagi and Tadase dressed?' Amu asked curious.
'Uuh Nagi was as a basketball player and Tadase was a prince' Utau said
'A king' Tadase sissed angry at Utau. Amu could see the fire in his eyes burning.
'Hehe, sorry Tadase' Utau said a little laughing nervous.
'You look cute to Amu!' Nagi said. He imminently got a dead-look of Rima. Nagi begun to laugh a little nervous.
'So everybody is here now?' Yaya said.
'Almost. Anybody have seen Ikuto?' Kukai asked
'No.. I guess he isn't here yet' Tadase said
'Hmm weird. He was looking forward to this party' Kukai said

*Ikuto side*
He couldn't find her. He have seen Utau and Kukai earlier but he didn't wanted to disturb them. That was also for Tadase with Yaya and Nagi with Rima. Is seems like everybody will be a couple soon. He bumped into somebody
'Watch were you going' Ikuto said while he held his hand again his head. That really hurt.
'O sorry Ikuto, I didn't see you'
Ikuto looked shocked before him.
'Saito!' He sissed on an angry tune.
'Ikuto' Saito said with a smirk
'Long time no see brother'
'Don't act so nice. I thought you didn't like parties?' Ikuto said to him while narrowing his eyes.
'Normally I don't. But I have a goal her. It was little cute pink kitty, you will see' Saito said while turning away of Ikuto.
'Anyway, it was nice to see you again, I am going back to home. Hope to see you soon. Very soon' Saito said with a smirk on his face before walking out of the door.
Ikuto thought; What is he planning.. My brother normally hates parties. A pink kitty he? It is probably a costume. I am gone find out who that is. Ikuto walked through the room. After 5 min. he saw a girl with a black cat costume with pink ribbons on it. That had got to be her! Wait pink hair.. no please don't be.. he ticked the girls on her shoulder, she turned around
'Amu?' Ikuto asked a little shocked
'Ikuto! You made it!' Amu said cheerful.
Ikuto felt a little dizzy
He said down on one of the chairs of the bar. He placed his elbow on the bar. He slowly closes his eyes and put his head in his hand, the one that was leaning on the bar.
Ikuto thought; This is not good! What is Saito planning with Amu..

*Amu side*
'Ikuto? Ikuto? Ikuto!' He didn't responded on anything. When he saw her he looked at her with a panic look in his eyes.
'Ikuto! What happened?' Kukai asked Ikuto. No response. Kukai picked the shoulder of Ikuto and begun to shake.
'Tell me what happened'
'I can't..' Ikuto told slowly. Ikuto looked at Utau.
'Amu, come with me.. I really need to go to the bathroom now' Utau asked Amu
'Now..? But..'
'He will be fine, I am with him' Kukai said
'Oke then..' Amu followed Utau

*Kukai side*
'What the hell happened!' Kukai asked Ikuto when the girls were gone
'It's him again' Kukai didn't needed to hear anything more. He knew who this was.
'He is out on Amu?'
'Jup… He already had spoken to her..'
'We have to tell Amu, if she knew that he is your twin she might not fall for it'
'I can't do that.. And I don't even know what is planning to do. He just said that he came to this party for her.. that's all'
'He gone now?' Kukai asked
'Then don't worry.. Tonight he is gone, so Amu is yours and tomorrow morning we are flying to Hawaii. That means that you have got more than a weak from now, to make sure that Amu is totally in love with you before Saito can do anything' Kukai said
'I don't think it will be that easy.. I mean, do you still remember it with Shana?'
'Yeah I know Ikuto..' Kukai knew what Saito did with Shana.

Kukai thoughts:
Shana was a girl like Amu. She was cheerful and everybody seemed to like her. The first time Ikuto saw Shana, he was completely in love with her. Ikuto begun to play games with her and teasing her. But she wasn't easy to win. After a party Ikuto confessed to her and they were a couple. Two days later he brought Shana to his family. Saito was / is a really playboy. He seemed to like Shana also. He begun to give her roses and call her often. 1 day later Shana broke up with Ikuto because she fell in love with somebody ells. After that, Shana was going to Saito. Saito seduced Shana to sleep with him, and after that he dumped her like she was trash. Shana was destroyed because of it, she knew she was played. After that Shana didn't come often to school and she never smiled again. A half year later we heard that she killed herself. Ikuto did blame himself for all of this, he kept saying that if he had worked harder on keeping her, she wouldn't be dead now. I know that isn't true. It was Saito's fault.

But I can understand that why Ikuto is so upset. Shana was the first one he loved. After that he begun to play a little with girls, he didn't care about them anymore. But with Amu, he love her just like Shana, he just haven't realized that yet.

'I know Ikuto.. but you know what, Amu is not her. And you are not the same as back then. This will end different. You know why? Because we are going to make sure of that!' Kukai said with his dumb up.

*Ikuto side*
Ikuto thoughts: thank you Kukai. And I will make sure that Amu will be mine.
'Ikuto, are you oke?' A sweet voice asked him from behind. He turned around on his chair and found a confused and worrying Amu.
'I am fine Amu' he gave her a little smile.
'That's good' Amu smiled a bit.
'Amu, come with me' Ikuto said while he gripped her hand.
'Where are we going?'
'You will see'
They walked away. Leaving a smiling Kukai behind and a curious Utau.

They were walking. Ikuto still was holding her hand. She didn't seem to mind it. He stopped walking.
'Come on, we have to clime this.' He pointed at a stairs. Amu was still walking behind him without saying a word.
Just before they for upstairs.
'Close your eyes'
'Why?' amu asked him confused
Ikuto got behind her and put his hands before her eyes.
'Trust me' He whispered in her ears.
They walking to the end of the edge.
'You can look now'

*Amu side*
When I opened my eyes, I found a beautiful view from the city. It was dark so everywhere there were lights. It was beautiful!. I looked aside me and found a Ikuto staring at me with a happy small smile. Ikuto was smiling? Not smirking are smiling to laugh me out, but smiling in a cute way..
'Hey Ikuto?' I asked
'Hmm' He answered
'Why did you bring me her?'
'I wanted to show you the view' Ikuto stood up and hugged her from behind. His head was leaning on her right shoulder.
'I mean, why right now.. why right after that something happened at the party?'
No response
'Ikuto, what happened on the party?' Amu could hear that she sounded a little worried
'I just panicked a little because I saw someone from the past'
'So it had nothing to do with me?'
'No, it didn't'
Ikuto let go of her and was lying on the ground now.
'You can see that stars like this.' He pointed at the sky.
I got next to him and looked at the sky
'You come her often?'
'Yeah. It's nice and quiet. And nobody knows about this place.'
'I do now'
'I don't mind'
'I called Utau and Kukai today when they were buzzy'
Ikuto first looked surprise to me. Probably because it just came up, but I had to tell somebody. And then he begun to laugh.
'It's not funny!'
'Yes it is! You didn't know that from Utau did you?'
'No.. I didn't…'
Ikuto stopped laughing.
'Well, Kukai and Utau are crazy about each other, so it's oke I think'
'Hmm maybe your right..'
Ikuto got up. He was now sitting. I did the same.

Then out of nowhere Ikuto got before me. His face was really close. So close that I was leaning a little bit to behind me.
'Would you have been mad at me if I wouldn't have stopped the first night I kissed you?'
Woo.. that question came out of now where.
'Uuuh.. I don't know.. I don't think I would have been mad. But I would have regret it..'
Ikuto looked down
'You know I didn't know you then like I know you know' Amu said with a little smile
Ikuto looked up. Right into her eyes. His eyes were different now. They had a spark in them. His hand toughed my face. Then his finger slowly for over my lips. He was still looking me right into my eyes. My chest was heading up. His eyes were begging me to let him touch me. His face got closer. And then
'Ring! Ring! Ring!' My cell phone was going off
'Don't pick up' Ikuto said while looking me inside my eyes
'It's Utau…'
Ikuto sighed. He picked my phone
'uuh? Ikuto? Where is Amu?'
'Amu and I are buzzy, bye!' Ikuto hung up the phone
'Ikuto! Do you know what Utau is thinking right now! She thinks that we are having sex!' Amu said, while she turned a little bit red
'O really? Well then we have to because Utau thinks that right now' Ikuto said while smirking
'What!' Amu yelled
'Haha just kidding Amu, don't worry' he let go off me and stood up. This really surprised me.
'Come on.. We have to get our stuff ready for Hawaii' he held his hand out to help me get up.
When I got up I was standing really close to him, he looked me into my eyes and then looked away.
'Come one.. we have to hurry a bit..' We walked back to our rooms and begun to pack our stuff. Ikuto was really fast ready. When I was also ready I found Ikuto sleeping on the bed. I smiled a bit, he seemed so sweet now.. I decided to also get a bit off sleep for tomorrow.