do you memorize theatrical lines that seem to lead them in?
play the role with a good girl heart, hide the tangled webs within?

breaking, anberlin

quill flies across paper
tears streak across face
water blurs eyelids

your whole body
until you can't see
s t r a i g h t

think about it this way
if life's a highway
then you're a terrible driver

everyone else is so perfectperfect
the actress lucy
the beautiful victoire
the crazy lily
the dumbfounding roxanne
the evilly amazing dominique
the funny rose

but you're just a ripple in the sand
a breeze in the wind
a bite in an apple

{not important enough to make a difference}

they say you're w e i r d
they criticize everything you do
so obviously you're not enough

and you're just a whisper
fragile, could be beautiful, u n h e a rd

and sometimes you just want to
end it all
but no, you're not brave enough

[remind me- why are you a Gryffindor?]

you walk around
gun poised at your skull
killing yourself s l o w l y
but still- no one cares
[so obviously you're an idiot
to think that maybe someone cared]

and even as blood pours out of your obvious scarsi
you're still ignoredignoredignored
so why even try anymore?

[might as well give up while you're down]

all it takes is one
pull of the trigger
and then you're g o n e

[and it's not as if anyone would care anyway, little Molly]
[you don't mean a thing to anyone]
[no one cares about you]
[we know you are]
[n o t h i n g]

A/N: Yeah. Just a little insight/angsty freeverse. Cause these voices have been getting to me lately.

So I feel for you, Molly.


And this is for my great friends that are always thereā€¦.