Chapter 1: REACT

New gum packs always smell fresh, like this new 5 React 2 pack. Too bad friends hog it off you like, every freakin' day. It feels like you wasted a buck on something you don't save for yourself.

Shit happens, right?

Well, I'm just not gonna blurt out that I have gum, or anything else special for that matter, only when I want to. So don't ya'll come up to me like you want something free, but you won't get a crumb from me, cause from the streets of Compton….. Okay, I was kidding. Those were just a few words from one of Dre's raps (if you've even heard about Dr. Dre).

You know, I think I'm high right just about now, but then again you can't get high off gum (or can you) or I was already high BEFORE I stuck this piece in my dirty ass mouth (I apologize if that offended you).

But I think it's about to end this little intro, and officially start the real story, before I get drunk and struck with lightning this time….(again, one of Eminem's raps)…..