It was the most beautiful thing Will had ever seen. Emma had given birth to their newborn baby boy. Both Emma and Will were now in a hospital room after ten long tiring hours of waiting for their child to be born.

Emma was lying in the hospital bed cradling the newborn in her arms. Will was sitting on a chair leaning over the bed and resting his head on Emma's shoulder. They sat in silence admiring the baby.

Will was the first to speak.

"What should we name him?"

"What do you think we should name him?" Emma asked.

"Hmmm I can't really think of a name right now," Will replied.

"Then how about Nick?" Suggested Emma.

Will looked at Emma like she was crazy.

'what kind of drugs did they give her' Will thought.

"ummm…." Will started to fidget.

"If you don't like that name then how about Will Jr?" Emma laughed.


"Just look at him Will, he even looks like you, and he even has your chubby cheeks,"

"I do not have chubby cheeks!" Will defended.

'What did that doctor do to my wife? She's acting really strange; it must be from the in her system…'

"Fine then I have another suggestion…"

'Oh no what is this going to be, she better not name our kid after Carl or something' Will thought.

"How about Joe,"

"No!" replied a frustrated Will.

"What should we call him then?"

"We can think of a name later, as for now let's just sit here and enjoy the moment as a family," Will smiled.

A while later, after looking through many names and arguing over some of them they had decided on one name. That name was Tyler William Schuester.