Okay, um. Now is probably the worst time to be starting a new fic, especially since I have two others in progress that haven't been updated in nearly a month, but the end of the school year is almost here, and once that comes I'll have more time and should hopefully get back to a regular updating schedule on everything. That said, I planned this over on Tumblr with the help of TealMoose and Unbelievably-Cliche, so a huge thanks to them! This is set during season one of Supernatural and season two of Big Time Rush. Hope you all enjoy!

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Rain was coming down in sheets outside, beating against the window of the hotel room. Lightning flashed, followed by thunder seconds later. A young man with dark brown hair was sprawled out across one of the twin beds, nose slightly red from the cold he had recently caught. A little black cell phone was resting on the bed in front of him, the voices of three other boys filtering out.

"Man, you always pick the worst time to get sick! This city is awesome!" The boy on the bed sighed and reached for the TV remote, slipping through the channels. "It's not like I plan on getting sick, Carlos. You know how weak my immune system is," he sighed. There was a round of laughter on the other end, and then a different voice spoke up. "We know, he's just kidding around. The rain is actually it a lot less enjoyable to be out, so we'll probably be heading back in about an hour anyway."

The boy looked out the window. He could barely make out the lights of the city, which was really saying something about the rain because the night before the lights had kept him from sleeping because they were so bright. "I don't know where this storm came from. Didn't you say the weather was supposed to be sunny all week, Logan?"

"Well weathermen are only human. They make mistakes sometimes," Logan answered. The boy looked up as lightning flashed again outside and thunder boomed, lighting up the room with eerie shadows. "I think this is one of those times," he smirked. His friends chuckled but stopped as he started coughing violently. "Hey man, why don't you take some of that medicine Kelly dropped by and try to get some rest? We'll start heading back soon." The boy nodded, pulling himself off the bed. "Thanks Kendall. Oh, and bring me back some food!"

There was a chorus of, "Bye, James!" and then a click, ending the call. James tossed the phone onto his bed and crossed the room to close the curtains before moving off to search for the cold medicine Kelly had brought for him earlier. As soon as he took it he planned to change into sweatpants and get some sleep, because colds always left him feeling tired and Nyquil would just make it worse.

The medicine was sitting on the bathroom counter, just where Kelly had left it. James took the little plastic cup that was resting next to the bottle and quickly swallowed, grimacing at the bitter taste. He hated being sick, if not for any other reason than the fact that Nyquil had never had a very appealing taste to him. But it was working, and already he could feel his eyes beginning grow heavier.

He made his way slowly back into the room and grabbed his overnight bag, searching for his pajamas. Outside the window he could hear the rain hitting the window in sheets. The sound of rain had always relaxed him, and now it was making him even sleepier. James glanced up as his phone started ringing from where it was on his bed, and with a sigh he left his bag to go see who was calling. If it was Kendall, Carlos, or Logan he was going to be really annoyed since they were the ones who had told him to go to sleep in the first place and now they were keeping him up. His frown immediately changed into a look of surprise as he saw that the caller wasn't one of his friends, but his uncle.

James had always been close with his family growing up, but if there was anyone he spent more time with than anyone else, including his parents, it would have had to have been his Uncle Josh. He was his mom's brother and the siblings definitely shared a certain tough edge, but in contrast to Mrs. Diamond, Josh had always told James to put his dreams before everything else and being his own individual. For the first twelve years or so of James' life, the two had been more like father and son than uncle and nephew. But Josh had moved from their small Minnesota town years ago, and James hadn't heard from him in over a year.

Raising his eyebrows and fighting off his exhaustion, James flipped open his phone. "Uncle Josh?" he mumbled tiredly.

There was a moment of silence on the other end before anyone answered. "James? Is that you?" He sounded calm, but there was still a note of worry in his voice. "Yeah, it's me… What's up, Uncle Josh?" This time there was no pause. "James, I need you to listen to me, and listen very carefully, okay?"

The seriousness in his uncle's voice woke him a little more and James shifted the phone to get it into a more comfortable position, frowning. "What are you talking about? Is something wrong?" Another round of thunder boomed outside of the hotel and the lights flickered once, causing James to look up.

"James- listen- need to-" Static broke the words apart, making it hard to hear even snatches of what his uncle was trying to say. "Uncle Josh? I think you're breaking up, the storm must be messing with the signal. Uncle Josh?" The static continued, but from the little bits he was able to catch James could hear the man's voice growing more and more frantic. "Uncle Josh, I think I'm going to have to call you back."

James' head jerked up as the television switched channels, looking to see if he'd hit the remote. He hadn't. "What the…" The channels began to change faster and faster, the sound coming out strange before the picture went static and then completely black. James shook his head. The one problem that came with rain was that it messed with everything electrical.

His uncle's voice was still coming through the phone, but by this time James couldn't make out anything he was saying. "Uncle- Uncle Josh! I'll call you as soon as this storm ends, but I can't hear you right now. Uncle Josh?" James looked down to see if his uncle was still on the line, but it showed the call had just ended. With a sigh he snapped the phone shut and tossed it back onto the bed. As soon as the little device hit the bed there was another flash of lightning, and the lights went out, enshrouding the room in darkness.

He tried to move slowly through the darkness to find his pajamas, but after nearly tripping into the wall and muttering a few choice swear words he decided to just give up and sleep in his jeans. His earlier exhaustion had taken over again, and he was ready to call it a day and get to sleep.

It was impossible to see in the room; he couldn't even see his hand when it was an inch from his face. It didn't really matter. He would sleep easier without all that light, and with luck the power would stay off long enough so that when the others got back they wouldn't wake him up by turning on all the lights. Lightning flashed again, lighting up the room.

When he looked up, he didn't expect to see a figure by the window.

But he did.

When he let out a startled gasp and took a step back, he never guessed that there to be someone behind him.

But he didn't.

When he jumped and spun around and the lightning flashed again, and didn't think he'd be looking into soulless, completely black eyes.

But he did.

When he realized that he was in very real danger, and that there was no one there to help him, he figured he would at least have a change to scream.

But he didn't.

And there is the beginning. I have two more weeks left of school, so there's no telling when the next time I update this will be, but hopefully I can get the next chapter of this and my other two fics up in the near future. Love you all!