This chapter sets the story and paves the way for a painful re-union.

Ancient Babylon: The Temple of Enlil.

"Hurry!" the priest said as he ran along the marbled corridor.

His acolytes followed him, looking behind them, fear etched on their faces.

As they reached the door to the inner temple the sounds of battle floated in the air.

The priest through open the door and dashed in. He didn't have time to admire the blue of the crushed lapis-lazuli that lined the wall.

"Forgive me Lord, I would not do this if it were not so important," he said and grabbed hold of a nearby ceremonial club and smashed the altar.

A tablet and a cylindrical tube fell out. He turned to his most trusted acolyte and placed it in his hands.

"Take these, they must not fall into the hands of the followers of Zu. Go now, take the hidden passage and hide them. Do not let even death stop you."

The acolyte took his precious cargo and with a bow turned and ran.

A scream echoed down the corridor and the priest knew that time had run out. "I am sorry my Lord Enlil, I have failed."

Soldiers flowed into the temple and the priest and his acolytes died as they prayed.

Modern Iraq- 1979- Temples at Ishara

"Professor, over here!" a voice called.

He sighed and hoped it was not more shards of ceremonial pots. They were on their last day of the dig and their funding had run out.

"What is it?" he said and climbed down the ladder.

The student was busy brushing away sand and the Professor frowned; what looked like a broken tablet and a sealed metal tube were lying side by side.

He dared to believe...could it be?

He sat in his tent and carefully put the two halves of the tablet together and he read the inscription on it.

"The Tears shall fall and Great pains shall rend the Worlds. Enlil's hearts have grown cold and Zu shall curse the people. The people shall weep and their cries shall reach Heaven itself. Enlil shall once more turn his hearts to the worlds and he will battle Zu for the worlds and the Tears shall be replenished and shall fall no more."

The Professor's hearts raced...this was the Tablet of The Tears. Which meant that...he carefully broke the seal on the tube and with great care removed the contents. He carefully unrolled it and...yes, it was the map.

With shaking hands he picked up the long-wave two-way radio.

Modern Iraq-2006- Mount Dena

"I really hope this is worth it," the man said as they scrabbled along the passageway.

"Of course it is, its taken twenty-six years, war and over a billion dollars have gone into finding this," his partner replied.

They both stopped as the passageway ended in a solid looking wall.

"A dead end, I knew it!"

"Please," the other man said and drew back his leg and kicked.

The wall collapsed and revealed a large chamber.

They climbed through the collapsed wall and there it was.

Cardiff- 2009- Torchwood Three

Jack watched the tape of the destruction and panic as the tornado ripped through the mid-west town.

"Why are you showing me this?" he said to Ianto.

"Watch the screen, sir," he said.

Jack narrowed his eyes and then all of a sudden they widened in surprise. "Whoa, what the hell is that!"

Jack blinked at the image and watched a people ran in terror, not from the tornado but from the huge figure that was striding behind it. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"That's impossible," he said.

"Actually it's the Babylonian god Adad," Ianto said.

"The what who?"

"Adad, a storm god, half bird, half-man, breathes fire and control the wind. And that's not all sir," Ianto said and changed the tape.

"This was the sudden drought in Egypt last month. That's Erra, the Akkadian plague god."

Jack sat down. "They can't be real, tell me this didn't go out to air?"

Ianto froze the image and shook his head. "No, UNIT confiscated them, copied them and edited it out. They're telling every that they were hallucinations caused by release of methane pockets but they appear to be real. But that's not the only reason they called us in."

Ianto turned off the footage and information blinked onto the screen.

Jack stared."But that's impossible. How can there be Artron energy? I'm the only one with Artron energy."

"Maybe the Doc..."

Ianto stopped before he finished the sentence, a guilty look crossing his face.

"Go on, say it," Jack snapped. "Maybe the Doctor can help. Well he's not here, we're on our own."

A beep on Ianto's computer interrupted the course the conversation was taking. "Another Artron reading, I set up the system to register the smallest amount. There's a cyclone forming of the coast of Florida, there's a high risk that it'll turn into a hurricane."

"But it's not hurricane season. Warn the National Hurricane Centre, if they argue, quote Article Five at them."

Jack opened his com. "This is Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood, put me through to whoever's in charge...hello...yes, we have another reading, you have. Then I suggest you alert the New York base and I'll need a UNIT flight myself and my team. Great, we'll be there."

Ianto waited until Jack was out of ear shot and dialled a certain number and after a few minutes of waiting spoke.

"If you don't want to answer, then don't. But you really need to see this. I'm uploading it through this phone. You can ignore it if you like but things are happening and people are dying."

The Vortex- No Time- Nowhere

Soft music echoed through the corridors of the TARDIS but over it could be heard the steady thump of something metallic being hit with something metallic.

A raised voice floated in the air.

"Come one you piece of outmoded space junk. It's not like I can stop of at the local DIY store and ask for a multi-plasma phase regulator!"

The Doctor let out a "Hah!" of victory when the offending device flickered into life and joined the rest of the flickering lights underneath the console.

"There you are old girl. That'll feel better..."

He stopped when he heard a phone ringing...Martha's correct that...the phone Jack had forced on him after the debacle of the Dalek Invasion.

He tried to ignore, tried to tune it out and listen to the music that was playing. He was succeeding until he received a strong mental nudge from the TARDIS.

He scowled. "I'm not answering it...oww!"

Sparks burnt his fingertips and there was another nudge and this time there was a beep from the console.

"Alright, alright, I'll look, but I'm not answering the phone."

He lay the hammer down and crawled from under the console and onto his knees. As he looked at the information

"Not my problem anymore," he said and went to pick up the hammer.

He'd had no intention of ever going back.

The TARDIS had other ideas and the change in the sound of the engines told the Doctor she was taking him there, the one place he never wanted to go to again...Earth.

Author's Notes:

Enlil, Zu,Erra, Adad are real ancient Babylonians and Akkadian gods.