A/N: This is an Au, where there are two things of each. Sam/Dan and Dean/Scott. Find out what is going to happen when the brothers hook up and start complaining.

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Sam had been on a hunt with Dean. It had gone wrong, so very wrong. Dean had like always run into the sewers and Sam had to run to keep up. Dean had triggered an alarm, and the chaos had almost killed them. The job was done, that much was true. But the way had been a mess. Sam was more pissed than he had been with John when he left the family business years back. Sam just walked into the bathroom and got the stench of him. He walked out and grabbed the bag he had brought with him. Dean was patching himself up, and Sam did everything he could to ignore him.

Sam had put on the clothes that he had bought for this occasion. He knew no one would recognise him at once. It was the entire plan. He needed a break from Dean, so he left the hotel and walked to the place he was supposed to be soon. He stood outside for a while looking into the house, a lot of kids had already walked into the house. Sam looked at a figure that who he had been expecting. He had called him, set this night up. Now the plan was in motion. Sam put on the mask and felt the pull of the cape.

He entered the mansion. He looked down at the salted lines that he stepped over, making sure that they were undisrupted. Sam looked at the house, for a fraternity that was filled with future hunters, this was so no subtle as he had been brought up. Hunters these days where more and more like Dean, sure that they would never get hurt or die. He had the cape on, the tights too. By god he was thankful that Dean didn t know about this fraternity, and especially the party. Sam would rather be killed than Dean finding him in this outfit.

The ancient mask he had on his face. Was filled with feathers like the old masquerade masks. Sam knew Dean would be calling girl names for days if he ever saw him like this. Sam looked around, scanning the room, the walls where filled with ancient runes and signs. Making this place a very secure place. This was almost as secure as Bobby's cell. However they had more things protecting this place, then Bobby had downstairs. The entire mansion was build on a devils trap, yet no one took chances. Some thing s you just didn t mess with.

Sam spotted Dan across the room, he grabbed a beer, and walked directly to him. He looked tense, just like Sam felt it. They had a lot in common. However where Sam had Dean, Dan had Scott. Sam wasn t sure who was striking out on that part, him or Dan. He saw Dan had a beer too, so they both walked upstairs, finding an empty room. They locked the door, and just sat down not saying a word, as they tasted their beers. This was by far one of the weirdest places Sam had met other hunters. He wondered if anyone else outside the fraternity knew what this one specialised in.

I swear Dan, Dean is gonna be the end of me.

I hear you, one would think they would get over the dying and being dragged back part. No Scott is more holy than the freaking pope.

So Dean ran into the sewers today, we almost didn t make it.

Scott is home in bed with an angel, don t ask why. He is into wing sex, and keeps talking about it, when ever it isn t my fault that the world is going under.

Oh dear god, don t get me started on Dean's sex life. I swear I am going to have a huge ass psychiatric bill.

So to change the topic, what is with the cape and the mask? You told me it was a masquerade, so I dressed the part, seeing I am the only one that is dressed out. Nice one Dan. Thanks.

Oh yeah, sorry about that. It was kinda a bet between me and Scott. I was sure you wouldn t dress up. Sorry about that.

Sam sighted and just let himself fall back over, and just relaxed as he watched the ceiling. Dan was on the chair and just looked at the ceiling too. They had all been hunting for days, and both Sam and Dan were shattered. After a few moments Dan walked downstairs and grabbed 2 six packs, beside bitching over their older brothers they wanted a night off. Nothing fancy just a night where they could get drunk and not have to hear about it the next day.

Before long both where drunk, both where bitching about their brothers and without even noticing it, or realising it, they sat and braided each others hair. That was when Dean and Scott walked in on them. Crap.

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