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Sam was being a girl and Dean was totally uber male awesomeness which was why he was totally annoyed when Sam just got up and left after their dangerous mission into the sewers. Dean was hurt god-damn it and so he deserved epic pie. Cas wasn't around to magic him pie. The world was really rubbish.
Not caring about in whatever ways that he was hurt, Dean grabbed the keys to the Impala, his baby and at least there for him unlike his asshole brother. He was going to find pie if it killed him. He only hoped it didn't come down to that.

He drove to the closest diner. It would have probably been easier and faster to walk there but what the hell. He was hurt, he deserved to take it easy. And pie. Pie was the most important thing. Pie was better than sex.
It was late, or early, it didn't matter. The place was close to deserted and Dean was glad for that. He just wanted to get alone with a good piece of pie. Some peace and quiet, especially away from annoying brothers with annoying hair.
He wasn't the only hunter therem, though. There must be a convention in town. Dean thinks about it and shudders. He needs happy thoughts. He noticed him immediately. Scott. He was a hunter like him and Sam were. He even travelled around with that emo-girl excuse for a brother, Dan. Their dad was still around though even if their mum was dead. Scott was awesome though even if he had freaky weird powers and an angel fetish. Dean didn't get it himself. Angels were dicks.

"Funny seeing you here," Scott said the moment that Dean walked into his eye line. He didn't stop eating the frankly embarrassing piece of pie in front of him or take his eyes off it. Dean almost wanted to get them a room. It did look like good pie. Scott wasn't going to share though. Dean would have to get his own. If there was one flaw with Scott, other than he drove a crap car and not an Impala, was that he was a total pie-hog. But then again, so was Dean.

"There's pie," Dean replied and that answered everything. Pie was ordered and they sat in companionable silence for a while. Pie-eating should never be disturbed by talking. And the last time he had spoken to Scott, there had been vivid descriptions of angel porn which totally put him off his pie. "Where is that moose of a brother of yours anyway?"

"Stupid frat party. Wanna crash?"

Dean had finished his pie. It seemed like a good idea so he nodded but there was one condition. "We are so taking my car." Dean and Scott climb into the Impala. Dean turned the key and suddenly the car was flooded with sounds of "pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows." Scott burst out laughing and Dean swore to kill his brother.

"Don't know why you are laughing," Dean said spitefully. "I still have pictures of when Dan died all of your clothes pink. Even you leather coat. I was impressed."

"I look good in pink," Scott protested. Dean had to concede that point.

They arrive at the party which is kinda lame. There was no sight of either their brothers though. A lot of frat boys and girls though. Dean didn't even realise that Sam got involved in these sorts of parties but then Dan was the lameass one. Scott said it all of the time.

They searched the place quickly. It didn't take long because the scent of nerd!angst was strong. And that Scott distinctly heard someone say something about angel wings and the bizarre things that Scott was able to do them and exactly how inappropriate for it to happen when Dan was in the room, trying to sleep. And failing. There may have been something about never wanting to see wings used like that again. Scott was so going to tell Jerry about that. Then get Jerry to take photos of the exact point where he manages to convince Dan it is a good idea.

Without knocking, Dean and Scott walk into Sam and Dan. Sam seemed to be wearing wait a superhero costume? And exactly what did DP stand for?

"Oh gods," Scott laughs out. Their brothers are half sprawled across each other, braiding each other's hair. Sam's long brown locks were almost half done whereas Dan's fluffer blond hair was struggling to resemble anything of a plait. Either way they both looked ridiculous. There were never going to live this down. This was better than the time when Scott snuck porn under Sam's bed. "You owe me, Dan, pay up."

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