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The Compound

The six of us climb up a hill, fatigue and exhaustion settling in. We finally manage to reach the top, panting, as we look down and see a compound in a valley in the distance, surrounded by trees.

"I bet there's a good chance Eric's in there! I'd bet my bottom dollar!" Paul exclaimed as he started to make his decent into the valley. The rest of us following.

We emerge from the trees and enter the borders of the compound. The parking lot is littered with abandoned vehicles, some lying on their sides, others completely overturned. After taking another look around at everything, we all entered the compound.

We find ourselves in the lobby of the compound, which was now in the process of being reclaimed by the jungle outside. Roots and ivy were poking through the floor and walls.

The cushions of the sofas and chairs in the waiting area were gnawed at and pulled apart. Dusty coffee mugs and filled ashtrays lay on the table. In a near by cooler, the water has become murky and undrinkable.

I then gripped onto dads arm as a sudden flapping startled me. I looked up and saw birds nesting in the rafters. The whole compound seemed eerie and haunted, as if we were in a creepy video game.

"Are you alright?" Dad asked me, placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine, don't worry."

"Eric!" Paul suddenly called out. Amanda shushed him.

As we were looking around, we noticed a telephone sitting on the reception counter. I can tell we all have the same idea, but no one dares to try.

"What the hell." Amanda says as she goes over to the counter. She puts the receiver to her ear, but there's no sound.

We then proceed to move further into the building, my dad in the lead.

As we are walking through. We come across a couple of vending machines in the hallway, covered with vines.

Paul then takes some change out of his pocket. "Who's got any change? I've got about a buck seventy-five. How about you guys?"

I yell out, along with Amanda, as we hear a sudden smash of glass. We look around and see Billy rummaging through one of the vending machines, being careful of the now broken glass as he pulls out some candy bars and offers them around.

The others move on, and I see Paul turning to his machine and trying to break the glass with his foot, but failing to as he walks with a limp. I follow shaking my head with a small smile.

Dad and Billy push through a set of doors and we walk through to see a hatching facility of some sort. All the equipment in the room I recognized from the equipment we saw on the first island when we saw the raptor hatching.

As we descend down the stairs, we being to absorb the incredible display of technology; enormous cryonic freezers, their plugs being pulls years ago. Empty incubators, tanks of formaldehyde with dinosaur fetuses and body parts.

Machines with intricate tubing and wing arms are stood beside conveyor belts which cris-cross the room at different levels.

"Is this how you make dinosaurs?" Amanda asked.

I shook my head as I reply. "No. This is how you play god."

"Okay if I take pictures?" I hear Billy ask dad, who nods his approval.

I look to him and see him looking impressed as he snaps a few pictures.

I walk down the left side of the lab, walking pass large cylindrical tanks which held half-formed embryos floating in the fluid, the genetic experiments which have seemed to gone awry. As I'm walking, I stop as I come to a gigantic raptor head floating in one of the tanks.

I just stand, frozen to the spot, as I stare at the creature that has caused me so much grief and pain for the past four years. I want to move away, but my legs wont move so I simply look at the head closely, able to look at this creature without having the fear of being eaten by it. As I bend forward to get a closer look, I see the eyes twitch slightly. I jump back a little in surprise. Then, all of a sudden, the raptor jumps at me and I scream as I back away. Fortunately for me, the raptor can't get between the closely spaced tanks.

"Olivia!" Billy yells as he takes my hand.

"Back out! Move!" Dad yells as we all run out of the room.

Paul leads the way as we run, checking for possible escape routes or hiding places. I hear the raptor running after us at full speed.

"In here!" Paul yells as he ducks into a room.

We follow him in, slamming the door behind us, as we take a quick scan of the room.

There are several rows of over sized steel cages, which look as though they were used to contain young dinosaurs, many of the doors standing open.

We race down a lone aisle, close behind us, the raptor bursts into the room as he roars.

Dad, Paul, Amanda and Udesky run into one of the open cages, shutting the door behind them and Billy and I run into another as the raptor gains on us. The raptor suddenly slams into the cage door Billy and I are in and trapping us in a triangle space as we are forced against the chained wall behind us. The raptor tries snapping in between the bars to get to us when it suddenly looked up. Billy and I followed its gaze and saw a gap that was wide enough for the raptor to get us.

"Push!" I call out as the raptor suddenly starts climbing.

Billy and I push the door to the other side, push the lock so that it's trapped and run off with the others.

As we run, dad stops as the raptor begins letting out barking noises.

"She's calling for help. . ."

"Come on!" Paul exclaims, taking dads arm and pulling him along with the rest of us.

We all run out of the compound and into the wooded area. When we come out on the other side, we run into a herd of Hadrosaurs grazing then all run when they see us.

As we're running, I hear the raptors catching us up.

"Into the trees!" I suddenly hear dad shout.

I quickly stop, almost falling over in the process and run into the trees, Billy close behind me.

As Billy and I are running through the dense forest, I suddenly stop as I hear Udesky screaming.

"Udesky. . ."

Billy takes my hand, "Come on, Olivia. There's nothing we can do."

He then pulls me away.

As we're running, we stop again as we see a raptor stood about five meters away. Another raptor is heard calling out and Billy pushes my up against a tree as the raptor turns to the sound and rushes off. Breathing sighs of relief, Billy and I proceed to climb up the tree. A few trees away, we see Mr and Mrs Kirby.

"Mr Kirby!" Billy shouts to him.

He looks up. "Billy!?"

"Is Alan with you?"

"No, he's not."

I groan out as Billy and I climb over to the tree they're in. We look down and see Udesky laid on the ground on his front.

"Mr Udesky! Mr Udesky!" Mrs Kirby calls out.

"He's gone." Billy says as he doesn't move.

Suddenly, Udesky moves his arm.

"Oh my god, no he's not!" Mrs Kirby yells as she climbs over.

"Wait a minute, something's not right." I say, feeling unnerved about this.

"Well, we've gotta help him." Mr Kirby says as he follows Amanda.

Suddenly, the branch Amanda is standing on breaks and she falls, managing to catch herself on the lowest branch, however, two raptors show up and try to snap at her.

"Hold on Amanda!" Mr Kirby calls as he and Billy help her up.

We watch the raptors as they watch us.

"They set a trap. . .they actually set a trap. . ." Billy says sounding amazed.

Suddenly, there's a call from another raptor in the distance, the two say something to each other before the run off, but not before snapping Udesky's neck, killing him instantly.

After calling out for my dad for about an hour, Billy and I finally settled down in one of the trees for the night. I was laid in between his legs, my back against his chest as he lent up against the tree with his arms around me.

"Billy, dad's going to be alright isn't he?" I asked fearfully.

"Of course he is. He's strong you're dad, you know he is." he replied, trying to give me some comfort.

I sighed. "I hope you're right."

He just kissed my head. "Get some sleep Liv. We'll find him tomorrow. I promise."

I smiled as I cuddled up against him and said a silent prayer for my dad before I fell asleep.

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