Rated M: Super dirty and bad language, too.
A spin off of chapter four from my story Touch. This one is all for Lesa, xoxo.

Tennis Whites

"It was a good game, Amelia, Fred." Chuck shook their respective hands across the net, with an amicable smile. He was completely ignoring his wife who was not so covertly fuming away back towards their villa, kicking up a little storm cloud of dust in her wake.

Leaning his racquet against his shoulder, he turned back towards his wife's retreating form just in time to see the flash of her white pleated tennis skirt flip through the stone archway. Chuck wondered how far she would get before turning back on him? He lazily strolled off the clay tennis court and soaked up the hot Italian sun overhead. His trainers barely touched the worn cobblestone walkway before the fury of Blair Bass engulfed him.

"How could you do that do me, Chuck!" There was little smudge of dirt on her cheek. The cuteness of it managed to counteract everything else for him.

"It was hardly like we had home court advantage," He replied calmly, "A clay court, honestly? Europeans…"

This hardly calmed her, "Like that matters," her eyes narrowed, "Nate wouldn't have lost!"

A moment of darkness crossed his face- that she would really sink that low. He leaned down over her, his free hand coming up to lightly clasp around her throat, his fingers caressing the line of her neck- gentle, yet powerful, "Would you like to list all the things Nathaniel wouldn't do?"

His hand dropped from her neck to touch her naked thigh, flitting along the hem of her skirt. No matter how she might be feeling, they both knew how wet she was becoming in that moment.

Her eyes were still fiery, but she swallowed hard under his strong, possessive air. She dropped her line, and tried a different angle, "I hate Amelia- you were suppose to help me crush her! She embarrassed me in front of the French ambassador, and losing that tennis match to her and her Fred," she mocked how the girl gushed his name, "Isn't helping anything, Chuck!"

He dropped his eyes, before lowering his head down, his mouth hovering just above her favorite spot on her neck. He teased her, his breath disturbing the few little hairs that had escaped her ponytail to cling to her damp skin. Then his mouth was pressed against her ear, "You can't tell me you thought one tennis match would fix it? And how could I stay focused… with you in your little white skirt?"

Chuck pulled away, and Blair nearly fell forward at the overwhelming loss of his presence all around her. She saw his eyes flash and his signature smirk before he turned away from her and continued back up to the house. For the briefest moment, she leaned back against the stone wall of the court and closed her eyes. God she hated him… but for all the best reasons possible. That he should know her so well was infuriating, even though in the same heartbeat, she loved him for it.

He may walk with a casual gait, but he still moved faster compared to Blair stomping after him. Chuck was well inside the villa before she huffed upstairs, "Charles Bartholomew Bass, don't you dare think this is over!"

She was frowning when she reached the doorway of their bedroom. He was pulling his polo shirt over head, his white tennis shorts already unfastened, laying open, and exposing the delicious line of hair that ran down his stomach to… Chuck looked up at her as he dropped his shirt to the floor. His hair was mussed, in the most perfect way possible. Fuck. Why did she have to marry a sex god?

His eyes were deep and golden, and his face showed no sign of the arrogance they both knew he was displaying with his words when he purred "Is there something wrong, Mrs. Bass?"

Blair narrowed her eyes at him. Without a word, she turned with the flick of her ponytail, dropped her racket, and then tugged her shirt over her head as she walked past their bed towards the shower. By the time she had pulled her bra off, Chuck was upon her. He grabbed her ponytail, yanking her head back; he growled in her ear, "A wife should answer her husband when he asks her a question."

"It's not an answer you want," she replied, as he pressed his body against hers, forcing her to grab the doorframe of the bathroom.

"Because you misbehaved in public this morning?" he chided her, his free hand coming up to trace down her neck, shoulder, and arm, "But then, I suppose it is my fault, isn't it? After last night," he paused for effect, and reflection. They had spent hours teasing one another in bed, only to end with Blair sucking him off.

"I neglected you. You need me buried between your legs," his breath was hot in her ear, "to be filled with my seed- marked, as my woman," he licked the shell of her ear and felt her press back into his hips with need.

At last releasing her ponytail, his hand dropped under her skirt, fingers hooking around her panties to tug them down, "Say it," he purred, as her little white underwear dropped to the floor, "Tell me you need me to fuck you."

He pulled himself free- too eager to deal with completely undressing. Chuck grinned as he leaned against her, the sight of him disappearing under the proper pleated tennis skirt. He could have easily sunk deep inside her; she was so wet that simply pressing himself between her thighs had coated him with her need. But he was enjoying listening to her beg too much.

"… Please, Chuck. I promise to behave better next time."

He smacked her ass, "But then," he growled, "I won't get to punish you like this."

Blair trembled when she felt him press into her, just a few inches of him filling her. She panted, and her eyes rolled back. Then, she cried because she was empty. She turned to see what he was doing, only to find him reclining on their bed. She was furious at the casual, nonplussed look on his face, as his pants lay opened, his long thick cock, rock hard, as it rested against the flat of his stomach.

She stormed towards the bed, looking like she was about to slap him as she climbed in. "How dare you!"

"I dare anything with you," Chuck purred as his hand grabbed her ponytail once more and shoved her down to suck on him.

She listened to him sigh in pleasure; she could taste both him and her as her tongue stroked him. Blair felt his had slacken its hold on her hair, allowing her the freedom to move her mouth in the rhythm that within moments had him moaning. Just when he begged her to not stop, she dug her nails into his thighs and made him roar. The pain blinded him just long enough for her to climb into his lap.

When he opened his eyes, Chuck smiled to himself. Blair's head was tilted back, her eyes closed, her mouth had fallen open. She grasped his cock in her hand for a moment, bringing his tip to her soaking wet opening. The entire action was hidden under that little skirt, oh, but he felt it- felt her sliding down him, her heat engulfing him, as he watched her sigh and her cheeks grow pink with the heat of her pleasure.

He quietly- more or less, let her ride him in her bliss for several minutes, just enjoying the sight of his beautiful wife in the height of her lust. Slipping his hand under her skirt, his fingers rather than slipping down towards her sex, traced the feel of her wide hips, then up a little higher, pressing the soft flesh to sense the feel of him moving inside her.

He heard her whimper at this and pulling his hand away, he held her hips as he sat up, pulling her with him up the bed, so he might lean back against the headboard. He licked one of her nipples with his wide tongue before teasing her, "Aren't you going to come all over me, my love? You know I won't fill you with my come if you don't milk every last drop from me."

Blair mewled at this, her hands on his shoulders; she rode him harder as her fingertips curled cruelly, digging into his skin. He pulled his head back to watch her, his hands covering the whiteness of her breasts as he pinched her nipples between his fingers, making her cry a little more. He urged her onward, "That's right… be a good little come whore. Cry for me… scream for me… then I will mark you- fill you until it runs down your legs."

She could take it no longer. Her love and her lust pour over her as she came, heat and pleasure flaming out from where she was one with him to the tip of her eyelashes to her tiniest toe. Her voice was hoarse as she cried out her release, riding him so hard, she feared her muscles might seize at any moment and end the delicious feeling of Chuck fill her so completely.

She panted, her head swimming, her body inadvertently slowly. Blair was entirely unawares when Chuck pushed her back into the bed. He was fucking her in earnest now, the sound and the sensation ebbing in her mind like high tide rising. She heard him growl, her eyes opening lazily to watch him over her. He was gorgeous… and when his eyes met hers, his passion- his intensity… it burned her, and she cried a moment when she felt it pull deep within. "No," she panted, "Not again!"

This time, they fell together. The sight of her was stunning as her back arched- until his eyes rolled back. He could hear her crying in his ears and he felt her grow even tighter around him as he tried to jerk his hips against hers. His thrusts were short and powerful, and then his mind was white with bliss as he poured himself into her.

They were both smiling happily as their hearts slowed and their panting subsided. Blair pouted, like always, when they pulled apart. Slipping from the bed, Chuck stood, finally pulling his shorts and underwear properly off. He then leaned down to take Blair's hands, trying to tug her from bed. "Come on, time to shower."

Blair gave him a nasty look, mostly because she wasn't confident she could stand up on her shaky legs just yet. But he tugged on her hands again, and with a roll of her eyes, she too slipped from their bed. He kissed her as a reward, not breaking the kiss as they staggered towards the shower. Blair gasped, and Chuck pulled his head back a little, "Oh no…" she teased, watching as he quirked an eyebrow at her.

"I think you're about to miss your favorite part- or… is it my favorite part?"

Chuck grinned, hastily turning her away from him. Happily compliant, Blair bent down for him, as he pushed her skirt up over her ass. Looking a moment, he thought she was teasing him, so he smacked her ass. No… there it was, his thick white come starting to run down over her pussy.

He ran his hand over her ass as he spoke, "You know… I'm pretty sure this is what I'll be thinking of every time we play tennis now."

This thought clearly excited Blair, for more of him began to spill out of her. Reaching down, he slid his fingers over her- and him, listening to her sigh before slipping a finger deep inside her. Her hips bucked back against him and he fucked her like this a little while, shoving his seed back deep inside her until he was satisfied he could do no more… for now.

At last, pulling away, he unzipped the once prim little tennis skirt, letting it fall to the ground before she pulled him into the shower with her. They stayed in their villa the rest of the day, only again venturing out for dinner in order to make everyone envious of them- who they were, their love, and their unadulterated sex glow.

When they left the restaurant, they saw a small group of people had gathered and could hear shouting. Chuck grinned as they walked passed the scene. A red Ferrari 599 was about to be towed, and a couple was arguing about it. The couple… was Amelia and Fred- it was his Ferrari. Blair had her polite as if I care smile on her face, but Chuck knew better. He purred in her ear, "Turns out… Fred has evaded his taxes for quite a number of years…"

At that, Blair stopped and turned towards her husband. She smirked back at him as her hands reached up to hold his face. "I… love you."

Pulling her tightly to him, they kissed, feeling no two people were every so perfectly matched.

Kind of Season 1 grown up? Maybe? The scheming angle was fun, Bitchy!Blair is always fun, and lord... are they dirrrrty. I like the thought that though grown up and married, they never truly change underneath it all? But enough of my yammering- if you liked it at all, you know what to do! Push the button and let me know. xoxo -K