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Megatron smirked as he listened to his top spy gave his report. The spy wasn't able to do this as often as he'd like but every time he did report, it was always to give useful information. There was no doubt about it, Shockwave was a valuable Mech, so adaptable and yet so loyal, the ideal solider.

Sure, being in the Autobot secret service did mean they had to make scarifies so Shockwave could keep his privileged position as LongArm Prime but it mattered not. He was prepared to make those sacrifices especially as the rewards were so great. The call he was currently taking was important as Shockwave would be unable to contact him for quite a while after so it was necessary he take this now.

He was always the one who talked to Shockwave, he didn't trust anyone else and he preferred to hear the report first hand. Second just wasn't acceptable, particularly as he could never be certain nothing had been held back. So, despite the fact this call didn't have the best timing, he still sat back in his chair and listened with a smile.

"I'm afraid that's all there is for the moment, my Lord," Shockwave finished respectively.

"I know the information's not much but I have a feeling it will become very important."

"Thank you Shockwave, as always you serve me well," Megatron said in his gruff sounding voice, his lips quirked slightly in a smile.

Seeing how pleased his Lord was about something and figuring it wasn't due to the report, Shockwave said.

"My Lord, if I might inquire, you seem very pleased about something, I take it things are going well on your end?"

Megatron sighed slightly.

"The War effort remains much the same here Shockwave, like thing on Cybertron. We still search for the AllSpark and have no leads as such yet."

But then his smile widened.

"But yes, something...personal has happened."

Shockwave politely waited for his master to tell him what this was, and Megatron didn't disappoint.

"I recently took an Autobot slave and he has just Sparked a strong Mechling," Megatron said, the proud unmistakable in his voice.

"Congratulations, Lord Megatron," Shockwave said, his tone full of satisfaction for his leader's good fortune.

"Thank you," Megatron said with a smug smile.

"I wasn't sure if it would work, I have had, shall we say, disappointments in the past."

And it was true, none of his previous partners had produced so much as a Femme. Naturally, a Mech was what he'd desired but at least a Femme would have been a start. But not only had this latest attempt succeeded first time, but his little Autobot was rather delicious. He was a little on the small side but not as small as some Autobots and very resilient.

"Have you thought of a designation, if you don't mind me asking Lord Megatron?" Shockwave politely inquired and Megatron grinned.

"His name is Valour and while he does have blue optics, he has the coding to become a strong Decepticon," Megatron said proudly, another reason he was so happy.

Valour seemed to have taken after both his creators in the best possible ways. He appeared to have his Carrier's colouring as well as his optics but this didn't bother Megatron. As long as he had good code and received the proper training, he would grow into an heir Megatron could be proud of.

"I am thinking of Bonding with this Autobot, he will produce many more offspring for me and keep my berth warm."

Shockwave nodded in approval of Megatron's decision.

"That is excellent news, it will greatly rouse morale to know that our great leader has procured a mate and Sparked a healthy son."

"Indeed, I am planning to announce this in a few cycles time," Megatron confirmed with another smug smirk.

Shockwave nodded before his long neck twisted as he suddenly turned his head. Looking back at Megatron, he said.

"I must go now, Lord Megatron but once again, I offer my congratulations."

Megatron inclined his head as Shockwave morphed back into LongArm Prime before the connection fizzled and then cut. Pleased, he got to his feet and went over to the view station to gaze out into space.

They were currently passing through an asteroid field but it was of no concern to him. His Warship's shield easily deflected the small to medium sized asteroids and it was easy enough to steer past the large ones. Sometimes, his men liked to practise their shooting on the asteroids but they wouldn't be messing about this cycle.

At least not in that way, he was thinking a small celebration was in order, since his first son had been Sparked this cycle. Just as he was deciding which High Grade vintage he himself would sample later on, two arguing Mechs came through the door.

The first was his annoying, backstabbing Second, Starscream, his high pitched voice grating in the previously blissful silence. Sometimes, he wondered why he bothered with that traitorous Seeker but the Mech would undoubtedly be even more of an annoyance if he tried banishing him. Not to mention, he had the damndest luck when it came to surviving mortal blows.

The second Mech was someone he distrusted almost as much as Starscream but sadly, this Mech was too useful to deactivate. His name was Swindle and he dealt in, well, just about anything. If you wanted it, he could get it, for a high price. And if someone else was willing to pay higher, he'd go to them while pretending he was still going to deal with you.

He had no idea what the two were arguing about but it was probably Swindle trying to sell Starscream something.

"I'm telling you Starscream, this will give you the smoothest shine on your armour, you try this, you'll never want to go back to ordinary wax," came Swindle's smooth, conniving voice.

"For the last time, I'm not interested...oh, Lord Megatron, I didn't see you there," Starscream said, his snarl changing into an oily smile as he gave Megatron a mocking bow.

"What do you want, Starscream?" Megatron demanded coolly, he didn't need the purple and grey Seeker spoiling his good mood.

"I was escorting him," Starscream said, jerking a pointed claw at Swindle who already had his salesmen smile on his face.

"Why Megatron, how good to see you," Swindle began as Megatron resisted the urge to roll his optics.

"What is it?" growled Megatron, forcing Swindle to get to the point.

"Well, you know that Shuttle I sold you...?"

"We've already paid, you'd better not be implying there's something wrong with it," Megatron said dangerously, causing Swindle to say quickly.

"No, no, it's exactly what you wanted, complete with cloaking device, enough storage compartments for any number of objects..."

"I know what's in it," Megatron almost snarled in anger. "Get to the point, Swindle."

Holding up his hands in a pacifying gesture, Swindle said.

"I gave you what you wanted, there's nothing wrong with it. However, there are several extras that you didn't ask for that I'd be happy to add on..."

Megatron really did roll his optics, he should have known Swindle just wanted to sell him some more stuff. It was so typical of him, always trying to add on extras so he could make a bigger profit.

"You have five breems," he growled, there was a chance Swindle had something he'd want.

"Alright," Swindle said happily as he started listing what he had and just what they could do.

Megatron only half listened, he was imaging what it would be like once his soon to be mate was recovered and he could take him to his berth. Obviously, tonight was out of the question and the next few nights would be as well, he wasn't stupid enough to mate with a bot that'd just given birth.

But once he was recovered, Primus, the fun they'd have. He'd frag that pretty little Mech until he couldn't move, let alone walk. Just like all those times before he was too far gone with Valour too risk it.

"...There's also some protective camouflage paint that you might want, I know it's only dark gray at the moment but..."

"Does this Shuttle have two dorsal fins, one larger than the other?" Starscream suddenly asked, he'd been staring out the view screen.

"Why, yes, it does," Swindle said in surprise, only Megatron had seen the Shuttle.

"How do you know that?"

"Because it's currently heading towards that asteroid," Starscream said lightly, pointing a clawed finger.

Megatron spun around, his mouth dropping in horror as he saw that Starscream was right, there was the Shuttle, heading for open space. For a few astro seconds, he couldn't move, unable to process what he was seeing. Who would have the outright gall to take that Shuttle, who would dare?

"Prime!" he roared, shoving Swindle out of the way as he charged out of the room, Starscream at his heels.

He headed straight to the Med Bay, there was a chance he was wrong, he had to be sure.

He skidded into the Med Bay, his optics widening as he took in the sight of the Medic lying motionless on the ground. Beyond him, there was a stained and empty berth where he'd left his mate to be. And the little incubator beside that berth...

"No," he whispered as he saw it to be empty.

"He's escaped," Starscream stated, sounding so shocked, he forgot to gloat about his leader's failure.

"We can still get him back," Megatron snarled, charging out of the room to the Control centre.

As soon as he got there, he grabbed the confused Mech at the controls and threw him away. He then started typing away, trying to get a lock on the small Shuttle. Unfortunately, because of the asteroid field, this was impossible, the ship just kept locking on them. All he could do was aim in the Shuttle's direction and try to catch it before it got away.

He cursed, recalling that the Shuttle had could Warp, it was why he'd bought it from Swindle. But not just Warp to one place, it could Warp to multiply places in order to throw off pursuit. His bought technology was being used against him.

No, he was not going to allow Prime to steal Valour, not his first born son who had so much potential.

He realised there might only be one way to get them both back and that was reasoning with Prime. So, he quickly opened a comm. channel to the Shuttle and tried to calm himself down so he wouldn't scare Prime away.

"Prime, where are you going with our son?" he asked, putting worry and concern into his voice.

"Away from you," came the cool reply and he thought he heard a little chirp in the background.

"Prime, you can't take him away from me, he's my son," Megatron pleaded, knowing yelling threats wasn't going to do the trick.

That Shuttle was almost into open space with several asteroids between it and Megatron's Command ship, he couldn't let them get away. He had to play it cool, convince Prime he was better off coming back.

"He's also my son, and you're not a fit to raise him."

"How can you say that?" Megatron demanded. "He's my son, of course I'm fit to raise him, I love him."

He grimaced for such an Autobot statement but it was true he cared about the little Mechling and desperately wanted him back.

"Maybe but you have not once demonstrated your ability to care for anyone but yourself," Prime replied harshly and Megatron gritted his teeth.

"Optimus," he said softly, using the Prime's first name.

"I know things haven't been...easy between this but I want to make this work. We have a son now, a son we should be raising together. He should not be separated from his own Sire like this."

There was a pause and then Prime said.

"You've never called me Optimus before."

"I'm sorry," Megatron quickly said, even as he felt Starscream sneer but he didn't care.

"We've been overly formal with each other, I didn't feel comfortable calling you Optimus. But now, I want to make you my mate, I want to get to know you better."

"You didn't want to know me better while I was carrying Valour," Prime said coldly. "Never once did you ask anything about me, you never took the time to get to know me though you could have. All you were interested in was my Port and my ability to carry an heir."

"I shouldn't have left you alone," Megatron said, ignoring the points Prime had made. "I thought you and Valour were asleep, I should have stayed by your side, made you had everything you needed. You're tired, you worked so hard to bring Valour into this universe. I realise this is all new and frightening, I understand you panicked."

Putting on his best, most convincing voice, he said softly.

"If you come back now, we'll say no more about it. You'll get the medical attention you need, Valour can get a nice bottle of Energon and be back in his incubator. You won't be in trouble, we'll talk about the future, you have nothing to fear, Optimus."

There was another pause and then Prime said.

"Only when I'm about to escape, do you even pretend you care about me."


"No," Prime snapped. "You just don't get it do you? I do not consider a rapist and someone who abusers their mate to be a suitable role model for my son. I'm doing this because I want Valour to have the best chance at life and if that means he never sees you again...then so be it."

"Prime," Megatron yelled as the ship picked up the tell tale signs of the Shuttle powering up.

"If you leave, I swear I will hunt you don't and take Valour away from you. You could have had it all but if you leave now, you'll have nothing."

"A risk I'm happy to take," was the last thing he heard from Prime before the Shuttle's image shuddered and then disappeared.

The last thing Starscream heard as he beat a hasty retreat was Megatron's roars of pure rage and grief.

Author's note. The next chapter contains Optimus's POV as he tries to figure out what to do now. Until then.