When April wakes up, her head is fogged up. At first, all she's sure of is that she's in the on-call room and her face is streaked with stale tears. A moment later, it comes back to her—the harsh tone of the monitors as Asha flatlined, the way that sound stuck in her chest like a knife, the fact that that child died terrified and alone in a strange country. She still feels that knife in her chest, and it twists as she remembers.

But then she remembers that Stark followed her and held her, showing that gentle side of himself he had kept locked up, safe from her, for so long. Once she had stopped crying, he told her, "You need to rest; you've exhausted yourself."

Before he could leave, she caught his hand.

"Stay with me?"

He paused, startled. Then he murmured, "I'll stay."

April cringes—what kind of a girl will he think she is now? But then she realizes he is still there, lying beside her on the cot. She lies on her side, and she can't see him, but she knows it is him, his slow, even breaths just barely stirring her hair. He has left several inches of space between them, but his hand rests on her shoulder. He didn't leave her. April glances at the clock; they have been here for over an hour.

She doesn't try to sort out or analyze or label the way she reacts to this. She just feels her heart swell up in her chest, and suddenly it's a little harder to breathe, but it's a nice feeling.

Carefully, she slides over, settling against him so they are properly spooned. She feels a hitch in his breathing and a tensing of his muscles, and she blushes, a little worried. But then he slips his arm around her waist. A warmth spreads over her—not the heat of lust, and for once not the sting of embarrassment, but a simple, quiet contentment. This is the same bed in which she nearly lost her virginity to Karev, and now it's the bed in which she is sleeping with Stark, but not taking off her pants. Maybe someday she will, but they're in no hurry. For now she is satisfied with being held by someone not because he wants her, but because he cares about her.

April smiles. She could swear that she feels Stark smile into her hair.