Setting: Harry Potter's Third but does not take too much into account, almost completely within Percy's point of view.

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Not a Weasley

Chapter One- Of Dark Corridors and White Knuckles

The dark corridor was supposed to be abandoned, the students tucked into their colored coded beds dreaming of escapades. When was, however, anything at Hogwarts exactly how it was supposed to be? Percy Weasley knew it wouldn't be. He adjusted his glasses and fingered lightly over his badge, drawing strength and confidence, and tried to ignore the fear tightening in his belly. Heat traveled swiftly across his chest and face. He was a Weasley he should not be cowed so easily as to be scared of one not so empty corridor. As Head Boy he was expected to help the teachers keep his fellow students safe, a task that had delighted him before news of Sirius Black's escape had surfaced. Black was the boogeyman his mother had raised her children on, he was worse than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named because he was a traitor. Even when they didn't know what the word meant they knew it was the worst name to be labeled. Not the same as blood traitor because that was utter nonsense and something to be proud of, simultaneously. With every step echoing he tried to stay quiet but quick, the fugitive far from his mind as another more pressing danger lurked within the school. Quiet but sure, quiet but sure, he chanted to himself. This was the only way he knew to avoid him. He couldn't deal with another round, not tonight, not while he was still searching.

Ever since he'd first stepped onto the Hogwarts Express with the white knuckled fear of an eleven year old he knew he was different. Charlie and Bill had spent the weeks before carving tales of horror and the grand fights he'd be expected to win if he wanted to be not only accepted into the school but also a Gryffindor. He'd known he was different since long before than but had thought Hogwarts as magical haven of intellect and structure, the likes of which he had never seen before. He'd been ambushed by an older Slytherin who stomped on his robes causing him to fall face flat against the ground, his glasses didn't break because his mother had placed a powerful charm warding off damage. He'd known he was not like the rest of them, like his brothers but the crashing disappointment that he wouldn't find others like him at Hogwarts was almost too horrible bear. He had lain against the floor for a few moments his nose pressed painfully and felt shame flood and tears sting his eyes. The Weasley flush he'd inherited along with the hair but not the temperament, not the bravery. Weasleys don't get bullied. They fight and argue they were loud and passionate. But he stayed still his mind working furiously trying to find the reasons and the logic, a growing dread that he wouldn't be sorted as a Gryffindor bubbling beneath the surface taunting him. His parents would hate him if he didn't. Every single Weasley for generations had been sorted into Gryffindor. His brothers would laugh if he couldn't stand up for himself but he didn't know what to do. Charlie and Bill weren't around and while they might help he couldn't let them see him like this, weak just like his baby sister. He wasn't a very good Weasley. His attacker kicked against his ribs laughing and excited. Percy rolled his head to the side, his cheek still firmly pressed against the ground. He hated himself for it but he couldn't fight back. The only way to get out of a worse punishment was to lie there and take it. Drawing attention would only make things worse. He couldn't be brave and strong. He forced his eyes open to look up at his attacker for just a moment.

A tall Slytherin stared down at him, his face sneering and eyes narrowed with hate. Percy didn't know what he'd done but he knew then that Marcus Flint, the name he learned much later, hated him more than even the Malfoys hated his family. He grabbed his stomach and tired to stop the horrible feeling that he was about to cry or throw up, he couldn't let them see him look less than a brave Weasley even if he wouldn't fight. Even if he was just a coward playing at being brave. Fumbling to his knees he glared at the Slytherins with all he short experience.

"What exactly is it that you want?" Even at the tender age of eleven he could act as pompous and condescending as an old man or so his brothers liked to tell him. Flint sneered again his heavy brows slashing across his forehead, his squared jaw, even at such a young age himself, clenched.

"Watch yourself Weasley." He thrust his fists together and his cronies laughed as the small bespectacled Weasley jumped. Percy stayed on his knees and watched them leave slapping each other's backs and cackling. He wondered why Flint hadn't made a move for his wand. Bill had told him that everyone fought with wizard duels not physically. Bill was sometimes a nasty liar, along with his younger brothers but Slytherins were always crazy and evil anyway. Percy stood up and quickly left in the opposite direction, thinking he could find Bill and ask him again about the troll wrestling that was required for the sorting.

Percy shook the memories out and focused on the students out of bed. He knew they were here somewhere as Mr. Filch had pointed him in this direction. Normally he wouldn't have had anything to do with the cankerous and vindictive caretaker but he'd had no luck finding his youngest brother and his friends. After the events of the year before with Ginevra his mother had placed him in charge of his siblings' safety a task which proved very difficult with Harry Potter involved. He understood the appeal of a friendship with the Boy Who Lived but the boy was unable to follow rules and clearly a favorite. Hermione Granger on the other had been an excellent choice but Percy feared the girl would bend to her two best friend's flaunting of the rules soon, that is if she hadn't yet.

He just hoped that Flint or any other Slytherins hadn't found his brother first. He stopped short as a shuffling of feet and whispers reached his ears, but he couldn't quite guess where it had came from. Sharply to prove most dramatic he slashed his wand through the air with a spell his mother had used on his brothers many times. If the shuffling presence was anyone but his brother they wouldn't feel a thing and would wonder, if they were looking, what the Head Boy was doing, if the presence were Ronald or any other sibling of his hiding somewhere within the dark corridor he or she would feel a heavy crack against their backside. The sounding crack echoed followed by a whimper and the yelp of two voices. Percy waited impatiently, still feeling the gut knowledge of danger lurking.

"Ron!" The smallish voice squeaked in a way only Harry Potter could and then his youngest brother burst from his hiding place, his face a mask of fury and red. The Weasley temper was very prominent in his youngest brother.

"Percy! What'd you do that for?" Harry trailed after him limping slightly from what Percy assumed to be a foot injury caused by his irate best friend. He briefly wondered where the female member of the trio was but decided the girl must have more sense then her two friends and had elected not to go trolling though the castle at all hours of the night.

"Ronald, Harry." He tired to impress them with best authoritarian voice and face, tried to muster a sense of urgency. He could tell he failed when Harry rolled his eyes and Ron stepped closer the line of his body tense and aggressive. "I am Head Boy and you two are out of bed." Reminding them that he was not just Ronald's older brother had the twosome shuffling their feet, he watched them for a moment before continuing. Maybe his tone was getting through to them. "You should be lucky that I found you and not a teacher or Mr. Filch."

"You didn't have to use that spell." Ron spared a quick glance at his friend and faced his brother down. Percy sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before adjusting his glasses again.

"I wouldn't if you would act like an adult." He tried to look fierce and knowing, he had to keep his brother safe and with Sirius Black on the loose, and focusing all his attention on his brother's best friend, Percy had his work cut out for him.

"I'm thirteen." Ron restrained himself from stomping his foot and settled for folding his arms and glaring.

"You must understand the seriousness of the situation. Harry, Ron ten points from Gryffindor for wandering the halls after curfew." When his brother made a sound of protest he glared. "Each."

"That's not fair!" Percy grabbed the two by their robes and pulled them towards the staircase that led to the tower. Ron fought against him but Harry moved quickly.

"Go back to your dorms or do I need to lead you like a child and tuck you into bed?" He would if he had too but he still had to finish rounds before going to bed himself. Ron pawed at the ground and Harry looked at him with that weird awe he had every time he entered the Burrow. It must be strange to the boy to see how siblings acted toward each other. "Ronald." His brother nodded tightly his red ears sticking out sharply through his hair before grabbing his friend and racing up the stairs. Percy cast a tracking spell they would be too inexperienced to notice.

Percy thought briefly about taking more points for running but that might push his brother over the edge. He didn't want to deal with the Weasley temper right now. He turned on his heels and headed further into the hall way, he knew there was another person there. His confrontation with his brother and his friend had given him a confidence boost.

"What do you want?" He asked as his eyes darted back and forth searching. Marcus Flint appeared from an alcove on the left. Percy puffed up his chest and tried to imitate his brothers. Flint smirked and narrowed his eyes.

"Just out."

"Well, make your way back to your dorm." He turned not wanting to deal with Flint anymore. He'd said what he wanted, completed his obligations to his position and he really couldn't do anything further.

"What if I don't want to?" The voice was loud and harsh but Percy tried to ignore it and the flutter it caused in his stomach. If he could pretend it wasn't there he wouldn't have to face the fact that he wasn't like his brothers and would never fight back. "I asked, what will you do if I don't?" He felt the rough hand grasp his shoulder and spin him around. Flint was bigger, both taller and more muscular, than not just Percy but nearly everyone in the school. His strength was unquestionable and many attributed it to the rumored troll blood surging through his veins. Percy stepped back and tried to shake the hand off but it only gripped him tighter. He was sure bruises would be left come morning but he couldn't show pain.

"Unhand me, Flint." He shrugged again and this time Flint complied with what could only be described as a grin on his face. Percy was struck by the strange expression but decided to ignore that as well.

"You will be serving detention with Mr. Filch. He will contact you with the details. Now back to your dorms." Flint snorted and Percy watched as his nostrils flared and the hair on his neck stand out. He wondered about the troll blood again.

"Fine, just make sure your brother stays in his room after curfew." With that he stepped away toward the dungeons. Percy waited until he was sure the Slytherin was gone before continuing his rounds. He punished his brother and Harry both for being out after curfew did Flint expect more? Trying to figure out his school bully's actions was not going to help him prevent anything. He walked through his rounds but found no one else out of bounds and met with the other Prefects assigned that night before heading off the dorms. Weirdly he felt as if he were being followed but shrugged if off as paranoia. He couldn't be this scared all the time, it was humiliating to have younger brother able to do such incredible things and he was so scared all the time. Though the flying car last year had not earned Ronald any favors with their mother, their father and siblings praised him all school year.

The next day as he sat next to his girlfriend Penny Clearwater he wondered when he'd agreed to marry her. She stared at him with adoring eyes as she discussed their plans after Hogwarts. He didn't know what to say, she fluttered her lashes at him and felt he would be a cretin if he pointed out to her that he had never asked nor agreed to marry her. Disappointing her would leave a sick taste in his mouth.

"Oh Percy, have you thought of where we should honeymoon?" She didn't wait for an answer but thrust a volume of Witches Brides at him and smiled sweetly. Everything about her was so sweet, so feminine and perfect he didn't know why he felt nauseous at the thought of marriage. Her upturned nose was dainty but cute, the slight swell of her cheeks and chin, the cream of her skin. "This gave me such wonderful ideas, Greece, Italy or maybe the Bahamas?" She noticed his forlorn expression and placed both hands against his. "Oh dear, oh dear. Don't worry my father has agreed to fund the trip." She clapped with excitement and didn't notice the fear that expression brought in her so called future husband. "It's his wedding present! Isn't that wonderful?"

Percy watched as her long curly hair bounced across her chest and shoulders, her hair was really his favorite thing about her. What was he going to do? She smiled at him her expression now knowing.

"Don't worry about that Percy we'll be able to have that sort of fun on our wedding night." He didn't know what she meant until her gaze dropped to his crotch. The blush that followed was one of his worst that year and she laughed in delight.

"Oh Percy." Her head twitched as something caught her eye, an ugly expression Percy had only seen when her favorite Quidditch team lost marred her perfect face. Her hair swung delicately around her. "Must he constantly skulk around?" Percy knew without looking who she was talking about. "Really Percy you are Head Boy right? Shouldn't you put a stop to him stalking me? I am your girlfriend." She added as if he needed reminding. He turned slowly to look at the Slytherin but couldn't quite make out where he was. Penny glared at him now instead of Flint and he wondered if Flint really was in love with his girlfriend?

"He is always around, always and we should be able to get some private time. This is a library what is he even doing here?" The thought of Flint being in love with Penny made his stomach roll. He turned again toward where he thought Flint was.

"Penny, do you see him a lot?" She nodded her head and brushed a daintily hand against his arm. She is the epitome of a damsel in distress. Percy puffed his chest and thought that he would protect Penny because she was his girl. Which he supposed had to mean something, he thought.

"Every time we come here I see him, when we walk outside he's there and in the Great Hall he watches me. Why won't he leave me alone?" Her voice is soft and pathetic; Percy feels a thump in his chest. Penny needs him, she wants him, marriage wouldn't be perfect but he would be the first in the family to do it. Just like his parent's marriage right out of Hogwarts. He smiled at her and rested his hand against her neck.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it. I think Italy would be wonderful. You know I went to Egypt this past summer to visit Charlie and it was fascinating. The ancient wizards practiced such tremendous charm work." She nodded but turned back to her Potions text.

"I suppose we have lots of time for that later. Can you explain the difference between Amortentia and Euphoria?" Everything would be perfect with Penny.