Setting: Harry Potter's Third but does not take too much into account, almost completely within Percy's point of view.

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Not a Weasley

Chapter Ten- Trapped and Done

Siblings have a strange relationship, sometimes it filled with hate and jealousy and sometimes compassion and stability. Even though Percy had never truly felt as if he fit in, he knew his siblings very well. He knew when Bill had stayed up all night with his friends drinking Firewhiskey and was too hung-over to concentrate but sober enough to try and hide it. He knew when Charlie felt guilty over something and would fuss over his hair for too long. He knew when Fred and George switched clothing and pretended to be each other. He knew Ron kept a muggle fly swatter hidden under his bed in the fear that a spider would get too close. Ginny, he knew, would spend the whole night awake but come morning would look as if she'd spent the night asleep.

He also knew that every meal in the Great Hall would find the siblings trying to sit next to each other. This morning though he'd found himself alone with Oliver and Ron's two close friends. During lunch he found himself in a similar situation when the Twins' friend Lee had sat next to him started a conversation about Muggle automobiles, of all things. He'd seen his siblings at the other end of the table whispering about something, he'd watched, as Lee talked about tires and air pressure, Ron's ears turn deep red and his gestures turn wild. Every time he tried to get close enough to find out what was going on someone, usually a close friend of his siblings, started a new conversation or had a question for the Head Boy. The distraction worked for a moment and when he looked for his siblings again they were gone.

Another odd thing occurred to Percy as he half listened to Colin Creevey talk about Muggle cameras, Marcus was hunched in his seat reading a parchment and only occasionally writing. What struck him as odd was the focus he showed and if he wasn't mistaken his siblings too had a parchment that they kept referring back to.

"I think the wizard photography is really wonderful. I'd love to see some of my favorite muggle artists with their hands on wizard technology." Percy shook his head and tried to focus on the second year.


"Oh, right. I keep doing that still." Colin pushed his hair out of his eyes and tried to explain the finer points of muggle photography technology. His attention was divided and so he missed when his siblings stood as one and left the hall but he didn't miss seeing Marcus striding out of the hall.

"I'm sorry Colin but can we talk about this at a later time?" He watched as Marcus' back disappeared and stood up to follow. He turned back to Collin but the boy had all ready moved down the table. Half way to the doors Hermione Granger blocked his path her hair seemingly more frizzy than usually.

"Percy, Percy you have to help me! I'm going to fail my transfiguration exam I need your help." While he knew it was his duty to help and he needed to find out what was going on with not only his siblings but Marcus as well. He felt compelled to know and the girl would have to wait.

"My apologies Hermione but I really must hurry. I have something of a personal matter to attend." He pushed his glasses further on his nose and tried to smile reassuringly. "You don't really need my help. You are the smartest witch in your class." She opened her mouth and closed is rapidly and he patted her shoulder in what he hoped was a reassuring way, physical gestures had never really been his strong suit. "Now I really must hurry." He left without waiting for her to speak and did not notice Harry walked up to her with a smug smile.

"Ron's going to be upset." Hermione huffed and gave an annoyed response that was lost in the noise of the Great Hall.

In the halls he didn't know where to turn first but guess and headed toward the second floor. He couldn't count the number of times he had found his brothers conspiring in the mostly abandon second floor halls. It was a tradition, of sorts, for the Twins.

He walked up and down the halls trying to be as quiet as possible and was rewarded by hearing the hushed voices of his siblings. He raised his wand and thought of the hex his mother used but wasn't sure he knew how to hit all of his siblings at once.

"Ginny, why are we doing this again?" Ron's voice sounded pained. A sharp slap noise echoed through the hall followed by a groan.

"You idiot, he's our brother. Haven't you noticed how sad he's been lately?"

"What makes you think that the Slytherin is the answer to that? I say we just break a few rules or something give him something to lord over us, he likes that." His chest constricted and he wanted to leave, that's what Ron thought of him, but curiosity got the better of him. He'd known the things Ron and the others told their friends about him the stuck up prissy brother. He fought the urge to fall into sorrow and increased his hearing with a whispered spell.

"Ronald Weasley!" he jerked at the yell and lowered the intensity of the spell, his sister had a mouth on her sometimes. "How could you say something so horrible?" Even with the distance between them he could hear his sister's foot stomp down no doubt she was wishing she could kick her brother. Kicking had been her usual choice of fighting before her eleventh birthday and her first wand.

"I'm just kidding." The tone was sullen and reproachful in that way that only Ron could achieve. It was also clear that he had been as serious as a thirteen year could be. Ginny's sigh was loud and clear.

"We just need to get him here, then we'll lock the doors behind us and it's all up to you." Fred's voice overtook the others.

"Yeah we'll come let you out before breakfast in the morning." George chimed in.

"Better make it lunch. I asked the house elves for some snacks and they gave me a feast."

"You can get him here?" Marcus' voice was soft and low Percy had to strain to hear him, what was Marcus doing with his siblings? He had to know.

"Getting Percy here will be easy. He never likes being left out of things." Ron snorted with laughter.

"You just wait here." Percy stepped into the shadows and tried to leave before they spotted him but stopped short at the sight of the Twins on either side of Marcus their arms wrapped around his much broader and taller body.

"Listen though Flint," George said with a slight snarl to his voice.

"You hurt Percy we hurt you." Fred tighten his grip and nodded at Ginny. "Ginny'll cast the bat-bogey hex and we'll use you as a test subject." They nodded in unison with Ginny and Ron.

"I'll research the nastiest most disgusting curse I can find." Ron said with his ears once again red.

"If you think just because we're younger and smaller means we won't be able to hurt you we have two older and stronger brothers that'll help us too!" Ginny stamped her foot and tugged at Ron's sleeve. "Just so you know."

"Come 'on we have to find Percy before it's too late. I think he is all ready suspicious." Ginny and Ron left first, Ginny leaned in and Percy could only just hear her whisper.

"You'd have Hermione research nasty curses?" Ron shook his head and leaned close.

"No, Harry would do it."

"But Harry's no good at research." Ron tilted his head and Percy imagined he could hear the gears turning.

"Well then I'd ask them both and Hermione would research the spells just to prove how good she was at it." Percy hurried toward the library, where he would have went directly after dinner.

Thirty minutes later he was about to go in search of his siblings, they were taking too long. He decided to go along with whatever plan they came up with. If Marcus had managed to convince his siblings to help then he'd at least hear him out. Ginny fell into the library Ron on her heels. They stumbled around attracting the attention of Madam Pince who scowled at them and touched a finger to her lips. Ron ducked his head sheepishly but Ginny paid no mind. They spotted Percy and hurried over.

"Percy, you have to come quick!" Ginny tugged on one arm while Ron tugged the other.

"The Twins have caught themselves in their own prank and we don't know the counter curse." Percy stood slowly and followed his dramatic siblings to the second floor. What he seen surprised him, Fred and George were floating near the ceiling of an abandoned classroom with identical sheepish expressions. Percy stepped into the room and pointed his wand at the pair, just as his feet crossed the threshold the door slammed behind him and the Twins vanished. He spun around and pounded on the door.

"Don't worry Percy, we just think you need some time to talk! We'll be back tomorrow, there is food and Butterbeer too!" Ginny's voice sounded muffled but excited. He heard the Twins cheer with laughter and Ron moan about something he couldn't make out. He turned around slowly and found Marcus in the corner of the room shaded by the dark.

"You knew." Percy said nothing but inclined his head, he couldn't deny it but he would have been tricked by the Twins projection of them if he hadn't heard his siblings scheming, he would have to ask them how they managed that later. It seemed like a higher level of magic then they had previously shown but with the Twins he never really knew.

"Why did you come if you knew?" Percy didn't really know how to answer that but he thought he should try.

"My siblings trusted you. Even if I've never felt as if I fit with them I know they wouldn't want me to be humiliated by you." Marcus hung his head and Percy found himself wanting to make him feel better. "And I like you." Percy blushed as the thought clicked in his mind, he liked Marcus. Marcus grinned and his heart fluttered at the sight. He might even love him. "I mean you were disowned because of me and well there have been other indications that my feelings about you are less than completely platonic."

"Is that right?" Percy shuffled forward, trying to muscle as much courage as he could in the circumstances.

"That's right. What I want to know is how this all started?" Marcus' eyes narrowed and he closed the gap between them quickly.

"I watched you," he lifted a hand and pushed his palm across Percy shoulder and arm. "I watched you in the library during your third year and you had an exam you were studying for, or something, and a first year Slytherin came up to you and asked for help. You stopped everything to help her." His fingers threaded into Percy's hair and Percy found himself leaning into the touch, wanting more. "I seen you the year after with the same kid and she called you a Gryffindork but you still offered her help." His lips brushed the soft skin of Percy's neck. "I wanted you then to be my friend but later, later I could see how beautiful you were." Percy tried to swallow the lump in his throat.

"I, ah, meant how did you get involved with my siblings." Marcus pressed his lips against Percy's ear and sucked the lobe harshly.

"I mean, I mean that… ah well they don't usually talk with… or conspire with outsiders and well, oh." He pushed Percy's shirt off and ran his palms across pale skin and roughly edged around his flat nipples. Percy arched into the contact and suddenly found a purpose for his nipples, he felt as if a taunt string was attached to his cock from his chest. He moaned when Marcus' thumb circled his nipple his hips jerked even though he'd been trying to stay as still as possible. He wanted to do whatever Marcus wanted, to be whatever he needed. He ran his hands across the larger man's shoulders and tugged on his hair.

"Mine." The words were rough and demanding, all Percy could do was nod his head in response and hope it was enough. Marcus tugged and moved his body, bending it and straightening him again, all it seemed in an effort to memorize Percy from every possible angle. Percy found that he was not only naked but flat on the stone floor. He had no idea how he had came to be in this position but he didn't think he cared when Marcus' larger and equally naked body was pressed into him.

"Mine." A thick warm hand circled his shaft and pumped a few strokes before moving on toward his crease. Percy heard, only vaguely, a muttered spell then felt warm oil coating his arse. He jerked at the unfamiliar feeling but relaxed as Marcus' hand not covered in oil began to stroke and pet his thighs and stomach.

"I can't stop now." He felt the words in his chest and the momentary panic but nodded his head. "I want you." He nodded again as thick fingers breached his body in both pain and pleasure. "Tell me, I want the words." The fullness was unsettling but just as he opened his mouth to say no he caught the look in Marcus' eyes. A surge of lust overtook him and nodded his head roughly.

"Yes, I want," he licked his lips and tightened his grip on the other man's arm, "I want you to fuck me." His embarrassment forced him to look away but Marcus' turned his chin back and smirked.

"Good." His ankles crossed behind Marcus' neck he can feel the burn in his thighs all ready but can't seem to care. With a quick and hard thrust the tip of Marcus breaches his body. Percy nods his head and Marcus thrusts all the way in. It's the worst pain he's ever been in but at the same time knowing that its Marcus and knowing how much the other man wants him makes it unbelievably good. They are still, connected more fully than ever before. Marcus breaks the stillness and strokes his hand along Percy's face and across his chest.

"I can't wait." His thrust is gentle at first, more so than Percy thought him possible of but when sparks travel up Percy spine and directly to his cock he wants nothing more than the brutal force of Marcus' body.

"Harder, please, harder." Another gentle thrust and more maddening sparks along his spine makes him desperate. He tries to push himself down on Marcus' cock and pull him closer. Marcus leans across his thighs and strokes his hands up and down Percy's straight legs still resting on his shoulders.

"Harder?" Percy groans and nods his head. "Sure." Marcus leaves almost no time before he moves in earnest, pounding hard against him.

"Oh, oh merlin." Everything fades and the only thing Percy can feel is Marcus joined with him, his rough palms leaving bruises on his hips, their sweat mixing. He finds his own throbbing penis and strokes in time with Marcus.

"I can't wait." The Slytherin pants in his ear and increases his thrusts. Percy finishes hard and drops his head back to the ground while Marcus continues pounding in great thrusts seeming to get deeper with every movement. Marcus finishes with a howl and drops his full weight against Percy's body. They lay together panting, as their hearts race.

"That was great." Percy manages to speak as Marcus' spent cock slips out of his stretched and sated body. He doesn't want the feelings to end but his thighs are burning and his body pained from Marcus' substantial weight. "I love you." They both freeze at the words and Percy can feel the heat rising from his body.

"Are you sure?"

"For fuck's sake, of course I'm sure." Marcus barks out laughter.

"Thank you."

"Is that all your going to say?" He tried to keep the doubt and neediness out of his voice but doesn't quite think he manages.

"No, that's not everything." Marcus thrust his spent body against Percy's. "I love you, but you all ready knew that." Percy ducked his head to the side in an effort to avoid the intense dark gaze, the emotions are overwhelming and he is not prepared to see them written so plainly.

"I just wanted to hear again."

"I love you, it's why I gave you the talisman." Previously he had begun to feel tired and wanted nothing more than to lie against Marcus and slip into oblivion but at the mention of the talisman his heart thudded against his chest and his body seemed to tense at once. Marcus stroked along his naked back in soothing motions, not sure what he'd said.

"You gave that to me?" It felt so right, so true that he wondered why he hadn't known the moment he received the talisman those few days ago. Marcus nodded his head slowly and continued with his strokes.

"I did."

"Does it mean," he hesitates to speak further not wanting to upset the delicate balance and ruin everything but he has to know. "What does it mean to you?" His voice shakes and the Slytherin lowers his eyes and shifts slightly away from Percy.

"That your mine. That you want to be mine." He folded into himself as if, after everything, now he'd be rejected and Percy feels his heart pound for a different reason. In his pocket of his discarded clothing he finds the talisman and strokes down his it's sides before slipping the chain around his neck.

"Thank you." He slides his hands across Marcus' back and pulls his down again. He never thought he'd be this tactile with a lover but he can't seem to get enough of the other man's warm skin and woodsy scent. With his nose pressed into the crook of his neck and inhales deeply. Marcus breaths deeply and nods his head. Not wanting to disrupt the peace but feeling like he should know he hesitantly twists to look Marcus in the eyes.

"So how did you win over my siblings?" They stroked each other's arms and chest. "I don't know. Your sister, I think, knows more than she lets on." His voice is low and rough, it sends shivers down his spine.

"My sister is very intuitive." Marcus traces his fingers across Percy's stomach and thighs, the callused edges raising the find ginger hairs. Percy presses closer.

"She found me, the other night, drunk and pathetic and decided to help me." He circled Percy's wrist and brought the soft skin to his mouth. "Your siblings threatened me many times before they started reeling you in." Percy is silent. His siblings had arranged him to be trapped in a room with not only a Slytherin but a man as well against their own personal feelings, at least in the case of Ron, just because he had been acting unhappy. He felt for the first time, he knew without a doubt that his siblings, while not perfect and not always nice were there for him. Marcus' mouth is now trailing his neck, his fingers touching everywhere he can reach and Percy smiles.

"We're Weasley's. We take care of each other."

The End.