Bonnie & Klaus could be pretty interesting together. I just wanted to dedicate this to all of those lovely people over on the CW boards. Not sure if there will be another chapter but I hope you enjoy.

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The curtains fluttered airily on the wind as it wafted through, brushing lightly against the cheek of the sleeping girl in the bed. She sighed softly as the cool breeze caressed her face. Exhaustion had taken over and even with the power of one hundred dead witches the magic had taken its toll. Yet she tossed restlessly from side to side not able to find a comfortable spot even in sleep. Eventually her eyes opened drowsily and she swung her legs over the bed. Making her way over to the bathroom she filled a glass with water and drank greedily from it. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Big green eyes stared back at her and she wondered who that person in the mirror really was, turning away she made her way back towards her bed promising herself she would not wake up until morning. She caught a quick glance of the time and groaned. It was 3:21a.m what was she doing up at this ungodly hour.

Pulling the covers around her she managed to get comfortable and Bonnie could feel herself finally drifting off to sleep again.

"Hello Bonnie", a voice said seductively out of the darkness.

Her breath hitched in her chest and sleep left her in an instant, a distant memory to the dread which now settled heavily in her stomach. Maybe she was hallucinating because she would know that voice anywhere and there was no way it should be coming from inside of her bedroom. Bonnie closed her eyes tightly her hands gripping the covers until her knuckles turned white.

"I'm not going anywhere", the voice continued.

It was coming from the foot of her bed, heart racing beyond control she rolled over to see her worst nightmare staring down at her. Immediately her magic rushed to her defense and she pushed him away but he only smiled bemusedly.

"Now, now is that any way to greet a guest?" Klaus smirked as he continued to stare at her.

"I'll kill you", she whispered gathering the power to herself. How long had he been standing there watching her as she lay defenseless?

"Come now, we both know that you're hardly in any shape to be making threats", he said condescendingly.

Bonnie had been barely able to muster enough power to push him away but she would die first before she let this monster win.

"Do you want to test that theory?" she challenged.

Sparing her another glance he moved around her room slowly, touching her things and putting them back as if he was some explorer in a strange land. Her room was an extension of herself. Anything that he grasped in his hands would be violated.

"Stop it!" she snapped.

By now she'd gotten out of the bed. She was vulnerable there, pausing he let his fingers gently trail over her hair brush before nonchalantly removing his hand. His eyes roamed her body casually and his very gaze made her feel naked. Not that she was wearing that much to begin with. A boy shorts and tank top were all that she'd worn that night to bed. It had been too hot and she too tired to look for anything else. Now she wished she had put something on more suitable for battle

"Your wish is my command", he said smoothly bowing slightly at the waist.

"How did you get in?" she queried angrily trying to keep the panic out of her voice.

"Did you forget our little sacrifice? What you see before you is neither vampire nor werewolf. I need no invitation", he said arrogantly.

"I will not warn you again, leave now, while you still can".

"Let's stop this game Bonnie. Firstly we both know you're too weak now to pose any threat to me and secondly you father is sleeping down the hall from us. I checked on him on my way in".

"What did you do to him" she hissed angrily fear again settling over her like a heavy blanket.

"Nothing…yet", he whispered sinisterly.

Bonnie knew she was not ready for another fight with him, the sacrifice, all of it had drained her and it terrified her that Klaus knew that too.

"Why are you here", Bonnie asked grudgingly after a long moment of silence. His eyes continued to roam her body and she crossed her arms defensively over her chest.

"Now that is an interesting question", he tapped his finger to his lips thoughtfully. "You see it seems I've lost two witches in a very short time".

"What does that have to do with me?"

"Did you really think I was going to let Damon Salvatore keep you?" He asked.

"Are your crazy? Wait a minute no need to respond, I already know the answer to that question", Bonnie said incredulously. "I do not belong to Damon Salvatore or anyone else for that matter so whoever gave you that information got it dead wrong".

"Do not insult my intelligence. No one needed to tell me you were in the Salvatore's service", he said sharply.

"I did that for Elena and the others. It had nothing to do with them", she said vehemently. Klaus's boyish face remained emotionless at her outburst.

"You will come with me", he said rather matter-of-factly.

"What!" she sputtered. "The hell I will you freak". He mind raced trying to find a way of escape for both her and her father but before even a plan could be formulated Klaus stood in front of her.

"Don't do anything foolish", he advised. One more step and his chest would be pressed to hers. His eyes had changed to a golden brown color and his voice had become husky.

"You don't need a witch, the ritual was a success you are free of the curse", she said defiantly. He was so close that she could see the fine gold hair curling delicately at his temples. A sudden urge to stroke them had her pressing her nails into the palm of her hand. How could she ever think of touching him after all that he had done to them?

"Who said anything about need?" he leaned in closer so that he could smell her.

She smelled like sunlight and roses mixed with spice. It awoke a longing in him that he had thought long dead.

"I can tell you definitely that this is all about want. I've been alive too long not to get what I want, when I want it". Bonnie gulped.

"I'm not going anywhere with you".

"You should look at me when you say that". Bonnie met his gaze boldly. If he'd wanted to kill her he would have done it already. She was not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her scared.

"I'm not going anywhere with you", she stated again firmly.

"Really?" he queried as he twirled a strand of her hair between his fingers. His closeness was making her feel unbalanced. The power rolled off of him in waves and it threatened to overwhelm her and the last bit of defiance that she was holding onto. He closed any remaining distance between them so that his chest brushed slightly against her. Her nipples hardened uncontrollably and a shiver went up her spine at the contact.

"Here are your options Bonnie Bennett stay and watch me lay waste to everything and everyone you love or come with me and keep them safe". By now he was talking directly into her ear. "You should well know I do not make promises that I am unable to keep".

A cloud that had been covering the moon finally drifted away and the light cascaded through the room. Klaus stood silhouetted the only spot of darkness against the moonlight. He had put some distance between them once more. Klaus wanted to see her come to him. What choice did she have, she was drained. He extended his hand.

"I am waiting" he said smoothly. His face was completely unreadable in the moonlight.

Hesitantly she stepped forward and for an instant the mask slipped and she see the raw hunger on his face. Everything in her told her to run but there was no running from this man or thing that stood before her. When she was finally close enough she slowly rested her much smaller hand in his and she felt his cool fingers encircle hers.

"Good choice it would have been truly a pity to drag you from this house", he murmured, his fingers tightening ever so slightly. Her eyes widened and she realized that no matter what she'd said or done he would have taken her. It took every bit of restraint she had not to try and destroy him no matter the cost but she would fail and what would happen to the others left behind? He firmly grabbed her jaw so that she was looking at him.

"I always get what I want you would do well to remember that".

When he got no response but an angry glare he started to laugh in true merriment.

"We're going to have so much fun together sweetness of this I can assure you". He turned on his heels pulling her behind him.

"Wait! I have to change my clothes and grab some stuff".

"I will provide you with all that you require. Come."

His tone left no room for argument and he did not even spare a backward glance. She stared helplessly at her room. Would she ever see it again? Gazing at his retreating back she knew she would make him live to regret the day he had ever taken her.