The Pleasure of Pain

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Chapter 1: Introducing Me

I'm not good at introductions. I guess I could start with hi? I usually just avoid people, not because I don't like to make friends but to protect them. That's right, I'm not your average teenage girl. Well, lets start with the obvious. My name is Ashlyn Hunter. I'm 17 (Although I look younger because I'm small.) Oh, and I'm a werewolf. It all started on December 24. Not sure what year, I'm forgetful but I was about 11. Anyway, me and my family were out singing charols, not my ideal thing to be doing when it's below freezing. I wanted to stay home, put my feet up with a hot chocolate and a good book but no, we had to go trekking in the snow to sing. So, we finished singing to all the nearby houses and decided to go walking in the forest, to pass the time. I didn't mind though. I was always fascinated by it, the animals and plants. I guess that's just me but whatever. I went quite far into the forest, only because me and my brother were racing. He was only 6 at the time but very fast. I won and waited for him to catch up when a large beast attacked me.

It latched it's claws onto my leg and dragged me into the deeper part of the forest. I screamed but the only person who could hear me was my brother and he was still trying to reach me. I kicked the creature but it's claws were very powerful. It clawed my face, waist and legs. I thanked god that it only bit me once but it was extreamly painful. The sharp razor-like teeth sunk into my waist, cutting through flesh and tearing through skin. I cried out in fear as the animal continued to claw me. My brother finally caught up and heard my yells for help. When he saw the monster attacking me, he started to cry. The annoying sound drove it away and into the woods. I was a state. I was covered in blood and very weak. My brother took me back took me out of the trees and raced away to get my parents. They came running and immediently rushed to my side. My mother was crying as my father picked me up and carried me home, holding in his own tears.

When I was home, the hospital was called but I didn't dare leave the comforts of my own home. Doctors arrived and picked up traces of similer attacks like my own. My scratchs and bite-marks turned out to either be from a wolf or a bear. Well, no one thought of a werewolf because they don't exsist. I laugh at those words now. You never know, it's not a case of having proof. It's the case of thinking that you just haven't seen it yet. Anyway, after the doctors went, my family made sure I was comfortable and well but all I really wanted to do was sleep. My family thought I was fainting but I ignored their constant efforts to keep me awake and settled into a peaceful rest. The last human moment of my life...

When I awoke, I was in such pain that I couldn't even scream. My throat was being blocked with pure fear. My back shifted and my ribs cracked into a new form. Claws grew from my hands and feet as fur enveloped my body. My mouth morphed into a long muzzle, complete with a black nose at the end. My ears became more pointy and rose to the top of my head. My clothes had ripped off by this point as my body grew twice in size. I tried my very hardest to scream as my final transformation took place, my eyes turned from a kind green to a dangerous yellow. I was alone and scared but nothing could change fate. I howled and the house shooked, waking only my brother surprisingly. He rushed into my room and screamed. Soon, he was laying dead by my feet. (Well, paws.) I growled and raced out the house, leaving an evil imprint of my parents. I couldn't help it though, I was created this way.

I suppose you think I'm taking this like it's normal. In a casual way but really, it's fun! I like the feel of changing into a wolf, even if it hurts me. I like the taste of blood and I like to kill to get it. I didn't want to kill my brother but that's life. That's my life. The next few days, I found another werewolf. He was kind and helped me through my new life. He had been a werewolf for a while and was also the victim of the werewolf in the forest. His name was Roland. He's like a brother to me.

so, that's my life so far. I'm a werewolf, living in the wild with another werewolf and there's so much more danger that faces me. Now, the real question is, are you up to the challenge of following my life?

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