So here is chapter 3 probably my final chapter

OMG what could possibly happen.

Let's find out.

He doesn't remember everything that had just happened. He remembers holding the little snow globe and her coming around the corner and asking why he was there. He remembers her sitting down next to him asking him about the kiss and then he remembers him asking her if it was worth. He remembers her nodding. But the most vivid memory of that moment was the kiss. He remembers that they kissed and then he walked away with his arm around her the way it should be.

His mom was at the store picking up some food, his stepdad had gone to look for some tools for his shop, and Kurt was at Blaine's house for the day.

So he was sitting at home, alone, with the rain pounding on the roof, wondering where they will go on their next date. He knows this could be their last summer together.

He thought about what has happened over the years.

When they had their first glee club rehearsal she had had that crazy look in her eyes. He never thought that they would be anything more than the two people who were in glee club together.

But so much had changed since then.

There was a soft knock at the door. Finn got up and answered the door. Standing there in the freezing rain was Rachel.

"Rachel what are you doing here?" Finn asked as he led Rachel inside.

"My dads are fighting and I didn't want to stay at home," Rachel answered, "Is it okay if I stay here for a little while?"

"Yah sure babe," Finn said kissing Rachel's forehead. He took off her coat and got her a blanket which he wrapped around her.

She quickly fell asleep against his shoulder as he wondered about what life would be like without her. Soon, Finn had fallen asleep to and was awakened by the sound of his stepbrother Kurt telling Finn to get off his butt and do something.

"How long have I been asleep?" Finn asked.

"For a couple of hours," said Rachel.

"What were you guys doing while no one was here?" Kurt asked.

"What? We weren't doing anything we were just sleeping," Finn said.

"Sure," Kurt said, "mom and dad are going to be home soon with dinner so we have to set the table. Oh and they said you could stay for dinner Rachel."

"Oh," Rachel said, "Okay."

When Carole and Burt arrived at home the Hummel-Hudson family and Rachel had dinner. After dinner Finn and Rachel went upstairs to Finn's room and sat on Finn's bed.

"Rachel," Finn said, "I'm so glad that were together again and I love you."

"I love you too Finn." Rachel said.

Finn took her in arms and kissed her. After a few minutes of making out on Finn's bed Carole called them back down for dessert.

They walked down stairs and ate some of their dessert and sat back down on the couch.

Rachel put her head on Finn's shoulder and said, "I love you Finn."

She slowly drifted off to sleep again.

Finn wanted to stay this way forever but he knew time would go on.

For many days after this Rachel came over and fell asleep in Finn's arms.

The end.

I know that was shorter than the other chapters but u have to admit it was sweet


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