Becker had been ill for days now. It all started when he had offered to clean up a mess that Connor had made while Connor went to get cleaned up himself. It was just a small spillage of liquid and he thought that he could sort it out quicker than Connor could. He'd felt fine after but after a couple of hours his arm began to itch. He began to get irritated and eventually snapped at Matt before storming off. He went into the armoury, sat down and put his head to the desk. He head was like he had just had 5 rounds with Mike Tyson. Without noticing he had managed to drift off into sweet dream land. He awoke to the sound of someone whispering in his ear..


"Becker mate, Come on wake up for me" Said the hushed voice softly shaking his shoulder

After a few seconds Becker woke up and lifted his head. It hurt to life it but he wasn't going to let it show. He felt worse than when he went to sleep. He looked up to see Matt crouched down next to him. He spoke.

"Had me worried for a minute there mate"

Becker went to speak but his throat was dry and sore. But after a few seconds he composed himself and went to answer

"Sorry, must have dropped off"

"Sure you're okay? You're not took too good to be honest mate" Replied Matt

"I'm fine" Becker Insisted "I've just got a bad headache, it'll go in a while"

"How about you go home? I'm sure we can survive for a few hours without you. Get some sleep and come back when you feel better"

"Since you insisting, I guess I will. A few hours sleep won't do any harm"

Becker stood up and suddenly felt like the whole world had come crashing down with him. His knees began to bend and he just hoped for the best.