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And she would be called mother

Part 4

Dean came awake with a gasp, raising out of the bed with a sudden need to be on his feet. After he had gotten his barrings he looked around and saw that he was in his room that Bobby had given him when him and Sam stayed. He recalled having the most vivid dream and also the most terrifying dream of his whole life. Shaking his head he walked of the room, his intent was to find Sam.

Breathing a sigh of relief when he came to his brother's room and saw him sleeping peacefully in the bed. He shrugged off the weird feeling that the dream had produced and walked downstairs to get himself some water. As he walked toward the kitchen he rubbed his face and went to get a glass from the cabinet. Getting some water from the tap, he turned only to drop the glass as a woman was sitting on the couch in the living room reading a book.

"Ah, hello Dean." the woman said as she put the book down on her lap. "I trust you are well?"

Dean for the most part was stunned, this woman was from his dream, then that meant that his dream was real.

"That was real, my dream was real?" Dean asked and watched as she nodded. That meant that his friend was really gone. Castiel, the one that had raised him from hell and had been a constant presence in his life was really gone.

As though sensing his sadness, Terra rose from the couch. Walking up to Dean, she bent down and picked up the glass shards on the floor, when she was done the glass was once again whole, even had water in it. She placed it on the table.

"So Cas is really gone. Isn't he?" Dean asked feeling tears in his eyes.

"Castiel is fine and back in heaven with his father, everything is as it once was, I even helped your brother rebuild the wall around his hell memories, Jimmy Novak has been returned to his life with no memories of his time as a vessel of an angel" Terra said as she watched Dean breath in relief again.

"What happened and how did I get back here, I thought.." Dean was not allowed to finish as she place her finger on his lips.

"The souls of purgatory have returned to there resting place. And the earth is now rotating again, as it should have been." Terra smiled a bit. "my husband, thanks to Samuel has been taught a lesson, he is currently rewriting policy up in heaven now. I just wanted to come and thank you for helping my son find his way, even though he made some terrible decisions, you were still there for him, you saved him." she paused as if she wanted to say more, but then she looked up and gave an amused sigh.

"Micheal and Lucifer are arguing again. I need to go play referee again, I swear teenagers, they will never grow up." she moved to leave.

"Will I ever see Cas again?" Dean couldn't help the hopeful look and sound that came from him, Terra looked back once more and then to the book, she smiled and with the sound of the wind she was gone.

Dean walked to the couch were the book was left lying, he looked it over and saw this was one of the books that Chuck had written about him and Sammy. Smiling he put the book on the bookshelf and walked outside, his smile left as he realized that his car was not in the driveway. He looked to the heavens "You gonna give my car back?" he asked amused.

As he figured, he got no response.

(Five years later)

Life went on, of course in the life of Dean and Sam things were going pretty easy. Demons that tried to reek havoc on the innocent were put down, Sammy was once again normal, he still had some memories but they did not control his life.

When they had decided to quit the demon hunting gig, they had opened a school for hunters. Although it was not openly advertised, young hunters flocked to Singer's school of the hunt, also a great place to get your car repaired. Sam had went back to school, Dean had felt lonely, Bobby was still the same old Bobby, one would think that he was getting younger with the way he acted.

When Sam had returned the boys trained the future hunters, it was now his passion. One day as he sat in his office, he heard the bell ring that someone had come in, getting up he walked and saw a young woman standing there looking at some of the pictures of the cars that he and Sammy had rebuilt. He missed his car something fierce, but figured that is was a small price to pay for his and Sammy's life.

He did chuckle a bit when thinking about God driving around in heaven in his car, turning his attention back to the lady in the waiting room, he approached her asking if there was anything he could help her with.

"Yes, I have a car that had a little bit of damage done to the roof, some scratches here and there. And I was just wondering if you could help me?" the woman asked looking right at him.

Dean swallowed as he caught the sight of her gaze, her eyes were the bluest he had ever seen. Her skin was a little tan as if she had been kissed by the sun, she was not overly tall, just right, her hair was black with blueish highlights. In another life he would have hit on her in a second, but he had matured a little, not a bed hoping guy he had been in his youth.

Although he had tried to settle down, no one had ever fit. No one had understood what he had been threw, so he had just stopped looking for that one person who he could love.

"Well, let me look at it." Dean said to her as he reached to get his hat from the desk. "What kind of car is it?" he said bending down to get a piece of paper and pencil as a way of jotting down some of the parts he would have to get.

"A 67 Chevy Impala, solid black." the woman said with an amused look on her face as she saw Dean stop what he was doing. "You look like a statue Dean." she said as she giggled.

Dean slowly turned around and looked right at the woman. He must have had a shocked look on his face, because the girl started laughing. "Who...do I know you?" Dean asked and watched her laugh for a few more minutes before she she straighten up and looked at him with a serious face and cocked her head in an eery fashion that had him weak kneed.

"Hello Dean," she said.

And at that moment he knew he had the biggest and most sappiest face he had ever had.

Sam walked in the house and went to get himself a glass of water. He walked back to find a book to read. He glance outside to see his brother talking to a woman in the office. He squinted a little when he saw a black car in the driveway. He did a double take as he noticed the similarities to his brother's old car. Shrugging it off, he reached to get a book only to knock one down.

Bending down he picked it up and realized that it was one of the books that Chuck had written about them. It was strange, he had yet to read this one and he settled down to read it. Reading the first few pages he skipped to some of the middle and then to the last.

Looking up in amazement, he jumped from the couch and rushed to the office. He stopped when he noticed his brother and a woman in a tight embrace. He looked to the book again and turned around heading back to the house. He smiled the whole way. He put the book back in its place.

One day he would show it to Dean. But not today. Maybe after their third child. Sam whistle as he picked up another book and settled down.

The end.

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