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Not the Preferred Type

by Zero-onE001


Niou Masaharu strolled aimlessly around the foreign mall he was in. Well, it wasn't 'strolling aimlessly' if he wasn't doing it that way, as apparently, he had lured Kirihara into doing a prank with him—a rather interesting prank that involved a rubber stamp and a fake department store receipt—and was now facing the consequence.

He chuckled quietly to himself. That brat did it the wrong way, but it was quite funny, seeing the mall guards running after that Bakaya. After all, who wouldn't run away after being submerged into a conversation without knowing you did?

Ah, Niou wouldn't, but that's beside the point.

Niou had to cover his mouth to stifle his fit of chuckles at his next train of thoughts. Kirihara's face looked priceless when the guards started talking to him. The second year went rather pale after Mariko (Guard number one)—they had the two guards named—told him, "Ah. Peke 'to ah. Peke."(1)

And then Charlotte (Guard number two) came by Mariko and surveyed the receipt Kirihara handed to them, eyes narrowing dangerously. "Naku. Tsumitsempo 'tong batang 'to. Ni hindi nga mukhang taga-rito." (2)

And then, you know, since Kirihara had this sort of complexity in his brain cells, he did what was the most unexpected thing a sane person would do—but then, the Junior ace wasn't that sane to begin with, so maybe it was expected from him…kinda.

He ran away.

Niou finally laughed, ignoring the weird looks he was receiving from the other shoppers, thinking that he had gone insane (but he laughed just as charmingly still!). When he stopped, he looked around, locking gazes with unknown faces before smirking quite haughtily. "Puri," And then he went on his way to find his brat of a kouhai.

Unbeknownst or not to him, as he walked on, the majority of girls within the vicinity swooned over his presence—not that that's not a rare sight at all.

Anyway, he briefly wondered why Yukimura decided to have his summer vacation spent in the Philippines, of all places. The country was tropical so it was always hot. The captain really had bizarre taste. When one spends summer vacation, shouldn't they be spending it in a cold place? Niou shook his head. Perhaps Yukimura's disease had affected his head.

Or maybe Rikkai's buchou was just like that.

Furthermore, why did the captain want to spend his summer with his retard of teammates—not that Niou was one of them, anyway. Where did they even get the plane money, anyway? He should know. He must ask Yanagi later.

The trickster found himself stopping suddenly upon seeing his reflection on a glass wall in front of him. Look who's good looking. After all, sometimes, he should state the truth. Niou smirked.

But his awfully charming smirk contorted into a blenched expression upon peering through the wall closely.

It was a music store.

Niou never did like music stores—or music, in that sort. He just hated it, no questions asked.

Huffing, he continued his quest, only to bump into someone rather rudely. He scowled—briefly noticing that he had given away a bit more of his expressions that day—and turned to look down on the other person.

She was a girl.

But what shocked him was the thing—person—that was latched onto her side. He blinked. "Bakaya?"

The pair looked up. And the second year eyes grinned with delight. "Niou-senpai!"

Niou raised an eyebrow at him before averting his gaze to look at the girl, his mind already guessing her age and height. She had a long black hair and a rather beautiful pair of deep brown eyes. No doubt she's an original resident of this country. He guessed that she was around his age.

"Ah," the Junior ace spoke excitedly, his face gazing back and forth. "Niou-senpai, you should meet her! She's so kind! She even toured me 'round the mall and helped me when I got lost!" Kirihara continued babbling, relating a certain hour of his day.

Meanwhile, Niou continued to gaze at her, and she looked back up at him questioningly.

"Niou-senpai, meet Camille-neechan. Neechan, meet Niou-senpai," Kirihara finished with a rather large grin adorning his face.

(1.) Ah, it's fake. Fake.

(2.) Jeez. This kid is just finding a chance. He doesn't even look like he's living here.

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