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A/N: Poor Hikaru ne? Too bad because honestly I love torturing him :3

Now we're back to present time. The ticking of the clock is still driving me insane, but reliving the day's events has managed to shave twenty five minutes off of the wait time. Then from here it's only another five minutes until school is out. And another twenty until the limo reaches home. Dammit. This means in reality I have another twenty five minutes until I'm home. I don't know how much longer I can wait.

It's not even a matter of being horny beyond recognition, which I am, but it's about revenge. This day has been one of the hottest and most torturous. Kao isn't going to get away with things so easily. No not after that picture message. But thank god that I haven't received anything since. I mean I'm due home soon there's nothing else he can do right?

Finally after what feels like years the last bell sounds and I run full speed towards the limo. Yelling at the chauffer to hurry up and go. We're making a steady pace towards the house, about ten minutes or so until I'm finally home, when my phone rings. It's Kao's ringtone. He's probably just calling to make sure I'm on my way home and not staying after to clean or study.

I get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, something's telling me not to answer, but what else can he do that he already hasn't? I laugh it off and answer the call.


"H-H-hurry….it's already so wet and I'm so hard"

I can hear Kao's moans and whimpers on the other line. Dear god he's doing it, he's jacking off on the phone. I try to clear my head, will myself to ignore his little moans and grunts and just hang up the phone when I hear a sound that drives me over the edge.


I can hear the smacking sound of him fingering himself as he cries out my name -over and over. I can't hold it in any longer and feel my pants start to soak with precum. Why is this so hot? God damn him. We're only five minutes from home but I'm still screaming at the chauffer to drive faster. He speeds up, I can see the road leading to our mansion only a couple hundred yards away when we hit a red light.

"H-Hikaru oh god Hikaru I'm so close. Where are you? I need you inside me!"

I can hear the squelching noise of Kao's fingers slamming in and out. And the slick noise caused by the rapid pumping of his erection. And the crying of my name as he nears climax. I lose it, cum soaking the front of pants as he begs for me to hurry home and cum inside of him.

The light finally hits green and seconds later we're pulling into the driveway. I bolt out of the car and into the house. Kaoru's sweet voice still moaning in my ear via phone, my bag covering the front of my pants, I take the stairs two steps at a time. Speeding towards my bedroom door, I open it just as Kao cums. He's on my bed on all fours, one hand still pumping his now limp cock as his cum leaks out and stains my sheets; the other slowly pumping in and out of his tight hole as the last of his orgasm subsides.

He looks at me with the same coy smile I had daydreamed about earlier, his eyes full of primal lust and exhaustion. He pants heavily, trying to catch his breath and in a whisper welcomes me home.

I stare at him with a look that probably screams 'I'm going to have my way with you now.' Kaoru notices this and puts up a hand, his eyes pleading for rest and a few minutes to recover but I ignore him, sauntering over to where he's positioned on my bed. I grab his semi-erect shaft, rubbing my finger along his head, in a few seconds he's hard again and whimpering in pleasure. Time for my revenge.

Oh things are getting steamy! Honestly I wrote all of this not even really thinking about the fact that most girls are usually embarrassed to write stuff like this but for some reason I think its fun :3 But I am a yaoi addict so….yeah

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