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"Pick up. Pick up! This is my one phone call Adam you got to pick up!" I screamed into the phone.

The guards began to look at me strangely which I took as a bad sign. I smiled back at them through the glass window and gave them a big wave.

They waved at me halfheartedly, still a little suspicious. I mean I would be too if I saw a woman punching the wall of the phone booth and screaming insults and cuss words into the phone.

"What the Heck, Abs it's five in the morning!" Maverick's familiar voice called over the phone line.

"God, I love you Adam!" I sighed leaning against the phone booth giving another wave to the security guards.

"I know, but you don't have to call me at five in the morning to tell me. So what's up?" Maverick grumbled.

I could picture him blinking at the sun coming through his window and then looking at his clock beside his bed knowing that the time on there would be very different by the time he was finished talking to me.

"You wanna know what's up? I'll tell you what's up! I'm at the police station! THE POLICE STATION! The one where they lock up people up for all eternity! The one with the hard benches covered in flies!" I screamed.

"Stop being so dramatic Abs." Maverick replied.

"I'm not being dramatic! I am just a very expressive person who will let you know EXACTLY what I am feeling at any given moment with as much detail as possible!" I screamed causing the security guards to jump.

"Don't I know it" Maverick laughed.

"Yeah, laugh it up buster cause when you use your one call to call me at five in the morning I won't answer!" I yelled.

"Okay, Abby just calm down. What'd ya do?" Maverick said in a soothing voice.

"Your gonna laugh" I pouted.

"Probably, but I'm not moving out of this bed and putting on clothes just cause you ran a red light" Adam replied.

"You sleep naked! That's sick Mav!" I cried accidentally hitting my hand into the wall of the phone booth.

The noise was deafening causing the lady at the front desk outside of the glass to jump. She glared at me menacingly. I stuck my tongue out at her.

"You just stuck your tongue out at someone didn't you?" Maverick sighed into the phone. Okay so Maverick knew me a little too well.

"Maybe…" I admitted.

"Hurry up and spill your guts cause your costing me a hundred dollar phone bill and believe me if I wanted to spend a hundred dollar phone bill it wouldn't be talking to you" Maverick replied.

"Well it's beat up on Abby day isn't it?" I muttered.

"Okay so I was speeding like really speeding down the road on your motorcycle…" I started.

"What? You made my motorcycle an accomplice!" Maverick yelled interrupting me.

"Hey do you wanna hear what happened or not?" I cried.

"Okay, so this cop comes out of no where and I mean no where. I hear the sirens and what do I do?…"

"You pull over and confess that you took my motorcycle without my permission" Maverick answered.

"As if Mav. I thought you knew me! So I panic and speed up. Then this man's voice comes over the bull horn and he's all like 'Pull the motorcycle over!' Well I figured that if I listened to them when they pulled out the blow horn maybe I'd get off easy."

Maverick snorted interrupting me. "You just thought that maybe you'd be able to flirt your way out of a ticket"

"This is not funny Mav!" I cried.

"Continue, Abs" Adam said giving me the okay to continue.

"So I pull over and the cop is all like 'Miss do you know how fast you were going?' And I'm like 'No but I'm sure you'll tell me.' And then he starts to ask for my license and registration. And I'm like 'Well this really isn't my motorcycle it's my best friend's but he said I could borrow it.'

"Lie 1" Maverick said bluntly.

"Anyway he didn't take that well and he thought I was a car thief and hopped up on drugs."

"Were you?"

"You know I don't drink!"

"Anyway he had me walk a straight line which I did perfectly. Then he was like 'Okay but we still need to bring you down to make sure your not a car thief and that you did indeed borrow this car. Plus your gonna have a hundred dollar fine.' I told him he didn't have to do that cause I wasn't one."

"Lie 2" Maverick said bluntly.

"Come on Mav if my six future husbands find out about this I'm history!"

"Your actually thinking about my brothers that you have no chance with right now?" Maverick laughed.

"I do to have a chance! William winked at me yesterday!" I pointed out.

"He had hot sauce in his eye because you shook the hot sauce bottle at him"

"You know what I'm about to be thrown in jail with rapists and murders I don't want to argue about hot sauce!"

"Okay, Okay I'll get there as soon as I find my pants"

"Great, just great" I muttered.

"What you want me to come with nothing on? Cause that's what you'd get if I left right now"

"True, I don't think they'd let me go home with an extremely hot naked guy" I agreed.

"You are really sucking up to me right now aren't you?"

"Duh, everyone knows you can't leave a girl who just called you hot at the police station all by herself"

"True, I'll see you in five minutes"

"But you live 30 minutes away"

"Believe me I'll be there in five minutes"

"Awwww! I can't believe your actually going to speed for me!"

"Like you said I can't leave a girl that just called me hot at the police station all by herself"

"I love you"

"I know"

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