Spoilers: Refs to Nick's confession in 'Overload'.

  It wasn't until an hour before they had to get to work that they could bring themselves to get out of bed. Nick savoured every moment though that he lay in the warmth of the sheets, watching Greg get dressed first.

 As the younger guy finished pulling his shirt over his head, his hair all ruffled, he caught sight of the eyes watching him.

 "What are you smiling at?" he asked, grinning shyly himself.

 Nick shrugged, keeping his smile.


Greg came and perched on the end of the bed as he started to put on his socks and shoes.

 "Ah, y'see the thing is…" he leaned towards Nick and whispered conspiratorially, "I don't believe you."

Nick's smile widened.

 "I just can't believe this is happening." His eyes cast downward as he traced nervous circular patterns on the mattress. "I keep expecting to wake up. Its all so weird."

 Greg finished lacing up his shoes, and turned fully to face the man lying in his bed.

 "Good weird though?"

 Nick nodded, knowing that this was all so new that they both needed to be reassured again.

 "Very good."

 They smiled at each other for a moment, before Nick sighed and glanced sideways towards the bathroom.

 "Guess I should go get ready too, huh?"

Greg raised his eyebrows in amusement.

 "Well, for someone who's trying to act like everything's normal, turning up late for work would be a damn poor start."

Their smiles faltered slightly, at the thought of work again, at the thought of heading back to reality.

 "I, uh, I guess I should head in first?" Greg said quietly.

 Nick reached out and took his hand. At that moment he was so thankful that this hadn't happened late at night; as wonderful as all this was, he knew himself well enough to know that if he'd woken the next morning, he would have told himself that things were different in the harsh light of day. If he had been able to hide this all away in the shadows of the night – if he could have buried it all as some terrible, blind moment in the darkness of the early hours…if he could have done all that, he couldn't swear that he wouldn't have.

 He was still scared and unsure. But he knew that he had made a conscious choice earlier – Greg had offered to back off, and never mention the kiss or his feelings again, if Nick could say he didn't felt he same. He'd made a choice.

And as scared as he was, as gazed into Greg's uncertain face, he couldn't bring himself to regret a thing.

  "You go." he said gently. "If I don't have to see you about a case, then I'll come by the lab in my break."

  Greg smiled nervously.

 "Just don't forget about me okay?"
 Nick couldn't help but laugh.

 "Trust me, that is so not an option right now."

 Greg matched his smile, before suddenly leaning in and kissing Nick long and hard. He drew back breathless, and Nick stared back at him in mild surprise, but he was already turning to leave the room.

 As Nick got out of bed, and headed for the shower himself, he realised what had just gone through Greg's mind.

He's afraid I'll freak out today. He's afraid I'll regret it all. He thought that might be the last chance he gets to kiss me…

  Nick let the water run hot enough to hurt, trying not to think about what the hell he was getting into.

~ ~ ~

 As he drove into work, he marvelled at how the world around him seemed completely the same. Even looking at his own face in the rear-view mirror, he couldn't see anything to betray just how much his life had changed in twenty-four hours. How could anything ever be the same again? Even if he stopped this thing with Greg right now – something he really didn't want, but had to admit crossed his frightened, and confused mind – then he'd be forever wondering about what exactly had made him do what he'd done; he'd be forever more questioning his feelings, questioning his sexuality, asking himself what he had seen in Greg that had made him take such an incredible leap of faith.

  But the reality was that he couldn't leave this now. This wasn't about sex. Well, okay, that was a damn important factor in this whole 'changing-life-forever' thing, and it was certainly the part that brought immediate concerns about people finding out. But what was making him the most excited, filling him with the most nervousness as well as happiness, was this feeling that he'd found someone. He'd found that understanding, that contentment, and that pleasure he'd been looking for longer than he could admit. It had just come from a very unexpected source.

  Nick was smiling despite himself, but a sudden thought caused his smile to falter a second. He'd never felt so at ease, and so happy in his life as when he was with Greg – just in his presence, looking in his eyes, hearing his voice. Was this…could this be…it? Could this really be love – the truest, all-consuming, life-enhancing kind? Man, he knew he could act as flippant as the rest of his co-workers when it came to relationships, but it wasn't like he never thought about this stuff. They could all laugh at the suggestion, they could call him the 'ladies man', but deep down, Nick was just as much a romantic as anyone else. Perhaps more so after his past, after that time when he was nine…He needed to believe there was a completely selfless, honest kind of love out there.

  He felt his chest tight, his breath shaking, at the possibility that he'd finally found it.