Fame: What You Get Is No Tomorrow

An NCIS: Los Angeles Fanfiction

This story is loosely based on the NCIS: Los Angeles episode Fame, but with the added attraction of some gratuitous hot Kensi/Deeks action and starts immediately after the events depicted in Like A Hurricane , which I recommend you read first. There are adult themes, so consider yourself warned. I might even work in a maim, if I feel so inclined. Which I usually do, as loyal readers can attest.

It was after two a.m. when Kensi finally turned the key and let herself into her small, messy apartment. She walked throught the normal disorganised chaos of her living room and into the bedroom which was even worse, with clothes strewn across the bed and falling onto the floor while hair paraphernalia and makeup littered almost every surface and let out a deep sigh as she surveyed at the clutter of her life. Nobody who saw her outside the apartment, hair perfect, clothes just so, would ever believe she was such a disorganised slut behind closed doors. Unless they'd been in the club tonight and had seen her sneak off with Marty Deeks and have raw, passionate sex in a corridor.

What the hell was I thinking? Letting myself be swayed by a pretty face. And a pretty damned incredible body. Okay, I wasn't thinking. Not with my head anyway.

Kensi pulled off the body-con dress that highlighted her figure to its best advantage and stared at herself in the mirror, noting the messy hair, the smudged eyeliner and the way her lips were still puffy from his kisses. Yup, she looked like she just been laid and no mistake about it. She could still feel the soft rasp of his stubble on her skin, and sure enough, there were patches of red on her neck. Turning around, Kensi looked at her ass, and exclaimed in horror when she saw the imprint of his fingers as he'd pulled her closer to him. Shit, she'd be bruised in the morning. Correction: make that later in the morning. If she was lucky, she might just catch five hours sleep before she had to report for work at the Mission by nine thirty.

She washed her face cursorily, not bothering that half her makeup came off on the hand-towel. There was no-one to see it anyway. And it would wash out. Hopefully. When she got around to throwing a load in machine, which was normally only when she realised she didn't have a single thing to wear. Kensi tossed the offending towel into a corner and pulled on an old t-shirt before padding back through to her bedroom, collapsing into bed and willing sleep to come. And , of course, sleep was elusive. Kensi lay staring up at the ceiling and suddenly that she could still smell Marty Deeks: that salty-sweet aroma she'd noticed right from the start, like a mixture of sea air, sunshine and the powdered sugar you get on donuts. Sleep had never seemed further away as she relived the feel of his lips, the way his tongue had invaded her mouth and the sensations his fingers had evoked from her body. And just thinking about it brought it all back and she ached with longing.

What is it about him that's bored its way into my mind? Why can't I stop thinking about him and the way he felt when he moved inside me?

Her hand slid down the smooth skin of her belly, rested for a moment in the soft curls and then crept between her thighs, as the thoughts of him filled her mind. It wasn't anything like as good as when he had touched her, but it was the best she could manage, under the circumstances. Kensi let her mind slip into a fantasy where she had Deeks exactly where she wanted him and made him do everything she said. The thought of having him completely under her control was really rather erotic and it didn't take long for her to climax. It was quite satisfying, in a lonely sort of way, but not a patch on the real thing. And after that, when Kensi eventually curled up and slipped her hand under her cheek, that familiar salty-sweet smell was even more intense, as if he was all over her skin and for a moment she almost could have wept at the memory of good he had felt and how alone she was right now.

At least I had one night and a whole load of memories to keep me going. It's almost a pity I'll never see him again. It could have been fun.

At the end of the day, which this definitely was, Marty Deeks was only a man. And she'd had a whole lot of men before and no doubt she'd have a whole heap more in the future. It had only been sex, after all. Nothing more than that and there was nothing special about him. Absolutely nothing special at all. And Kensi thought that if she told herself that enough times, she might even begin to believe it.

Of course, Kensi forgot to set the alarm on her cell phone, so it was a complete rush to get ready and out of the house on time. And then all the traffic signals were against her, so she barely made it in by the skin of her teeth. Callen and Sam always seemed to have some sort of weird sixth sense as far as her love life was concerned. Or maybe that should be her sex life, seeing love was the last thing Kensi wanted right now – or possibly at any stage in the future, Jack having put her off all that commitment crap for good. She was never going to let another man have that sort of hold over her – it only lead to pain and sorrow and she was so over that. Anyway, whenever Kensi scored some action, those two always seemed to know about it. Realising she would ever hear the end of it if they ever discovered she'd been with Deeks last night, Kensi cravenly snuck up the back stairs and entered the sanctuary of Ops. Eric was so clueless about anything other than his beloved computers, with the possible exception of surfing, that he probably never even gave her private life a passing thought. Which was kind of a pity, seeing he had the same kind of vibe as Deeks going on, only considerably less hot and a whole lot more geeky. Kensi reckoned she'd be safe from prying eyes there.

"Have you heard the latest?" Eric's eyes gleamed behind his glasses, which somehow missed being retro and just looked kind of old-fashioned, Kensi thought. "That guy from LAPD's joining us."

"Deeks?" Kensi was aware her voice had risen at least two octaves. She certainly hadn't been expecting that. Usually when Eric said he had some juicy piece of information, it turned out to be some new piece of computer hardware, which didn't exactly ring her bell. Not like this. "Are you sure?" Her fingers dug painfully into her forearm.

"Positive." Eric pulled his arm free. "Hetty said that he was joining NCIS as our liaison with LAPD."

Shit. It all came back to her: that knowing smile – or should that be smirk? –on his face last night. The way he'd said he would see her around. The cunning bastard had known about this all along and he'd played her for a complete fool. Kensi squirmed uncomfortably on her chair and instantly regretted it as the bruises on her butt made their presence felt. "Deeks? Is that the best they could do?"

"That was the best they could do," a familiar voice said. "Morning Kensi." Marty Deeks gave her a peculiarly sweet smile as he ambled into the room. "It's nice to see you again."

She could have sworn there was a knowing edge to his voice, but when she looked up at him, all Kensi could see was a brilliantly blue pair of eyes and the hottest piece of ass she'd ever laid eyes on.