Chapter Seventeen: Fame: Could It Be The Best?

Marty lay flat on his back and stared up at his reflection in the large mirror with a disgusted expression on his face. If hospital had been boring, this was even worse. At least the hospital had the added attraction of nurses, even if it never seemed to be the pretty ones who were assigned to bed bath duty. He wondered if that was deliberate scheduling, and reckoned it probably must be, especially when they were dealing with patients recovering from heart attacks or strokes. Maybe they even had a whole special set of less-than-attractive nurses for that purpose. There was no sense in tempting fate, after all. Luckily he'd been unconscious when they put that catheter in. There were some things you definitely didn't want to know about. He wondered vaguely how they practised doing that and if they ever got it wrong.

Oh God. How do you know if it's damaged you? It's this great big long tube and it goes where nothing's supposed to go, after all. I mean everything seems to be working normally when I'm peeing, but what if, next time I'm with a girl and it all goes wrong and I can't get it up?

And of course, the more he thought about it, the less likely the chances were that Marty was going to find out, the human body being funny like that. He pulled his knees up protectively and glared up at himself.

"If the wind changes, your face will stay like that." The voice seemed to come out of nowhere and Marty was just relieved he hadn't been caught in a compromising position.

"How the hell did you get in?" The door was locked – double-locked and with a dead-bolt to boot.

"Lock-picking 101. I'll teach you when you get back." Kensi settled herself comfortably on the bed and turned her head to see what he was looking at. "Kinky."

"It's a rented apartment," Marty protested.

"Well, duh! Of course it is. It's not like you could afford something like this on a cop's salary, is it?" She rolled over onto her back and wriggled a bit so that they were lying side by side, staring up at themselves. "I missed you."

"Yeah right. You missed me so much you couldn't stay away. No, wait a minute – all that time I was in the hospital, you stayed away. You all did."

"Don't pout, it's not very adult." Kensi turned over and propped herself up on her elbows so that she could look at him properly. Marty wondered if she was ever going to lie still and thought that sleeping with her, actually sleeping, rather than making love, would be like being on a roller coaster. "And I did come, actually. Only they booted me out. Only Hetty got past the dragon on the doorway."

"They let Hetty in? She saw me?" That was more than a little disturbing – the thought of Hetty standing at his bedside, with God-knows what thoughts going through her devious little mind.

"And Callen. But not me. Which bummed me out. Seriously." Kensi nudged him gently, taking care not to bang his injured shoulder. "You do believe me?"

"If you say so." Marty knew he was sounding petulant, but he really couldn't help it. It was either that or grab hold of her and… only that wouldn't work. Not with his bum shoulder and a penis that had probably been internally mangled beyond all possibility of working again by some student nurse with sadistic tendencies. Knowing his luck, he was probably nevver going to get a hard-on again. In which case they might just have let him die back at the Darva house.

"I do say so. And then Vance stuck us on the dumb case and we had to go all the way up to Ukiah. Have you ever been to Ukiah? No? Well don't bother, because you've not missed anything. Take my word for it." Kensi knew she was babbling and she couldn't seem to stop herself. "I really wanted to be with you. I still do. Why else do you think I'm here, you idiot?"

"Sticks and stones will break my bones…" He couldn't help smiling at her. Suddenly things seemed a whole lot better.

Kensi wriggled closer and bent her head. "They already have." She dropped a feather-light kiss onto his shoulder. "You scared the fuck out me, Deeks." Her voice shuddered slightly.

"Maybe we can sort that out?" Marty realised he wasn't going to have any problems at all in getting an erection. None at all.

"But it would be so awkward when we have to work together again." Kensi dropped a series of kisses across his chest and then ran her tongue slowly around his nipple.

"LAPD want me back for another op."

"That's a pity." She raised her head and stared into his eyes. "We might never see each other again."

"True enough. So we'd better make the most of this, hadn't we?" Marty tried to take her in his arms, but only succeeded in giving a sharp yelp as his shoulder reminded him that it had recently been screwed back together again.

"Lie back and leave all the rest to me. There's nothing like a hot, naked, wounded guy to turn me on. You do have a remarkably great body, you know." She was remarkably adept at removing clothes, Marty realised – her own and his.

He grinned happily at her, and saw their reflections in the mirror and thought how bloody perfect they looked together, lying completely naked on the bed. "You've done this before, haven't you, Kensi?"

"With you – just once. But it was memorable."

"Wasn't it just?" And she felt even better than he remembered: warm and soft and the things her tongue was doing were beyond incredible. "You do realise we'll probably never see each other again?"

"One last time, then." She straddled his hips and held herself poised there for a second, watching as he tried to contain himself.

"For the good times, Kensi?" Marty felt as if he was going to explode and suddenly he was surrounded by her and it was even better than he had ever imagined.

And she smiled at him and agreed. "For the good times."

Only I don't have to make believe. Because I do love you.


I had to let it end happily, because slushy bunny says he is still traumatised by the ending of Comes A Time. And because I kind of reckon they are pretty much meant to be together.

Anyway - I hope you liked this sideways excursion into my K/D universe.


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