- Crazy Fairy and other short stories -

I can see myself writing a few little one shots for this couple so I thought I might as well put them all in one place. The collection as a whole will be rated according to its highest rated story (currently T), but specific ratings (and genres) will be included at the start of individual stories for your information.

I'm still pretty new to Fairy Tail and I'm getting more and more confused when it comes to correctly spelling the characters' names. I'm just going to go with the fanfiction(dot)net character list for the time being. Hope that's okay with everyone! Please enjoy!

- Crazy Fairy -

Summary: Laxus has been defeated. Levy feels honour-bound to thank Gajeel for his help, but hasn't quite forgotten he's the last person who deserves her thanks. Lightly sprinkled with hints of a Gajeel/Levy attraction. Rated for language.

This story was inspired by the Laxus arc, and is kind of set between Chapters 127 and 128. I'm sure it must have been done before, but I just can't get these two out of my head! Not so much a romance (sadly), but perhaps the start of an attraction?

Rated: T - Language: English (UK) - Genre: Friendship - Words: 1,869 - Published: 22-05-11

- Crazy Fairy -


Words were the most important thing in Levy's life. They were the foundation on which everything else was built - her friendships, her magic, her happiness and hopes and, yes, even her fears. She could trace them all back to a word or two. Words mattered. And the two words that were currently lodged in her brain were causing her an inordinate amount of trouble.

Thank you.

It shouldn't be hard to say. It wouldn't be hard to say, to anybody else. But it was hard. Because it was him. And that meant they just might be the hardest two words that she'd ever had to say.

So don't do it.

That thought was stubbornly persistent too. She didn't have to say anything. No one would think any worse of her. No one would even know one way or the other in all probability!

But she would know.

She would know that she was carrying those two small impossibly heavy words around with her every second that they sat idle on her tongue. They rolled around inside her head like a stone in her shoe. She should have got rid of them straight away, immediately after Laxus's defeat. Plunged in headfirst before she had time to think. But she always stopped to think.

And that tendency to over think things was giving her a headache this morning. It was early enough that the guild was relatively empty. Even Cana was absent from the bar, although she should be along soon. Lucy wanted to meet to discuss their costumes for the Fantasia parade. Levy smiled absently. For someone who hadn't known that they would be taking part in the parade a day ago, Lucy had certainly thrown herself into the swing of things!

Levy was looking forward to the festivities. It would be good for everyone to relax and have fun together, especially after the last few days. Except of course, she knew she wouldn't relax until she had assuaged her conscience. Her conscience! All things considered, she wasn't sure if that made her want to laugh or cry. She settled for closing her eyes and dropping her head into her hands with a defeated groan.

"What's wrong with you?"

She froze. The speaker's voice was deep, rough and unmistakable. Why did the gods hate her? She was a good girl! Kind, honest, hardworking – oh, all right, so she had a few (dozen) racy novels to spice up her otherwise pristine literary collection. So what!

She opened her eyes, gathered her courage and slowly peeked between her fingers. Unfortunately her ears hadn't lied. But just how did a man the size of a small mountain, bandaged up like a mummy, walking with the aid of a crutch for goodness sake, manage to appear in front of her without her noticing?

Levy lifted her head and dropped her hands to her lap, as naturally as was humanly possible, which she guessed was not very naturally at all.

"Good morning, Gajeel."

She summoned a smile in the face of the dragon slayer's scowl. It was not a very good scowl, given that he was looking out from his bandages with only one eye, which might have explained why she didn't falter.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, flicking her gaze over his beaten body.

He blinked his one red eye, slowly, as though her question was so inane that it would be a waste of his breath to answer. And this was the man to whom she owed her thanks?

"So nothing's wrong?" he asked slowly, shifting his weight as he regarded her sceptically.

Levy tilted her head slightly. She wondered at his persistence, but decided they couldn't keep talking at crossed-purposes. If her answer was not one hundred percent accurate, well, she decided she could be forgiven.

"Nothing's wrong."

He stared at her for a moment, still wearing his strangely suspicious half-scowl, and then he grunted something unintelligible and limped off. Levy frowned down at the tabletop. She should have done it then. She should do it now. She should go after him and get it over with before she went crazy. What was the worst that could happen?

Unbidden, an image of being stapled to a tree flashed in front of her eyes. She chewed her lip as she carefully tucked that memory away at the very back of her mind.

She told herself that she had new memories to consider. New images that might one day overwrite that painful experience completely. Gajeel taking a beating from Jet and Droy, accepting it like a punishment. Gajeel blocking the strike that Laxus had aimed at her. Gajeel fighting alongside Natsu for Fairy Tail.

Levy stopped biting her lip. She could taste the metallic tang of blood on her tongue. Yes. He had hurt her. Deeply. But he had saved her too. And because of his sacrifice, hadn't he really saved them all? She tried desperately to weigh the contrary facts in her mind.

She could remember his presence beside her as she deciphered Fried's runes. He hadn't unnerved her then. She liked to think that was because she had been far too busy to pay him any attention. But that wasn't entirely true. Compared to Natsu, Gajeel had been calm and patient, and- and supportive? What was it he'd said? She was incredible? A faint heat stole into her cheeks. And she had asked him to stop Laxus. So, it was kind of her fault, sort of, it felt like it was anyway, and she couldn't put it off any longer.


His name escaped her lips before she could stop it breaking free, but he was already gone.


She didn't know where he was going. There was no way she could know anything about Master Ivan. As he limped down the street, Gajeel consoled himself with these thoughts. He didn't know what had clouded the blue-haired girl's eyes with unease, but it wasn't that- it couldn't be- he was just being paran-


She was following him. He couldn't put a name to her scent, but it was delicate and warm, faintly floral with a hint of something else. He was used to smelling her fear - bitter, strong and sharp - and now that it appeared to be gone he found that his skin prickled uncomfortably whenever she got too close. Head down, he kept moving. She almost certainly wasn't coming after him.


He swore again, and cast a look over his shoulder. The tiny mage was walking towards him with a look of utter determination on her face. His pulse picked up a beat. He'd seen that expression before. Ah hell. He certainly wasn't as complicated to read as those runes that she'd decoded!

"You sure move fast for someone on crutches," Levy complained, lips twitching in a fleeting smile as she drew level with him, coaxing him to a standstill.

Gajeel waited in uneasy silence, positive that wasn't all she had chased after him to say. Evidently appreciating that he wasn't going to make idle conversation, she cleared her throat, twisted her hands behind her back, and then she lifted her head and looked him straight in the eye.

"I just- see, I wanted to say-" She took a deep breath. "Thank you."

There was deafening silence, as it took several more seconds than was normal for her meaning to penetrate Gajeel's brain, and then, when it finally had, an explosion of noise followed.


He didn't exactly mean to roar the question so incredulously, but of all the things that he had imagined her saying that certainly hadn't even made it onto the radar. A few people passing by eyed him with mistrust, but for some almost equally absurd reason, Levy didn't appear offended by his rudeness. In fact, she clasped her hands in front of her body, bowed her head and said it again.

"Thank you."

Gajeel instantly pressed two fingers to her forehead and pushed her head back up. No way was this girl ever going to bow to him. She blinked at him in confusion and he dropped his hand.

"Crazy Fairy," he grunted awkwardly.

Levy laughed softly. Gajeel's whole body tensed. Had he heard her make that sound before? It was warm and husky, and really dangerous. She gave her shoulders a light-hearted shrug as she absently touched her forehead.

"Crazy? Maybe, but I feel much better now."

She looked better too. Her face was bright and her eyes open and clear. If he didn't have somewhere else to be, urgently, and if he wasn't so socially incompetent, he would have asked her why that was when any normal person in her position would be ruing the fact that he wasn't dead.

It might have crossed his mind that her surprisingly strong desire to have him fight Laxus was born of the even stronger desire for him to meet his end. Lightning and metal did not mix well. Not as far as the metal was concerned anyway. But he had quickly come to realise that her mind just didn't work that way. He had no clue how it worked exactly, but it wasn't vengeful or vindictive.

"Look Levy-" he said gruffly. "I need to-"

"Oh!" She blushed apologetically when she realised that she was keeping him. "Sorry, of course." She cast a quick glance back in the direction of the guide. "I need to meet Lu-Chan anyway." Her gaze returned to his face curiously. "Are you going to watch the parade later?"

One corner of his mouth slanted upward in a mockery of a smile. "Not really my thing."

"You're part of Fairy Tail now. It's not exactly optional."

She placed a hand on her hip, unconsciously drawing attention to the fact that her figure was extremely nicely defined for someone so small. At least, he distractedly presumed it was done unconsciously.

"There's something I need to take care of first."

Fuckin' fantastic. Why didn't he just come right out and tell her he was going to see Master Ivan? One of her eyebrows quirked, and those clever eyes of hers observed him thoughtfully.

"A mission?"

He looked away. Safer. Much safer. "Something like that."

"I see." Levy gave him a wry little smile of her own just before she turned to go. "Well, don't take too long. It would be a shame if you missed all the celebrations!" she called in farewell.

He frowned after her. Would it? He wasn't so sure. But apparently she disagreed. Completely bewildered, he watched her walk away until she was swallowed up by the general bustle of the street.

Gajeel had never put much stock in words. Words were just noise with meaning haphazardly attached. In his experience, they were easily twisted and effortlessly distorted. He infinitely preferred action. Before Levy. Because for the girl he had beaten unconscious and crucified to come after him and make him accept her thanks when in reality he should be thanking her, well, even he had to stop and pay attention to that.

"Fuckin' crazy Fairy," he muttered, smiling ever so slightly as he turned to limp away.

- Fin -