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Teddy's Pov

I sighed and watched as my parents were still dancing even though the party was yestoday, They thought it would be funny to dance still. Tomorrow was school and I dont know if I can live though school.

"Can you two stop!" I yelled, watching my parents stare back at me with smiles on their face.

They didn't answer, they turned away and I sighed and stared at Charlie, she sat there watching the new tv that was placed in our kitchen. As always Pj came in wearing this chicken hat and having that smirk.

"How was work hunny?" Amy asked Pj, while going to the sink.

"Good." Pj answered as he sat the hat down on the blue table.

"Where's Gabe?" I asked standing up getting some apple juice for Charlie.

"Upstaris, he went to bed very late." Amy answered handing Charlie an apple, Charlie smiled and threw the apple at Pj while laughing.

"Where did he go?" Pj asked wiping the apple off his yellow t-shirt while kinda staring at Teddy.

"Somewhere." Amy answered again smirking while grabbing another snack for Charlie.

Out of the blue, I heard a yawn and saw Gabe wearing his race car pjs and a red shirt, He rubbed his eyes and sat down not speaking.

"Good Morning Gabe!" I said smiling at him with my biggest smile ever.

"Bleh." Gabe answered sticking his tounge out.

"What's wrong Gabe?" I asked handing Charlie some milk, Of course she threw it back at me and it went everywhere.

Gabe and Pj started laughing while I stood there sighing, Boys will be boys

"You guys ready for school tomorrow?" Amy asked laughing a little at her own joke.

"No, I feel sick!" Pj yelled, holding his head to his head, and complianing.

Bob laughed and made some breakfeast for everyone, I didn't want to go to school, People would laugh or mock me. Pj sighed and sat down eating the eggs that were very raw.

"That was raw!" I yelled backing away from him, I almost threw up but I held it in and went to the trash can just in case.

"We're going off to the mall, behave and make sure Pj stays out of the cookie dough." Mom told me while walking out of the house.

Gabe sighed and thought about Jo, after that stupid class, he didn't know what to think about Jo, They hated each other for so long and she looked real pretty in that dress. She looked better than Teddy when she had her 16 birthday party.

"Why you smiling? someone on your mind?" I asked Gabe, watching him smile like that either meant he has an evil plan or he likes someone.

"No! I was thinking about...Monster trucks!" Gabe answered fast, little blushing.

"No, you were thinking about someone, I see that look in your eyes." I told him staring at him hard.

"No, that's gross!" Gabe said standing up.

I laughed, and rememebered how young he is, He doesn't know about love that much but I can help him.

"Is it Kit again?" I asked, smiling and trying to feed Charlie.

"No, I got over her a long time ago." Gabe told me, looking away at the sky.

Who could Gabe like? the only people he's been with is Kit and Jo, Wait Jo?

He's always hanged out with Jo, and everytime someone says Jo he blushes real bad and I once caught him saying her name in his sleep.

"You like Jo!" I yelled clapping my hands and dancing like a fan girl.

"NO! she's gross and really mean!" Gabe said standing up.

"I heard you once say her name in your sleep!" I told him, Opps...

"I never said her name!" Gabe answered back.

"I heard you, you like her." I said again, I stared at Charlie, she smiled and kinda did a thumbs up.

"I dont like her!" Gabe said again, He rolled his eyes and left not looking back.

"I know you like her!" I yelled louder this time.

Gabe never answered back, I sighed and tried to think of a plan to get Gabe admit that she likes Jo..But where did he go when we came back from that secert party? I have to find out these answers.

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