"And now, not only does he live in different universes, but he never ages! Mickey...Mouse!"

Everyone cheered as Mickey slid onstage. "Hello, everybody! Oh, boy, do we have a show for you!"

Max silently snuck onto the platform next to the media room with a sniper rifle in hand. He aimed the gun at Mickey's head and swallowed nervously. He did not like doing this, but what other choice does he have? He slowly pulled the trigger...


Mickey ducked as soon as he heard the gunshot. Naturally, people screamed and started to panic. Mickey, being the fearless leader he is stood up and raised his hands in an effort to calm everyone down.

"People, people, it's okay. We'll get this sorted out." Mickey said reassuringly. To his relief, everyone calmed down a little. "Now, let's start this next cartoon off with a bang!"

The audience cheered when the cartoon started. Mickey walked backstage where he was met with a worried Minnie.

"Are you okay, Mickey?" She asked putting her hand on his.

Mickey smiled and placed his hand on hers. "I'm fine, Minnie. Did ya happen to see who the shooter was?"

Minnie shook her head sadly. "Horace didn't see anything, either. Oh, Mickey, what if they try to kill you again?"

"I'll be all right." Mickey said reassuringly. "I put extra security in the showroom. I'll be careful."

Still unconvinced, Minnie sighed. "I just don't think you should take any chances tonight. Maybe we better close."

"No. I do not want to give whoever's responsible the satisfaction." Mickey said firmly. "Just keep an eye out for anything suspicious, will ya?"

"I will." Minnie bowed her head and sighed. She was worried about her husband. She didn't know what she'd do if she lost him.

Mickey kissed Minnie and pulled out his cell phone.


Max's phone rang. He took a deep breath and answered it. "Hello?"

"Max, it's Mickey. Listen... did you see anyone come in with a gun?"

"No, I didn't." Max answered. "Why? What happened?"

"Nothing. I'm just asking." Mickey didn't want Max to worry. "Thanks. See ya."

"You're welcome. Bye." Max hung up and sighed. He already made preparations for the next attempt on Mickey's life, and he created a fail-safe. He wondered how long he'd be caught. If he is, it would cost Roxanne's life.

Mickey sighed and smiled at the crowd. "Wow, that cartoon was fun-tastic. Haha. You know what else is fun-tastic?" Before Mickey could finish, a large anvil dropped through the stage from above right behind him. Mickey yelped in surprise and looked behind him. People gasped. Mickey took it in stride as usual. "Other than that, anyway. Haha. Let's give it up for The Duck Brothers!" Mickey gestured to the in-house band consisting of Donalds' three nephews. The audience cheered wildly as the triplets played the introduction to the song. Mickey walked backstage to meet with Minnie, Daisy, and Donald. "Any word on who's trying to kill me?"

Daisy shook her head. "No."

"It's Pete! I'll bet it is!" Donald exclaimed. "That son of a bitch has been after you for years!"

Mickey frowned and stroked his chin in thought. "I don't disagree. But we don't have any proof."

"Which is why we need to look for it." Minnie suggested.

"But where do we start?" Asked Daisy.

Mickey was about to respond when a huge crash followed by screams were heard in the showroom. The foursome ran to the stage and almost ran into Goofy.

"I was just comin' to find ya." Goofy pointed to the hole in the stage. "Huey, Dewey, and Louie crashed through the stage!"

"Oh, no!" Horrified, Donald and Daisy rushed to the edge of the hole. "Boys! Are you all right? Answer me!"

Louie groaned and tried to sit up. "We're fine, Uncle Donald. I think Huey's unconscious."

Donald, Mickey, and Goofy jumped down the hole and carried the triplets out. Louie had a black eye and a busted bill, Dewey had a broken leg and a huge bump on his head, and Huey was unconscious with a broken neck. Already a crowd formed around them. Genie flew up to Mickey.

"Don't worry, Mickey, I'll have this stage fixed in a jiffy." Genie stretched his fingers.

"Thank you, Genie." Mickey replied pleasantly surprised at the act of service. "I don't suppose you heal wounds...?"

"Dammit, Mickey. I'm a genie, not a doctor." Genie said in his best Star Trek impression.

"She's a healer." Everyone turned to Eugene who pointed to Rapunzel.

Rapunzel smiled warmly. "I'd be happy to heal them." She got up on stage, wrapped her long blonde hair around the triplets' injuries and sang her song softly. Her hair glowed and the triplets sighed and got up. Rapunzel unwrapped her hair from the triplets and smiled again.

"Thank you, Rapunzel. We owe you one." Daisy said, smiling.

"No problem."

Mickey took center stage again and addressed the crowd. "Wow, we sure are having quite an adventurous night, aren't we? Ha-ha. Hopefully, that will be the last. Now, I believe the Duck Brothers have a performance to finish, so let's give it up for them, shall we?" The audience cheered. Mickey sighed and hopped down from the stage. He turned to Goofy and Donald. "We have to find Pete. Donald, see if you can get Beast to lend you his magic mirror. Goofy, keep a sharp eye out for anything suspicious."

"Right, Mickey!" They said simultaneously. They ran into each other, then ran off in different directions.


Max and Goofy almost ran into each other as Max exited the kitchen with a mug of coffee. "Oh, hey, Dad. Didn't see you there."

"It's okay." He smiled. "You hungry?"

"I was just getting some coffee." Max replied lifting his mug and taking a sip.


"How are the triplets? I heard the stage collapsed." Max wondered.

Goofy smiled and waved. "Aww, they're fine. I just hope that never happens again."

"Yeah. Well, I'll let you get back to work." Max waved and walked off. He looked over his shoulder to see Goofy disappearing behind the double doors. He sighed and bowed his head. 'Ugh...sorry, Dad...'


Mickey sat at a table watching the boys perform. Goofy came up to him with two plates. "Hiya, Mick. Thought I'd join ya for dinner."

"Thanks." Mickey smiled. Donald came up to them looking a tad frustrated.

"They didn't bring their magic mirror." Donald reported. "They volunteered to go home and get it, but I figured it would take too long, so I just said 'never mind'." He sat down, put his chin in his hand, and sighed.

"Aw, that's okay. We'll find some other way to track down Pete." Mickey assured them.

Goofy stuffed his face with food. "Gawrsh, this sure tastes unusual compared to how Gus normally cooks."

"Really? Mine tastes just fine." Mickey said.

"Really? Gawrsh, then. It must be..." Goofy's voice trailed off as he felt his stomach turning over and cramping up. He felt nauseous, and his vision became blurry. "...poison." He keeled over and started convulsing.

"Goofy? GOOFY!" Mickey cried in panic. He and Donald rushed to his side. As expected, it caused a stir in the crowds.

Max noticed people crowding over someone and gasped in horror at the sight of his father on the ground having a seizure. "Dad!" He sprinted to Goofy's side. 'Oh, no. I poisoned the wrong food!'

Mickey ran over to Rapunzel. "Rapunzel, I hate asking for favors, but, Goofy is about to die of food poisoning. Could you...?"

"Of course." Rapunzel ran over to Goofy, wrapped her hair around him and healed him up.

Goofy sighed and took a few deep breaths, and sat up. "Gawrsh, thanks, Rapunzel."

Max sighed heavily with relief. He put a hand on Goofy's shoulder. "Dad..."

Goofy hugged his son tightly. "Oh, I'm all right."

Donald studied Max's expression. He looked almost...guilty. Like he had something to do with Goofy being poisoned...

'Something's screwey.' He thought.

Uh, oh. Donald's onto Max! 0_0 What's a Goof to do? What's a DUCK to do?