I know I should be working on other stories, but I've just watched this film and fell in love with the sexiness that is action movies.

Disclaimer: I do not own this movie or sadly any of the characters, except Houdini she is all mine.

Since I was born, I was trained to be a solider.

At the age of four my mother walked out on me and dad

At the age of six I was taught how to fight

By the age of eight I was able to take down a man twice my size

At the age of ten I was taught how to shoot

At the age of 12 I hacked in to my first secure system

And the age of 15 my father was murdered and my life changed, I became the solider I was trained to be.

My name is Emily Rose, and I was the one thing he considered unexpendable.

So here you have it, hopefully have the next chapter up within a couple of days.