Hello. This is my first fanfic on Fanfic. LOL. Tell me if it's good. BTW Sophia has waist long brown with a blue stripe outlining it, and she is an incredible artist. Alright, let us start teh chapppeter! Sophia...

Sophia: Do I have to?

Meh: Yes. Now Flipp duh switch!

Sophia: Don't tell meh wat tuh do! *flips switch anyways*

I was the first to my class again. I took out my notebook out and began drawing. I was drawing the twins Kouru and Hikaru, arms linked with their sly smiles. I soon finished, looking up to see Haruhi walk in. Of course he didn't see me. He usually waited until he sat down to put his contacts in. I sighed. I was bored. I ran to the chalk bored at the front of the room and drew chibi versions of the Host Club. I laughed at my silly creation.

"That's pretty cool." 'OMG Haruhi is talking to me!' I thought.

"Thanks," I replied, "I was just bored."

"Haruhi!" Oh God. Its those twins!

"Eeep!" I ran to my desk and sat down.

"You guys! I was talking to someone!" Haruhi sounded angry.

I was staring at my notebook, and then I saw two hands on my desk. 'Don't look up!' I told myself. Too late. I looked up to see both of the twins' faces inches away.

"Ummm… uh p-please get a-away from m-my f-face." I sounded pathetic. They didn't move.

"I said… GET AWAY FROM MY FACE!" I yelled. That startled them.

Hikaru said, "What are you drawing? Oh I think-"

"-It's us." Kouru finished. I blushed and said,

"Give it back."

"Make us," they said.

I took a big book out of my backpack and started to chase them around the room. They laughed and I hit them both on the head. I giggled and hit them again, taking my notebook back. I slowly backed up to my desk.

"Try it again and I… I…" 'Why can't I speak?' I thought. I sat down and they bugged me until class started, but they sat on both sides of me.

"Oh God…" I whispered, "This is gonna be a long day."

After school I ran to Music Room 3, hoping that there would be nobody there like yesterday. I opened the door and rose petals came out of nowhere. 'Oh god' I thought. I saw Haruhi in a dress and Tamaki hugging Haruhi to the point it looked like he/she would suffocate.

"Is Haruhi a GIRL?" I said shocked.

"Get her! She knows Haruhi is a girl!" Curse you Tamaki.

I ran, quickly losing them. I nearly got to the front doors of the school, when everyone somehow got in front of me. I jumped over them easily. 'Now I have to get home without getting caught.' I kept running while they got into their cars. 'I hope all of that martial arts training will pay off!' I got to the apartment in five minutes but the Host Club beat me. Kyoya got out of his car as I stopped in shock.

"You should know I do research on all of the students at Ouran." He said.

"Curse you, you creeper!" I yelled.

I took a deep breath. I ran at Kyoya, startling him, and jumped onto his head with one foot. I launched myself, landing on the fourth floor. I walked to my door, opened it, and went inside. I sighed.

"How was your day, Sophia?" my twins, Sydney and Drew, asked in unision.

"Oh. It was… interesting."