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Beau was looking up at the many, many lights that surrounded the theatre. She thought about the past eleven years or so. She thought about how she and Ally got to this point. How they were finally where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. She thought about everything that surrounded this moment in their lives. This moment of walking into the sold out theatre, seeing everyone in their Sunday best to watch some of the best moving pictures there were..that was her opinion and she would stand by it. You see…

After Beau and Ally got married the four years that followed, they were asked one question that was going to plague them the rest of their lives, "So when are you two going to have children?"

It was obvious that Beau couldn't get Ally pregnant…but that wasn't to the public. This question really got to Ally, it brought her down and she never fully got back up from it before it was asked again.

Ally knew she had made that sacrifice to never have kids. She knew that she would never be pregnant and she would never give birth. She just didn't know how much she was going to want it until the questions began coming in.

Remy knew what she needed to do. She needed to get Ally out of the small town and the small life. She needed to take Ally around the world and show her everything she's seen and everything she hasn't seen.

So, after a few conversations with Ally and their family, the two women headed across the ocean to see Europe. They spent about a half there, Ally didn't understand how Beau had all this Beau was able to afford their trip. Everytime she asked, Beau simply shook her head or kissed her and told her not to worry about it.

When they came back to the states, they went to the tourist capitol: New York. They took in shows almost every night. They went to clubs that only the elite could get into and they ate like queens.

Ally finally decided that she couldn't take it anymore…and she needed to know how Beau was affording all of this. Beau simply shrugged and said she saw an opportunity a while ago and took it. As it turned out Beauregard Hadley was a businessman and (at least during this point in time silently) owned part of 20th Century Fox…a production company for moving pictures.

Ally of course didn't believe her and wanted to be shown.

"Ally if we go there, they're gonna want to keep me around…they're gonna want to make me stay…We'll have to live there and I'll have to be working…" Remy gave her a look that told her she would be willing to do that if Ally wanted.

"We'd have to live where all the moving picture stars live?" Remy nodded rolling her eyes at Ally's starry haze, "I think I might like that…at least for a while…"


The next thing they knew, they were in California. They lived in a big house and Remy went to work everyday. Ally became a typical housewife, but not a typical California housewife…she helped the help. She talked to them and they became her friends…She never got sucked into that life. She never saw what was so appealing. She did like meeting the people she met and she carried conversations with anyone, but she couldn't just got out and spend Beau's money everyday. She couldn't just ignore or be rude to their maid or butler or whomever. And she certainly couldn't cheat on Beau…which apparently was something every housewife was doing on her street.

Ally was making supper with their maid Loretta when Beau came in the house, "ALLY?" She yelled.

Loretta and Ally couldn't tell if Beau was angry or not, but Ally answered anyways, "In here, Darlin'." She called.

"Sweetie," Beau walked in the kitchen going straight for her wife, but stopped whilst passing Loretta, "Hello Loretta," she kissed Loretta's cheek.

"Oh! You! You're in a good mood ain't ya?" Loretta hit Beau's arm.

"Yes Ma'am I am! I am! Jack!" She yelled for their butler as she finished her trek to Ally and gave her a big kiss, "Jack where are you..oh, there you are! Guess what!" She said excitedly.


Now, Jack and Loretta were married…they had three kids and those kids and Jack and Loretta lived in the guest house… Remy didn't really buy into the Hollywood lifestyle either. She just hired the two of them for show..and she knew Ally was gonna need someone to keep her company..and they both genuinely loved the couple and hired them then and there… Remy, Ally, Loretta, Jack, Jack Jr., Phoebe, and Greta always ate together..uness Remy and Ally had to do a work thing for Remy. They all were like an unconventional family…which Ally and Remy were very used to…Oh..and one more important thing…they all knew Remy was a girl posing as a man…needless to say, Remy and Ally trusted them completely. Jack and Loretta knew that when they were told the secret..and they never took advantage of that knowledge.


"What?" Ally asked excitedly.

"Wait? Where are the kids?" She looked around.

"They in our house, what's goin' on Miss Hadley." Loretta asked.

"Fox is going to be the biggest company Hollywood as ever known! We have found the perfect remedy to our slight troubles. Y'all she is amazing, she's going to be huge!"

"Who is she?" Ally asked.

"Shirley Temple." The three other parties gave her a blank look, "She's five years old and she is pure talent." Remy nodded confidently, "She's going to be the biggest star..probably ever."

Ever since Shirley came on, the buzz has been extraordinary and the sets have been busier than ever. Remy made it her own responsibility to make sure the little girl was comfortable and educated. She found the perfect private teacher and gave Shirley her own tiny house at the sets.

Shirley and Remy had bonded a bit and Remy was usually on the sets Shirley was working on, watching over her…just making sure. Shirley's mother, Gertrude was very appreciative. When her parents asked for Shirley to be paid more, Remy made sure that that request happened…she thought the little girl deserved most of the profits, but she could never convince that of her peers.

Ally had been missing Remy a little too much a couple years into Shirley's stardom. She knew that she wasn't supposed to, but she went on the sets just to spend some time with her. She was looking around, asking around, being pointed in different directions, but finally found her way to the right set.

She was looking around, walking, always in someone's way, when she finally heard the voice of her 'husband'. "Ally?" Ally turned and saw Beau's surprised face. "Ally, what are you doing here?" Beau seemed happy, just surprised.

"I just wanted to see you Sweetheart. It's been ages since I've gotten to with you." Ally said in Beau's ear as Beau hugged her close.

Beau considered her wife's words, "You know, you're right Honey. I told you we never should have moved here…sometimes I want to just quit and move back home."

"Why can't we? We obviously don't fit in here…" Ally rolled her eyes…she was told that everyday by the wives to whomever's in the business.

"Because Honey…Shirley…" She shrugged. "I've got to make sure that she's taken care of…" She turned and pointed, letting Ally see the little girl rehearsing.

Ally, of course fell in love with the young child as soon as she saw her practicing her steps for her tap number.

Remy saw this, "Come on, I want to introduce you…" She smiled and put her hand on her wife's back, guiding her to the small girl. They stood my her mother, "Gertrude, this is my wife, Ally. Ally, this is Shirley's mother, Gertrude."

They shook hands and said their greetings, exchanged compliments…they were going to like each other.


Shirley stopped and looked at Beau, "Yes Beau?" She said in that way only Shirley could.

"Shirley, I want you to meet somebody." Beau had squatted as the little girl walked over to them, "Shirley, this is Ally."

"This is Ally? Oh Beau, you didn't lie, she is very pretty!" Shirley had a grin on her face, "Oh, hello Ally, how are you? It's very nice to meet you."

Ally fell even more in love with America's Sweetheart and greeted her with as much admiration as she had for the little one.


Over the next few years, Remy found herself stressing out. She found the company wanting to go other ways…she found them not wanting Shirley anymore because she got to old.

"SHE'S TWELVE!" Beau would yell at them angrily, but no one ever really heard her.

She and Ally talked it over…and they talked with Loretta and Jack, they sent a few letters to Remy's brothers, something they had done throughout their time away, but these were different…they weren't postcards.

So, after one final meeting concerning Shirley—a meeting in which Remy threatened to quit and take her part of the company away—and already knowing the way it was going to pan out—they were going to let her..well Beauregard do that because they would lose more money if they kept Shirley then if they let the two of them go—the Hadley's and the Devine's (Jack and Loretta and Jack Jr., Phoebe and Greta), all moved back to the Hadley's true home.

Ally and Beau moved into Beau's original house and gave the bigger one—Ally's old home—to the bigger family.

Remy was always going to love moving pictures. Ally knew that. When she talked about them and when she was working on them something came over her… One day a while after they got settled, Remy was working in the shed, fixing something that needed fixing or building something for someone that she thought was needed.

Ally was standing in the big doorway, leaning against it with a glass of lemonade for Beau; she couldn't alert her of her presence though. She just watched Beau putting in the precision and the concentration into her project..something she did for everything she did, but Ally saw the lackluster in her concentration when she compared it to the movie projects she focused on…She also saw how sexy her wife was with the saw dust in wisps of hair and beads of sweat dripping into her shirt, and it came to her.

Ally knew what Beau needed to do, "Sweetheart you look hot an absolutely parched…" She decided to alert Beau to her presence now.

Beau looked up and saw Ally in that sundress that got her every time…and a big glass of lemonade, "Yeah I am." Ally gave her the glass and moved to the vacant work bench, popping up on top of it. Remy walked between her wife's legs and set the glass down, "To what do I owe the pleasure of my wife coming to visit me—" Beau looked down her dress, "Mmm, in almost nothing besides a dress that doesn't leave a lot to the imagination when it's worn the way it's being worn now?" Beau let her hand slid up the dress to caress Ally's leg.

"Mm, nothing…You're just lucky you got yourself a wife that loves you." Ally pulled her counterpart flush against her and made out with her a bit, "Honey…I know you're not near as happy here…" She pulled away.

"What? Yes I am. I got my family, I got you…I can still provide for us.." Beau shrugged.

"No stop..I know you're not as happy here…but I think I thought of something that might make you at least a little happier…" She cocked her eyebrow.

Beau looked at her wife, "What?" She asked.

"I think you should build a theatre for this town…you have enough money to build one and you obviously have connections to get films to play…this town is growing, it needs entertainment…" Ally looked at her.

"You know what don't got a bad idea there…" Beau had a look in her eyes, "I'll just go from production to distribution…" She shrugged.

"Yeah." Ally pretended to know what Beau was talking about and kissed her cheek.

"Oh Baby…" Beau looked at her for a moment, then grabbed her and pulled her roughly against her body, "I'm gonna be making some serious love to you tonight and for a while on now…is forever good for you?" Beau was already attacking Ally's neck.

"Oh it's more than good, Darlin'."


Beau was looking up at the many, many lights that surrounded the theatre. She thought about the past eleven years or so. She thought about how she and Ally got to this point. How they were finally where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. She thought about everything that surrounded this moment in their lives. This moment of walking into the sold out theatre, seeing everyone in their Sunday best to watch some of the best moving pictures there were..that was her opinion and she would stand by it. You see…

It was opening night and in tribute to the reason Beau and Ally were there, were back in town, they were having a Shirley Temple marathon. It had been a long while before the theatre was complete and Beau had everything settled business and otherwise. But it finally happened. Ally saw that spark in Beau's eyes again and she couldn't be happier.

Beau couldn't be happier either…she had a business that she knew was going to go on and on and on, and she had the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. She had a big family that seemed to be getting bigger every minute, and it seemed like she was finally going to live peacefully.

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