Macbeth & Demona

By: CSI-Panther- Skull

Summary: Don't really a summary for this one, other than it's random.

Pairing: same as title

A/N: I don't own Gargoyles and Demona will be a bit out of character.

Chapter 1

" Curse that Goliath and his human woman! " Demona shouted out into the night. She was angry that another one of her plans was ruined by her former love and his new love and by her own daughter!

" Though, I can't blame Angela for siding with her father. I'm not exactly the mother of the year. " She continued to rave as she continued walking through the forest.

Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her leg, making her scream in her panther-like roar and her eyes turn red. A second later a gunshot was heard and a thud sound, Demona grunted and saw that there was a dart in her arm. She pulled it out, but was already feeling the drug take affect, she soon fell down on her side and closed her eyes.

In a mansion a few miles away, a man with white hair also felt a sharp pain in his leg and felt the sting of a needle hitting his arm, but there was nothing there.

" What is she doing here? " He grunted in pain as he walked out of his study and down to his basement. He turned on the lights and walked toward the aircraft that was in the middle of the giant room. He got in and opened the hatch above him, the platform surrounding the aircraft lifted up out onto the front yard of the mansion. He took off in the direction that the radar was beeping.

Chapter 2

Demona awoke to the sun hitting her in the face. She tried to raise her hand to block out the light, but she couldn't. She opened her eyes again and saw that she was chained to a bed.

" If there's one thing I hate, it's when I'm human and I'm so damn weak I can't break a simple chain! " She shouted and tried again to get out of the chains.

" I see that your finally awake, Demona. " The man with white hair said as he came into the room, with a tray of food with him.

" Nice to see you too, Macbeth. " She replied sarcasticly with a glare.

" Mind explaining why you were on my land? " Macbeth asked as he set the tray down on the night stand.

" Mind explaining why you had that damn bear trap set up on your land? " Demona fired back.

Macbeth didn't answer. He bent down and reached out for her leg.

" Don't you dare touch me! " She exclaimed, trying to move her leg away from his reach.

" I need to change the bandage on your leg or it'll get inffected. " He said as he grabbed her leg and brought it to his lap and had to hold down Demona's leg to get her to stop wiggling about.

" Will you stop moving around? Your going to reopen your wound! " He exclaimed as he felt the pain in his leg just as well as she felt it in her own.

" And will you let go of my leg? " She fired back again, " And since when do you care about my well fair? " She continued, still glaring at him.

He didn't answer as he took off her bandage. Demona looked down at her wounded leg and saw how deep the cuts were.

" You should be grateful that you were caught in that trap when you were in your true form last night instead of being human. Otherwise, your leg would be gone. Those traps are designed for gargoyle hide and not humans. " Macbeth said as he put the medicine around her leg and wrapped it with a new bandage.

" Yet another down side to being a human at day and a gargoyle at night, I can't heal! " Demona shouted out in frustration. " At least I'm not in this alone. Because I know you are feeling the pain too. " She continued with a smirk.

" Well at least my pain doesn't have a wound to go with it. " He retorted.

" Oh shut up! " She said.

" I think someone needs another nap. " He replied humorlessly, " But I also think that you need something to eat. " He continued as he stood up and released her hands and she shot up and punched him in the face, but also regretted doing that because she felt the pain too.

" Damn spell. " She cursed as she and Macbeth rubbed there faces.

" For once, I agree. "

" You never did answer me. Why are you suddenly concerned over my well fair? " Demona asked a moment later, after calming down.

" I don't. I just want you healed and gone from here. " Macbeth answered and handed her her breakfast, pancakes with strawberries on top with syrup with a side of toast and a glass of warm milk.

Demona's green eyes widen at the food. ' That's what I ate in Paris. It was my favorite breakfast there. ' She thought as she took the breakfast from him.

" I see that you remembered what I like for breakfast. " She said sarcasticly.

Macbeth didn't answer as he released her legs from the chains at the foot of the bed and left the room.

Here's ch./s 1 & 2! hope ya'll like them. P.S this is my first Demona and Macbeth story.

CSI-Panther out.